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  1. peacechick

    7mm Bezel-Set Emerald Cabochon Ring Finished (:

    It is absolutely adorable and what a great total price you put it together for. You deserve it for putting in the work!
  2. peacechick

    Jeweler chipped my stone during setting, apparently irreparable

    I realise it gets confusing talking about a pink stone (what is flesh coloured, right?) so for further illustration, a blue topaz with a sizeable window from my early collection :lol-2::
  3. peacechick

    Jeweler chipped my stone during setting, apparently irreparable

    Here is an extreme example of a windowed stone and how it looks on the finger: If well cut, the stone should reflect light back at you and be the consistent color you see on the edges. But because it is shallow, it becomes see through. It looks good on a white...
  4. peacechick

    How did “PriceScope” get its name?

    I actually like the name Pricescope. I prefer it to an obvious name like diamondforum or iGem. People who need answers stumble their way in here just like a rookie detective discovering the speakeasy where the informants hang out.
  5. peacechick

    Jeweler chipped my stone during setting, apparently irreparable

    To judge the cut fairly, you have to balance the stone evenly instead of lying on one side (hence the tilt window). You have merely tilted the photo, which doesn’t do that. See my attached photo for an example of how to hold it (it’s just a photo I have on hand, this spinel has no window): If...
  6. peacechick

    Colored gemstone IN pearl jewelry?!

    I’ve seen this type of thing done a lot with onyx, carnelian, so my guess is it became popular during the Victorian period? Your ring is absolutely exquisite, the workmanship seems really elegant and graceful too...
  7. peacechick

    Jeweler chipped my stone during setting, apparently irreparable

    I would make sure there is no windowing in it (meaning the light passes right through, causing it to look dark in the middle when worn). It looks windowed from the picture you posted but could also be a tilt window. The original stone you bought was very well cut. Please be sure to look at the...
  8. peacechick

    My yellow diamond titan ring: Theia

    So rich and beautiful!
  9. peacechick

    Bling Ban 2019! Who is with me???

    I too bought bushels of things in 2018... so this year will be settings only. That’s the goal, anyway.
  10. peacechick

    2019 trend prediction

    Ovals and pears will continue their surge in popularity Halos are going nowhere People will test limits on how dainty a band can get Ring guards are back in fashion but in delicate floral or geometric formations Diamond stackers are the new cluster ring
  11. peacechick

    28 ct Art Deco Star Sapphire amd Platinum Ring

    This is what I imagined a top tier star sapphire to look like, what beautiful translucency! Enjoy your wonderful anniversary gift!
  12. peacechick

    Christmas proposals

    We got married on Boxing Day, which I absolutely love, because not only is our anniversary difficult to forget, we don’t need to buy presents in advance as we just go out shopping together.
  13. peacechick

    my first paraiba

    Very cool and I love the ancient owl coin! That’s a one of a kind piece!
  14. peacechick

    Conundrum..not Corundum

    Perhaps he felt you had a hand in helping him secure this new job at your current company. I’m sure at some point someone asked you for your feedback on him and it was a factor in him being hired. So rather than a bribe, it was an effusive expression of gratitude and friendship. You should still...
  15. peacechick

    Tsavorite Ring! Finally! Come look!!

    Beautiful ring and sounds like you have a great PS support system haha! I say that’s a day time ring too, would be a pity for that tsav and those saphhires not to get sunlight sparkles!
  16. peacechick

    Grandmother’s ring—is it jade? Jadeite?

    That’s genuine jadeite you have there, a very pretty apple green. The lines are not crazing, they are stone lines that were formed thousands of years ago. Provided the stone was set in the ring in the 60s, it will be undyed and untreated jadeite. Wear it with pride!
  17. peacechick

    Lil' Emerald Cab- Thoughts

    They are both very cute and I barely notice the hair. Since you have two, what about making a cuff bangle with them?
  18. peacechick

    Top 2 (or 3 if you're a big shopper) CS purchases of 2018

    Hard to pick but mine are probably: My emerald suite (ok, it’s two pieces so I’m cheating but they are the same shade so I think of them as a set!) My blue zircon which impressed me by how beautiful and scintillating it turned out to be. My non-CS best buy would be my oval diamond bangle...
  19. peacechick

    Fabulous CS rings under 1250 dollar!!

    It is amazingly beautiful and well taken care of since it shows no abrasion!
  20. peacechick

    Green CS experts...which one?

    The two on the front look the most attractive to me. Can you see if the Asscher actually reflects light in the centre? If it didn’t look so dark and mushy in the middle, I would vote for that one, the facets are stunning. But going by the pictures alone, I would go for the lightest emerald cut...
  21. peacechick

    Tianyu moissy paw pendant.

    I think it looks beautiful and exactly like a paw . A loving tribute.
  22. peacechick

    Jeweler chipped my stone during setting, apparently irreparable

    I doubt he can find a precision cut stone so I would prefer to get a partial refund for the setting imo. You can get the sapphire repolished at some point down the road.
  23. peacechick

    Help me decide on present for Lil Sis

    Hoops cos she already has leaves.
  24. peacechick

    Our (cell) phones are ruining relationships

    I agree that there is nothing like in-person interaction and friendship—my best and most enduring friendships were the ones I made in childhood. But I think about my DH who grew up in a small town where he was extremely socially excluded due to being so different from the other kids. The...
  25. peacechick

    Do you think PSers gossip about you behind the PS scene?

    I don’t wonder about this but I have wondered if the vendors talk about us.
  26. peacechick

    Our (cell) phones are ruining relationships

    I probably have a different opinion on this but my view is: while technology has changed a lot, human nature hasn’t changed that much. The behavior is just modified by the technology, albeit with the additional element of screen addiction. I don’t think the people on cell phones in restaurants...
  27. peacechick

    Fabulous CS rings under 1250 dollar!!

    So, so beautiful! Both are top notch but I especially adore your raspberry red spinel.
  28. peacechick

    First jewlery/gemstone purchase

    If you have your heart set on tanzanite, I would pick this one: I think it’s gorgeous. If you don’t get it, I just might!
  29. peacechick

    First jewlery/gemstone purchase

    For something off the beaten track, how about a moonstone ring? Moonstones are so romantic and this one has a beautiful halo.
  30. peacechick

    Blue zircon vs. blue topaz?

    Hey @SouthernGent I saw this blue topaz David Yurman ring listed on LT and the EW design seems unisex enough that a man could also wear it well. You would have to find a silversmith who can resize it. It’s an affordable way to find out if you enjoy wearing topaz, and you could then save up to...