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  1. chatoyancy

    Help! A jeweler damaged my Montana sapphire

    What a jerk! I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’d be hopping mad.
  2. chatoyancy

    A Sea Green Aquamarine

    My husband went into a consignment store there years ago with a friend. He said he saw a 100 carat citrine necklace for $1,000 and he didn’t buy it!!! I still haven’t forgiven him for that.;)2
  3. chatoyancy

    The crazy pinks and pads have arrived!!!!

    Love the juicy grapefruit pic!!
  4. chatoyancy

    Blue-green Tourmaline Ring

    Beautiful! I love the photography too.
  5. chatoyancy

    What is it about spinel?

    I love silver and gray spinels, though I have others. They sparkle and don’t look like any other gems to me.
  6. chatoyancy

    Thoughts on aquamarine

    I would have guessed a tourmaline. It looks too dark to me.
  7. chatoyancy

    Please tell me about tanzanite? Too fragile?

    Wow!! That’s gorgeous. I’m going to echo what everyone else is saying. I would wear it, but not daily.
  8. chatoyancy

    Specific CS items/stones you wish you had bought but didn't

    A beautiful, deep, green paraiba from the guy who brought them to this country. It was about 15 years ago. The stone was perfect, stunning and like pics in gem books. It was over 3 carats and only $12,000. My husband gave me the “hell to the no” look.
  9. chatoyancy

    Recut this spinel or no?

    Now I can see the pics.
  10. chatoyancy

    Recut this spinel or no?

    It’s beautiful. Only the last two pics are showing up. All the others just have jpg on them, no pics. It doesn’t look like a morganite or kunzite to me.
  11. chatoyancy

    Violet Blue sapphire in Vatché

    That’s beautiful! I think the stone size looks perfect on you.
  12. chatoyancy

    My new-to-me pink tourmaline CvB solitaire

    Holy cow!! That’s the same stone? I have never seen a color change like that. I absolutely cannot believe someone wanted to sell that. Lucky you! It’s beautiful!
  13. chatoyancy

    Green sapphire e-ring?

    That’s beautiful! I love the setting too!
  14. chatoyancy

    The Show your Paraiba or Copper bearing tourmaline thread

    That is so tropical looking! Love it!
  15. chatoyancy

    Is this antique sapphire and diamond band weird with my e ring?

    I think it’s beautiful and am jealous you got such a great deal.=) I would wear it as a right hand ring though. I don’t think it looks right with your e-ring.
  16. chatoyancy

    Help Identify Stone

    That’s a lovely boulder opal. Is it in a ring or a pendant?
  17. chatoyancy

    Mahenge spinel in hand forged setting

    Beautiful! That’s a gorgeous pink.
  18. chatoyancy

    Emerald cut stones - other than emeralds

    Blue-green Afghani tourmaline.
  19. chatoyancy

    I need proof of PSers buying same colour CS stones

    I wish I could just collect one gemstone from each color, but different gems look so different! I should be happy with my green collection. I have an emerald ring, a tsavorite necklace, a green tourmaline ring, and an unset Pakistani peridot. However, I can’t stop thinking about buying a...
  20. chatoyancy

    My First Tanzanite! *Squeals of Excitement*

    That is such a lovely ring! It really does have the same color as the iris. Enjoy your beauty!
  21. chatoyancy

    My new to me VC Emilya

    I have actually never see a rubellite that nice. It’s gorgeous and huge!!!
  22. chatoyancy

    My new to me VC Emilya

    Beautiful!! Is it a Ruby Reservoir garnet? It is so red. It looks great on you too. It’s in such a classicly beautiful setting.
  23. chatoyancy

    7mm Bezel-Set Emerald Cabochon Ring Finished (:

    Your ring turned out so pretty!
  24. chatoyancy

    Purple zircon?!

    Wow! This is first one I have seen. Definitely post pics of you get it!
  25. chatoyancy

    Purple zircon?!

    A purple zircon would be awesome! I wish I could see one IRL. I have seen many colors, but never purple.
  26. chatoyancy

    Tiny tiny green pendants!

    Very pretty!
  27. chatoyancy

    Blue side stones for merelani mint garnet

    I would go with zircon if you want blue.
  28. chatoyancy

    Pawn shop snake ring

    I just love the snake! It’s so pretty! That bracket is to die for! Your local pawn shop has some good stuff.
  29. chatoyancy

    Help with setting: halo or no halo

    Halo,halo, halo!!
  30. chatoyancy

    My yellow diamond titan ring: Theia

    That is so cool!