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  1. minousbijoux

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    For some reason, mellow, this makes you look all grown up! :lol:
  2. minousbijoux

    USPS frustrations!

    Wow. Forging signatures is a whole other level!
  3. minousbijoux

    New unheated Burmese ruby

  4. minousbijoux

    How would you set this pear bright orange spess?

    You can't go wrong either way, though as a color combination, the orange and the deep blue of the sapphires is stunning. The deep blue will absolutely set off the spess. Whereas the orange and green will likely compete for attention (disclosure: in general, I do not like the combination of...
  5. minousbijoux

    Ombré suite of Mahenge Garnet

    Love these! Can you tell us which ones came from which rough? I'm always intrigued by the color differences between the rough and finished stone.
  6. minousbijoux

    The giant rings thread... for lovers of big CS rings

    Umm, hello?!! You really think you need to "qualify" to show us that exquisite piece of loveliness?!! Any time, anywhere, my friend!
  7. minousbijoux

    STALKED..a cautionary tale/ Please read

    Finally! I hope this is truly the end - and he goes far far away to get the help he needs in a very, very secure environment. I for sure would need counseling after such an ordeal. I wish you peace and comfort, and quickly receding horrendous memories. Ugh.
  8. minousbijoux

    STALKED..a cautionary tale/ Please read

    Seems like the morning might be the best chance of catching the guy, as he seems to pretty consistently show up about that time. How much would it cost to engage a PI to "stake out" your house at that time?
  9. minousbijoux

    Is my alexandrite ring real or fake ?

    Before you bother with an appraisal, you might want to consider getting a lab report. There are reputable labs on multiple continents, so maybe that would be an option. Where are you located? If you are located in Turkey, the closest labs would likely be those in Europe, like SSEF - Swiss...
  10. minousbijoux

    Show me your Yvonne Raley and Cecile Raley Designs!

    Beautiful ring. The engraving and milgrain goes perfectly with the antique blue of the benitoite.
  11. minousbijoux

    1.94 sapphire pictures by me in natural lighting!

    If I were you, I'd be checking out its appearance in low light and fluorescent lighting, along with the foil test. If you like it in these lightings, then you may have found your stone. As a quick aside, in the future, please consider just one thread for a stone search - that way its easier...
  12. minousbijoux

    Favorite holiday movies

    This made me double over laughing. And might I add, without inadvertently insulting anyone who truly loves Hallmark Christmas movies, that the best part of the movie is typically the dog! ;)2
  13. minousbijoux

    Padparadscha journey

    Well all I can say is Wow! Because if the stone really looks like the pics, and its unheated (it is), and the clarity is good and cutting decent (seems to be), I would happily pay $5,500 for it. That is $2,750/carat for a 2+ carat unheated padparadscha. I'd be all over that.
  14. minousbijoux

    Icy’s CS adventures

    I love the snowflake setting and ring as well. The color and saturation level of the sapphire is perfect with the cool white metal.
  15. minousbijoux

    Blue Sri Lanka heated sapphire

    I don't like the fact that they go out of their way to avoid head on videos and photos. Seems it has a fair amount of extinction. Other than that, it has a saturated color when in bright light. Should be fairly easy for you to look at some of the online vendors (e.g., Gemfix, Pearlmans) to...
  16. minousbijoux

    Various gems I’m debating on setting

    I think they would be wasted on a purse. Now a tiara, on the other hand, would be a good use of the gems. I can see it now: Queen TL wearing her diamond (purely accent stones) and her multicolored gemstone tiara, sitting and holding court... Or, going grocery shopping, out to a movie, on a...
  17. minousbijoux

    Have You Watched The House Impeachment Hearings? If So, What Do You Think?

    Matata! you just outed yourself as his tweet/speechwriter...
  18. minousbijoux

    Big, glowy and included tsavorite... To buy or not?

    I guess it depends on your definition of glowy ;))
  19. minousbijoux

    How to care for a found cat?

    Looks like he's already found his bed - I hope you don't actually have plans to get up any time soon, as he sure looks like he's claimed you and feels safe on your lap!
  20. minousbijoux

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    That is just so darn pretty!
  21. minousbijoux

    Big, glowy and included tsavorite... To buy or not?

    Most definitely not "neon." In fact while it is a very nice stone with great hue, saturation and tone, I do not see any glow in the photos. It is, however, a big gorgeous tsavorite. Just to be clear, I have seen (and owned) many, many tsavs and have never seen one I'd consider "glowy."
  22. minousbijoux

    Chrysoberyl cats eye varieties.

    They are quite common and are all over ebay for starters.
  23. minousbijoux

    Revealing ruby

    You might want to delete one of these threads since they appear to be identical pics and discussion of the ruby. As to what your Dad paid back in the day, based on the one pic which shows it to be pretty dark in tone, I'd guess not a lot, especially given that it was 1981! I bet your Dad...
  24. minousbijoux

    Please help with gemstone ID- Citrine or Yellow Topaz??

    Nope, not allowed to link any sale items here, or even talk about them. There is a "Preloved" page of the PS Forum - you can start a thread there and include a link to ebay there. HTH.
  25. minousbijoux

    Dark uneven Sapphire, worthy to get full AGL cert?

    Hi there: I love how focused and diligent you are regarding your Dad's collection. It seems that you may have some great stones there. I would suggest that there is another website that you will likely find even more helpful. That is because this is a consumer board, so there are only a few...
  26. minousbijoux

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    Love it. The yellow gold not only makes it look regal, but emphasizes the glorious deep, rich purple - and I'm sure makes the flashes look even more intense.
  27. minousbijoux

    Gluing Jadeite?

    I learn the best tidbits on PS!
  28. minousbijoux

    My Chameleon Aquamarine Finally Arrived!!!

    Yup, still one of my all time faves. I happy sigh every time I see it again.
  29. minousbijoux

    Talk about organic gems!!!!

    Umm, No.