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    Happy Birthday dear Michelle! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
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    SS Orange Spessartite Garnets

    Gorgeous color!
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    when it rains it pours

    Sending you a hug Storm--hope you are feeling better!
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    Happy Birthday--Irish and Atroop! Thank you so much everyone!
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    Customized LOGR with cuprian

    "Cuprian" = copper bearing tourmaline. Pretty stone TL!
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    Even more pics of my morganite, just because I''m bored

    Cellentani--your pics are lovely! You take really nice pics. Everybody who thinks we don't want more pics--we DO! I never tire of seeing a bunch of gem photos. I certainly post buckets of pics. It's those who are stingy with their pics who need step it up.
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    A new Kelly bag models an old pendant

    Exquisite pendant! Your iphone captured your beauties very well!
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    Round Tahitians or Diamond Studs?

    Yanno, I have several stands of pearls, and I never, well barely ever, wear them. It feels like such a commitment to don a strand. (pendants are easy) So even though I love to collect pearls, I'd probably choose the studs to have as a staple. I'm in a similar dilemma for my upcoming...
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    Storm''s thread on beans got me thinking.....

    haha me too! I LOVE carrot cake! But regular old cooked carrots yuckityyuckyuckyuck. I had a sneaky system of carrots to napkin, napkin to lap, to later dump in the (bathroom) trash--wrapped in gobs of toilet papet.
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    Storm''s thread on beans got me thinking.....

    Cooked Carrots--they still make me gag and lima beans--still think they are yucksville.
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    New to PS -- aged in gems

    Yes! And thanks!
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    Your best made piece?

    Love this! And I love Alex Sepkus too. His stackable colored gem solitaires are delightful. Love your taste!
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    Thoughts on Blue Sapphire

    I do too. As much as I love a JM bezel, I think this stone may be too dark for one. In any case, you''ve gotten some great advice, and I hope it works out for you! I really love the shape.
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    Sparkle factor blue zircon vs blue spinel

    Please post pics when you get your stone!
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    Sparkle factor blue zircon vs blue spinel

    You're welcome, TL. There are (low type) "metamict" zircons which are generally green. Metamict means that the crystal stucture is partially broken down by radioactive elements. Sometimes, low type zircons have cool iridescent looking inclusions as a result of the damaged crystal structure...
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    Sparkle factor blue zircon vs blue spinel

    TL, Zircons display an interesting range of properties. They are generally classified in three types--high, medium, and low. Low property zircon--damaged crystal structure as a result of radioactive elements. They have a lower RI, SG, and birefringence. They may appear singly refractive...
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    Sparkle factor blue zircon vs blue spinel

    That's the doubling of facet junctions as a result of a very high birefringence. (high type zircon) Well cut zircon can also display doubling.
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    Barry has a new Malaya Garnet up!

    Oh, I''m sure someone did...
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    Sparkle factor blue zircon vs blue spinel

    The zircon will have a much higher dispersion (fire) .038 compared to spinel's .020. Diamond's dispersion is .044 for reference. Zircon will have softer appearing facet junctions than spinel--which will have a sharper appearance. Blue spinel is often desaturated which can affect the overall...
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    antique diamond ring

    Diamonds were often set in silver circa late 18th-early 20th century. You may see "silver topped" gold where the diamond was set in silver with gold used for the shank (in a ring) or large necklaces with the diamonds set in silver and the colored stones set in gold. As far as the pattern of...
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    What''s on your pearl wishlist?

    Oohhh Lots... I''ve recently picked a couple things off my wishlist. Will post pics in a bit!
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    How much should I pay for a pair of South Sea pearl studs and a South Sea pearl necklace?

    Like others have said, it's hard to say based on the mm measurements. We would need to know more about the quality. White South Sea pearls are priced on color, luster, shape, size, surface, and nacre thickness. Price is also contingent on supply and demand. White South Sea pearls generally...
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    Diamondseeker2006''s Pearl Collection

    Very lovely DS!
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    My new cheap Ebay pearl studs

    Lovely! The look really pretty on you.
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    Do You Have a Favorite Gold Designer?

    Utter and complete joy...(and LUST)
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    My earrings.......finally!

    They are lovely Gemgirl! The size is great. I'd love to see earshots too. Always love it when you post G!
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    Found My Chrysoberyl

    I love chrysoberyl. Try shooting it in diffused natural sunlight--and block some of the light with your hand--something that works for me--helps bring out the color that I see. I also block some of the light when I shoot diamonds--yields good pics.
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    Help me name these stones

    I think quartz for both--the color zoning in the yellow makes me think natural.