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  1. C

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome Michael!
  2. Maria D

    Michael Cohen

    Seems like a good time to break out the popcorn and circus peanuts. I don't know what to make of this guy's newly repentant character and the whole sh*tshow in general. Here's his opening statement to congress yesterday.
  3. evansjm1

    Latest upgrade 3.093 H&A BGD Cushion + Sholdt

    And for fun here it is next to the Michael M with OEC moissy replacement...
  4. stracci2000

    What is your favorite "one hit wonder" songs?

    Michael Martin Murphy--"Wildfire"
  5. AGBF

    Trump Ordered Michael Cohen To Lie About Trump Tower Moscow

    Earlier this evening the story broke that Donald Trump had personally given the order to lie to Congress about Trump Tower, Moscow, to Michael Cohen. The sources for the story were people who had testified to the Mueller investigation prior to Michael Cohen's cooperation with it. Giving this...
  6. TooPatient

    Name your favorite sad song.

    Brad Paisley: Dying to See Her John Michael Montgomery: The Little Girl Martina McBride: Concrete Angel
  7. T

    What did everyone buy on Black Friday??

    Dyson Hair Dryer for 20% off at Best Buy (these are NEVER on sale)... 2 Brahmin, 1 Michael Kors bag at Dillard's - Discounted and an additional 50% off!
  8. kenny

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome Michael and Yuka. :wavey: This is a wonderful community! Jordyonbass, another member of PS, lives in Australia and is also in the opal trade.
  9. evansjm1

    Out with HOF, in with 2.113, I, VS2 Brian Gavin Blue w/ SBF

    Here is the repaired Michael M setting with a 2ct OEC moissanite. Gosh I love this setting so much. I hope the upgrade project has me just as smitten.
  10. M

    Natural Sapphire Co. CEO, Michael Arnstein, sentenced to prison

    Michael Arnstein -- the CEO of the Natural Sapphire Company and better known in other circles as a runner & "The Fruitarian" because of his promotion of eating only raw fruits and veggies -- was sentenced today to 9 months in federal prison. Upon his release from prison, he will be subject to 5...
  11. AGBF


    ...I have to admit that I am very curious as to what has been said about her in the UK. Everyone knows she is bi-racial. I know that Princess Michael of Kent wore a racist brooch in her presence. Princess Michael is universally hated, however, and with good cause. I follow The Royal Jewels...
  12. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    This is the detection range of the UVA device Michael Cowing used. Note that this device is not very sensitive to 385 to 400nm
  13. Mamabean

    Is this weird?

    Now that is creepy!
  14. N

    Platinum Halo Setting: 10% iridium alloy poor quality?

    ...900 plt. with the iridium. It has held up beautifully. What I love is that this alloy keeps the pure white look and stays shiny without getting that dull gray patina so common with platinum. This set is 15 years old that was custom made by Michael Devlin in CA. Ignore the wrinkly, old lady...
  15. evansjm1

    Out with HOF, in with 2.113, I, VS2 Brian Gavin Blue w/ SBF

    ...this ring for a milestone birthday, 2 births, milestone wedding anniversary. :P2 Justified, right? Haha. Put an OEC moissanite in the Michael M setting for travel/occasional wear and should receive that this week. Will let you know how it turned out. As far as the upgrade, I will receive...
  16. A

    Is this weird?

    That is super creepy. Much more creepy that writing about or looking up something online.
  17. AGBF

    Royal Jewels

    I find Princess Michael so loathsome that I am not even interested in her jewelry! AGBF
  18. junebug17

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome Michael! Sounds like you are trade going by your first post. As trade you're not allowed to post pictures of your inventory. Here are some other guidelines for trade (scroll down a little) Hope that helps! Enjoy your time here on PS
  19. missy

    New Member Introduction

    Hello Michael and Yuka, welcome to Pricescope and I hope you enjoy it here.:)) There are lots of wonderful people who are generous in sharing helpful info to make one's bling dreams come true. I came for the beautiful bling but stayed for the lovely people and hope you have a similar...
  20. Daisys and Diamonds

    New Member Introduction

    Hi Michael and Yuka from across the ditch always good to see the neighbours i don't know much about opals accept they are very pretty so i look forward to your posts and yes, as a relatively new member myself i can confirm its a very respectful, welcoming and friendly community indeed
  21. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    Does anyone know how to contact Chip Clark and ask him how he did the yellow photo? What type of lighting? And please someone ask Michael Cowing how the HELL GIA gave this diamond an M color grade - when I saw it - it was blueish, not yellow. So much for GIA using too much UV in their grading...
  22. AGBF

    Please share your favorite holiday song

    "White Christmas" sung by Michael Buble and Kellie Pickler (Like "The Gift" posted above by missy, I learned of this here. Until I heard this version, "White Christmas" left me cold. No pun intended. I usually like traditional English Christmas carols or ancient sacred music.)
  23. dk168

    Favorite holiday movies

    No contest for me, it has to be The Muppet Christmas Carol! :kiss2: Michael Caine is superb, however, the Muppets still the film under his nose. I recently learned to sing It Feels Like Christmas in readiness for this year's carol concerts that i shall participate, and it is fun yet very...
  24. Slick1

    Is this weird?

    Reminds me of when I looked at a purse in a mall Michael Kors store, a burgundy cross body. I didn’t look it up online or anything. When I arrived home an hour later, there were advertisements for That. Exact. Purse!
  25. Texas Leaguer

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    I think anyone wanting to get a sense of the discussion, the points of contention, and the quality of the contributions made by the various participants, can get a pretty good understanding by scanning the first 6 or 7 pages of the thread.
  26. AGBF


    After leaving Pricescope after posting above, I went to "The New York Times" web page. I noticed this article there. It certainly provides some information on the racism that The Duchess of Sussex has faced in The United Kingdom...
  27. Octo2005

    When I googled “diamond painting” ...

    My son and I worked on a similar (same concept, different brand) craft that found at Michael's. I found it to be very relaxing and we both enjoyed.
  28. Rad_Fan

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    Michael Clifford & Crystal Leigh's
  29. OpalGalaxy

    New Member Introduction

    Ok no problems :-) My intention was not to sell on here so I will change it to non trade :-) I only want to share some of our amazing pieces on here for admiration!