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  1. AprilBaby

    JannPaul's new super ideal cut in 2020?

    Who is JannPaul?
  2. AprilBaby

    How much should a setting like this cost?

    You get what you pay for. Make sure the local jewelers have a bench with a good reputation and do a lot of the kind of work you want done.
  3. AprilBaby

    “Yellow diamonds are inferior” what do you think of that statement?

    I love yellow diamonds! As Kenny always says, people vary!
  4. AprilBaby

    Diamond studs - what size?!?

    Go big! I have plastic earring backs from amazon that hold them up just beautifully.
  5. AprilBaby

    Which 7-stone wedding band should I pick?

    They both look great! Get the 10 pts!
  6. AprilBaby

    1.98 h ACA or 2.05 g PS

    I doubt in real life you would notice the difference between the two but there is something about the 1.98 in the photos I like better.
  7. AprilBaby

    Diamond Tennis Bracelet Questions

    Mine is F , vs1, ACA ideal cut, 4 ct in yg by Whiteflash.
  8. AprilBaby

    5-stone from BN arrived-thoughts?

    It’s too overwhelming for her petite finger. Smaller or less stones. If it’s a RHR how about a nice three stone?
  9. AprilBaby

    Hidden Netflix Gem Thread

    Netflix documentary Rotten, episode bitter chocolate people complain about blood diamonds, the African cocoa market is just as bad if not worse but will those people give up their chocolate?
  10. AprilBaby

    Which to stack with diamond ring ?

    Odd man out, I like #3
  11. AprilBaby

    My new sapphire ring

    Amazing color and setting! SWOON
  12. AprilBaby

    Diamond - keep or exchange?

    I would take size over color.
  13. AprilBaby

    Show me the Bling - the Laboratory Grown version!

    Diamonds are crazy hard to take pictures of. MiaDonna .50 martini pendant I got for Christmas. F Si1 Ideal cut
  14. AprilBaby

    Only a guy would understand?

    Great job! I know she will love it!
  15. AprilBaby

    Dear Daughters gift to me........

    Fantastic!i would love that!
  16. AprilBaby

    Blue Nile

    No, usually for jewelry.
  17. AprilBaby

    Happy Hannukah

    Have a very blessed Hanukkah!
  18. AprilBaby

    My Dream Ring is Coming Together - 3.01 ct I VVS2 EC

    Lucky you! Happy birthday and anniversary!
  19. AprilBaby

    Blue Nile

    I got an 18 kt wg eternity that they no longer sell that is gorgeous! The rest of my stuff is either yg , colored stone or small diamond.
  20. AprilBaby

    Which Rolex face would you choose?

    I think it’s neck and neck because of the diamond 6 :kiss2:
  21. AprilBaby

    If you own a MMD, do you tell everyone it is an MMD?

    I just bought a MMD from Miadonna and I will be more than happy to tell people its MM.
  22. AprilBaby

    Blue Nile

    They have 50% off maybe twice a year. One is Black Friday. There might be a good sale for Valentine’s Day. I see 40% fairly often. Everything I have purchased has been fairly nice. I think I sent 1 or 2 things back because they were smaller than anticipated based on the photos.
  23. AprilBaby

    Help Choosing Carat Size

    Get the 2 ct and be happy. If you don’t you will later wish you did.
  24. AprilBaby

    Tiffany Victoria Band Lookalikes?

    Close but I like the Tiffany a bit better. Certainly more affordable!
  25. AprilBaby

    What color polish are you rocking right now?

    a new gel polish called WISH brand.
  26. AprilBaby

    New birb baby