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  1. laurenk

    Tiffany Victoria studs

    is fashionphile reputable? Being in Australia I am not sure about this company. They have two pairs at the moment. Both have slightly different measurements which I find odd, assuming human error. Plus the stamping on the back of the earrings is different on each set...
  2. laurenk

    Tiffany Victoria studs

    So I tried each size on to be sure. I always wanted the 0.64ctw then thought I should check out the 0.19ctw Incase. Well I have decided the 0.64 are my favorite (top pic) thoughts?
  3. laurenk

    Tiffany Victoria studs

    Thank you whitewave!! I definitely want real Tiffany. My local jeweller can replicate but I feel I’d prefer genuine, hence second hand as they’re soooo expensive. :)
  4. laurenk

    Tiffany Victoria studs

    I’m in Australia, but hoping someone can help me hunt down a second hand pair of Tiffany Victoria studs. I’m deciding between the .19 and the .64 ctw Will try in store to be sure but thought id get the ball rolling. I’m nervous to buy second hand
  5. laurenk

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    After selling it last year for much needed funds post my divorce, I have just yesterday ordered the Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti bone cuff again! I bough the left wrist this time due to being right handed, as my last one was for the right wrist and it was annoying when I wrote and typed. I am...
  6. laurenk

    Unveiling my 35th anniversary upgrade--courtesy of HPD

    Amazing! I loved reading your journey and the finished product is absolutely perfect! Congratulations x
  7. laurenk

    Single cut vs full cut meelee

    I opted for single cut melee in the halo of my vintage pear (victor canera set her).
  8. laurenk

    My Mother's day bangle - show me your mother's day bling!

    I received some beautiful baroque pearl earrings and a gorgeous Tiffany open heart necklace!!
  9. laurenk

    What color polish are you rocking right now?

    Simple French manicure
  10. laurenk

    Halo or three stone? Hmmm

    Three stone
  11. laurenk

    Anyone know anything more about this ring? (Great Gatsby/Daisy Buchanan)

    I spoke to Victor about my stone and he actually came up with a completely unique design for her but my heart was set on the Emilya. I definitely wanted a delicate halo, and opted for single cut melee to better match my Antique pear. I’ll pull up the valuation from victor tomorrow where it sheds...
  12. laurenk

    Anyone know anything more about this ring? (Great Gatsby/Daisy Buchanan)

    Oh so sweet! I adore my pear and still stare at it endlessly - I had my hand covering the eftpos machine recently when I bought groceries and the lady behind me said “I don’t think you need to worry about your PIN number, that ring takes the cake!!” If you want any further details about my...
  13. laurenk

    This old pro would like your thoughts

    I’m so sorry you’ve experienced this. I cannot for the life of me understand why people are like this. She sounds totally dodgy. And this is an unfair situation to put you in. I would cease all communication and get some legal advise. The fact that you are so worried about this and are seeking...
  14. laurenk

    My Victor Canera Emilya w/ .70 Marquise

    Absolutely breathtaking! It is beautiful and looks so good on your hand. I love the plain shank!
  15. laurenk

    A Tale of Two Resets.

    Fabulous!!!!! That heart is gorgeous!
  16. laurenk

    Show me your right hand!

    My Colombian emerald. Just over 2cts set in a halo of white gold but band is yellow. Antique
  17. laurenk

    Unexpected surprise means I need help finding diamond!

    I’d definitely look at second hand, you can get more for your dollar maybe. I’ll have a search. What shape stone? Can you find any pics of what you love so we can help? I’m a fellow Aussie (Brisbane) so I get the dollar issues eek
  18. laurenk

    Pear diamond L/W ratio?

    My pear is almost 1.40 lwr- chubby but elegant. I don’t long overly elongated pears (personal taste)
  19. laurenk

    Is your Engagement ring your most expensive piece of jewelry?

    My ering is my most expensive! Part of this is because I’m Australian and bought my stone in the USA and had it set by Victor Canera so what was around $26,000 all up cost me $36000 I adore it though!
  20. laurenk

    Melee size for halo

    I have half pointers around my 2.01carat pear. The smaller the halo stones the more emphasis on the center stone in my opinion. Victor canera set mine.
  21. laurenk

    Show me the handbags

    My dream bag which I purchased in August this year is the Louis Vuitton neverfull mm in Damier Ebene with rose ballerine lining. It commemorated twelve months of separation and being a single mother to my three kids! Sadly my vehicle was stolen a week before Christmas and my handbag was inside...
  22. laurenk

    Thinking of a reset!

    Thank you missy! I appreciate you taking the time to post all these links!! I’m loving the idea of a three stone even more today! Will keep hunting!
  23. laurenk

    Thinking of a reset!

    Today I met a lady with the most divine marquise centre stone with marquise side stones, centre was north south and each side was east west. It looked phenomenal. A thicker than normal platinum band and new halo or anything else...just three marquise. So it may be think about my Emilya pear...
  24. laurenk

    Poll... EC with or without baguette band

    I think if you want to have a “wedding” type band look, go for something like Tiffany and co milgrain wedder. I wore this with my pear halo and it just gave it such a vintage gorgeous look without taking away from my ering. I wanted to wear a wedding band
  25. laurenk

    Tiffany Victoria custom - help

    Thanks everyone! I also feel he did an outstanding job sourcing these! I also feel it’s extremely high.... the setting is not complicated but possibly fiddley.... I don’t NEED the Tiffany name but I’m leaning toward second hand Tiffany if I can keep it closer to $4-5k aussie..... Wondering if I...
  26. laurenk

    Tiffany Victoria custom - help

    hello! Ages ago I sought some advice about having a jeweler create a pair of Tiffany victoria studs. The general consensus was that I should buy Tiffany as finding 8 marquise with no bow tie and all matching could be difficult... Well my jeweler has sourced 8 marquise - I will attach pic. But...
  27. laurenk

    Show me your Moi et Toi rings!

    My ring is rose gold and pearl. It’s very dainty and I have to be careful but I don’t wear it everyday :)
  28. laurenk

    Please Show Us Your Halo Rings

    Mine is a 2.01 carat Pear set by Victor Canera in his Emilya with Single cut half pointers.
  29. laurenk

    Victor Canera Emilya Questions

    How exciting! I found it hard also to make final decisions with my emilya. I did not want a cathedral band, but I chose the donut with diamonds on it and half pointers in Single cut is what victor felt would be best for for antique cut pear stone. I find it sits perfectly and I wouldn’t want...
  30. laurenk

    Emeralds...Show and Tell This is my emerald ring story (see link)