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  1. eapj

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I’ve always acted stereotypically middle aged/boring - go to bed early, don’t drink, wear comfy clothes and shoes, am a bit quirky and embraced it all. Now that I am middle aged, people think I’m cool because I’m comfortable with myself. I’ve finally reached the age where my personality and...
  2. eapj

    Is this sapphire too dark?

    I agree that it’s too dark. If you have doubts now, they’ll continue later. Like @Daisys and Diamonds , I had a three stone that was too dark and ended up paying a lot to replace the stone (my options were limited as I needed a certain size as my husband was attached to the setting). Go with...
  3. eapj

    Looking for a sapphire

    I think with sapphires, you should find a color you like and a cut you like and as long as you didn’t drastically overpay, you’ll be happy with it. Color is subjective to all of us and you need to find one that you love. For me, it’s all about a color that I love and I’d rather pay more for...
  4. eapj

    7 Carat Yellow Sapphire Convertible ring/pendant

    The color! And the style is perfect. Love it as both a ring and a pendant. :kiss2::kiss2:
  5. eapj

    4 ct diamond heirloom... too big?

    Enjoy the huge stone! I received a lovely but much smaller family ring (1.65 ct) from my husband’s family and reset it into an engagement ring. I knew nothing about jewelry and the setting the jeweler selected wasn’t quite right and I never loved it but that’s another story. BUT - I also thought...
  6. eapj

    My new sapphire ring

    Beautiful! I love the color of that sapphire. :kiss2:
  7. eapj

    Are we too elitist & doing 99% of newbies a disservice?

    What an interesting thread! I’m a gem novice and a middle class gal who can’t even dream about many of the stones I see on here. I will say that it can be intimidating to read all about diamonds with high carat weights and high price tags. If I were in the market for a diamond, I would lurk but...
  8. eapj

    Under 1ct diamonds

    This combination looks lovely!
  9. eapj

    Upgraded engagement ring and wedding band

    Very pretty. Congrats on the beautiful upgrade!
  10. eapj

    What’s under your Christmas tree?

    I’ve bought too much this year but sold some, too, as I figure out what I like. I really am a small gem gal and like true vintage, not vintage-looking. DH asked what I wanted for Christmas and I told him nothing as I already brought what I wanted! Three rings came in two weeks (yikes!). None...
  11. eapj

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    I didn’t get a prepaid maintenance plan but did pick up an extended warranty since this is my first Volvo and I don’t know the car and sounds as well as I do VWs (25 years of driving them and could really tell when they needed something). Steingold Volvo has really good prices and you may be...
  12. eapj

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    I’m in the Volvo camp but I drive one now (but a V60 wagon - I’m one of the few who doesn’t like SUVs). The Lexus is more of a “couch on wheels” which is awesome if that’s what you like. And they’re rock solid. But the Volvo is just different enough to be interesting. I will share that, at least...
  13. eapj

    My Ceylon Blue Sapphire Finally Set :)

    My screen must be off because those flowers and sapphires look purple to me! And I have a blue sapphire with definite purple undertones and it looks less purple than those to me eye. OPs looks so much more blue to me. I love sapphires and their variety of color so I think they’re all beautiful...
  14. eapj

    My Ceylon Blue Sapphire Finally Set :)

    I’m not an expert. I just think it’s pretty! From reading these forums, I feel like cornflower has multiple interpretations and as a layperson, I’m not sure what that color truly is! The most coveted sapphires on this forum tend to be very intense. I think your stone is gorgeous and the...
  15. eapj

    Help! I need to buy a car!

    I’m a huge car nut - I research cars and looked at used prices every single day. Yes, I have a problem. @Miss Marple gives some good advice. I do trust CPO from some makes/dealers, though, and that’s what I typically buy. With a few exceptions, most cars are reliable now. The old “Honda and...
  16. eapj

    My Ceylon Blue Sapphire Finally Set :)

    Very pretty! I also love stones that aren’t necessarily trade ideal. There is something for all of us in the CS world!
  17. eapj

    Aquamarine in Platinum Art Deco Halo

    Gorgeous and classic!
  18. eapj

    Ruby or Pink Sapphire ? Colour perception?

    Barbie looks like a beautiful pink to me!
  19. eapj

    Cornflower blue with a window

    I think it’s beautiful! The color is pretty and I barely notice the window.
  20. eapj

    Buying Moissanite from Tianyu Gems

    I also don’t see much difference in color. Mine does go a bit dark I’m the center but that’s part of the charm. :)
  21. eapj

    Buying Moissanite from Tianyu Gems

    Hi! The first in that post is GH and the others EF (at least I think that’s how they were classified). I prefer the GH. No color to my eye but not icy white.
  22. eapj

    Which one would you keep?

    I’m on team keep the small ruby.
  23. eapj

    Under 1ct diamonds

    This is a beautifully proportioned set! So pretty.
  24. eapj

    Under 1ct diamonds

    Thanks @headlight!
  25. eapj

    WF ACA vs HPD CBI In-Person Viewing: .Going from 9F to 1.2J!

    Ha! I am a 46 year old woman and love buying tires. They’re so key to the comfort and handling of a car! I do so much research before buying tires and think it’s such fun (but I’m also a car enthusiast). Back on track - OP, I love your story!
  26. eapj

    Under 1ct diamonds

    It’s like you’re in my head :D But it feels so good to really figure out your style, doesn’t it?
  27. eapj

    Under 1ct diamonds

    This is so gorgeous! For small bling gals, it’s close to perfection.
  28. eapj

    Under 1ct diamonds

    @Alex T your taste is exquisite so that means a lot!:kiss2:
  29. eapj

    Under 1ct diamonds

    Thank you so much @rainydaze! I really appreciate that. I just love the way that it looks - understated and and classic with a twist. It’s also super comfortable.
  30. eapj

    Opinions on cornflower sapphire

    Number 3