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  1. blueMA

    platinum vs 18k WG

    You can always polish platinum back to high shine. Most people don't bother with it and grow to appreciate the patina. If you look at the metal at a high magnification, it looks very interesting with a lot of etching and textures.
  2. blueMA

    Looking to Upgrade Diamond

    It looks like it'll be a fiery stone. I like it.
  3. blueMA

    platinum vs 18k WG

    I mistook you might've taken offense. I've edited my post. It's true that some platinum alloy I've seen look much darker.
  4. blueMA

    platinum vs 18k WG

    Certain alloy mix does look less grey than others that I've seen. It's not exclusive to Tiffany's though.
  5. blueMA

    platinum vs 18k WG

    Tiffany's uses 95% platinum and 5% ruthenium alloy. It holds up well and doesn't look as grey as some other platinum alloys I have seen.
  6. blueMA

    platinum vs 18k WG

    I don't ever think of my platinum rings as grey metal. It's more like a brushed textured silver patina. I love platinum and highly recommend it.
  7. blueMA

    Its a boy!!

    Congratulations for a healthy boy!
  8. blueMA

    Prayer request

    Karl I'm so sorry. My deepest sympathies and please take care of yourself.
  9. blueMA

    Why is James Allen is hiding/deleting GIA Certificate numbers?

    I was wondering the same thing. I was under the impression that these 360 videos originate from suppliers, because they're also available by Adiamor, Yadav, Fourmine, etc. If these videos are freely used by virtual vendors as soon as stones are listed, perhaps JA restrictions only apply to...
  10. blueMA

    GIA Triple Ex enough?

    I avoid combining cloud with fluorescence, especially when the cloud is first grade setting on an SI1 - the stone will need to be vetted. The cut looks decent with optical symmetry, but would've preferred the crown lowered to near 34 for the 41 pavilion to minimize the obstruction seen around...
  11. blueMA

    Victor Canera or CBI for super ideal with VC setting

    May 5th.
  12. blueMA

    Victor Canera or CBI for super ideal with VC setting

    +1 LOL Besides, my vision deteriorated over the years! :lol:
  13. blueMA

    GIA examines 2 LightBox De Beers diamonds

    It all depends your personal taste, but @Golden_bird owns a beautiful 3 stone e-ring she upgraded recently and my own e-ring is a three stone ring...
  14. blueMA

    Optimal pavilion angle for a 34.2 crown? MRB

    For a rule of thumb pure physics, the lower the crown, you'd want steeper complimentary pavilion angle in order to maximize the goal of dispersion fan growing as it passes through more diamond material, especially related to the principle applying to the perceived fire. The basic 2D rule still...
  15. blueMA

    #JOTW Just engaged (with a heart)!

    lol that's what everyone here does. Our phones are full of jewel photos, mainly because it's so hard to capture the beauty seen in person. :lol:
  16. blueMA

    The story of my ring's grading issue

    Exactly. The ring isn't too far off already, as @Texas Leaguer can clearly see as well. I think this ring can turn out to be a stunning piece for others to want to copy in the future.
  17. blueMA

    GIA examines 2 LightBox De Beers diamonds

    +1 on a three stone ring. Wait for a 1 carat stone, get another .50, and make it into a three stone sparkler ring.
  18. blueMA

    The story of my ring's grading issue

    OK, then ask to taper it better to sit flush with the horizontal donut with no overhang. Also, I can clearly see that you're a perfectionist, but not all surface of the ring will be knife edge precision and this should not be expected. Looking at the below photos of the Symphony's nooks and...
  19. blueMA

    The story of my ring's grading issue

    It's obvious she didn't copy exactly. Besides I see people copying here all the time while making little extra improvements. Such is the way of the world since the ancient time. By your logic, even the Symphony is a copy of the Vatche Serenity #1541...
  20. blueMA

    #JOTW Just engaged (with a heart)!

    Someone paid special extra attention to those very nice PRONGS!
  21. blueMA

    The story of my ring's grading issue

    Not sure I agree with you there. Symphony is exactly modified as such. Lowered V, more vertical prong, so the crossing isn't visible from the top. But I do agree the custom project is tough as mentioned earlier. Clear communication and execution is a must...
  22. blueMA

    Am I crazy for buying a *slightly* thinner band for my ring stack?

    I like the thinner band. Looks more delicate and flows better with the 5 diamond ring.
  23. blueMA

    #JOTW My New Emerald Cut 3 Stone!!

    Those stone are so clear. Beautiful.
  24. blueMA

    #JOTW Just engaged (with a heart)!

    A rare heart engagement ring. Beautiful and congrats!
  25. blueMA

    The story of my ring's grading issue

    Lower the prong crossing to address the north/south lip issue along with the evenly spaced out prongs. If the crossing isn't lowered, the lips will be visible. I'm not sure what you mean by the side donut being ugly. Do you have a better example to provide what you envision for a better...
  26. blueMA

    thoughts on this report?

    Yes unusual indeed. That IN will look like a big chip. So clear otherwise, except clouds are not shown.
  27. blueMA

    Marquise reset thread

    The last one.
  28. blueMA

    Anyone know anything more about this ring? (Great Gatsby/Daisy Buchanan)

    I see the faint asscher pattern on the third photo you've posted when you click to magnify. I'm sure it probably doesn't matter what "cut" the diamond is, since it's the overall impression and the setting that you're enamored with.
  29. blueMA

    The Sixth Mass Extinction has begun...

    Glyphosate is the chemical in RoundUp. It's banned in many countries already, but US is still running TV commercials with the tag line "Trusted for over 40 years." - unbelievable. You may not realize it but you're already affected by it. Watch this relatively shorter video. It'll explain a...
  30. blueMA

    Thoughts on these numbers?

    Very glad to hear that you're happy! :clap: