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  1. sonnyjane

    Theme parks in LA

    Correct, but it’s not like the passes they sell at Six Flags etc. that you pay extra up front in order to be able to skip in line whenever you want. MaxPass just allows you to book your passes (like a reservation) on your phone instead of actually grabbing it from the machine. Just wanted to...
  2. sonnyjane

    Theme parks in LA

    Disneyland doesn’t have that option. You get fast passes for rides but don’t pay extra for them. It’s like a dining reservation.
  3. sonnyjane

    STALKED..a cautionary tale/ Please read

    our business has “smile, you’re on camera” signs around our properties. I’d post those suckers all over your yard, at entrance of driveway, at front door, garage, etc.
  4. sonnyjane

    STALKED..a cautionary tale/ Please read

    Ugh seriously so bad. Nothing usable from the Wednesday night parking incident? Did you inform the deputy of that new incident? Wonder if the deputy would have any thoughts on doing a post on a community Facebook page or something of the video/photos asking “anyone know who this is?” like they...
  5. sonnyjane

    STALKED..a cautionary tale/ Please read

    My husband is a police officer and while this will vary from state to state, where we live, my husband would not be able to accommodate this request. Without getting into it too much, yes, all citizens have rights, even those on a registry, and you don’t have enough to go on here. If you had the...
  6. sonnyjane

    Typical commission for sales people?

    One of our big local stores (Shane Co.) advertises that they do not earn commission so that there’s “no pressure to sell.”
  7. sonnyjane

    Pet adoption frustration

    Please don’t do that. Some animals have legitimate behavioral issues that should exclude them from being around children or from being home alone for long periods of time. There’s a very dangerous belief out there that adopting an animal from a shelter into any home, even if it’s not a home...
  8. sonnyjane

    Opinions please--formal wedding for people who are already married

    This is a super popular/common thing among the military community, of which my husband and I used to belong. Because of the extra benefits extended to both the service member and their spouse after being legally married, we know of dozens of couples that got married on paper and then didn’t have...
  9. sonnyjane

    How It Became Normal to Ignore Texts & Emails

    See, I will text or email people back no problem, but dear lord, please don’t call me haha. I honestly could get by without having any call features on my cell phone and survive. For most customer service issues I email or use chat. Text mostly with family and friends. Email for work. When I get...
  10. sonnyjane

    Problems with Jewellers Mutual

    That makes sense, and is probably why they have me a hard time. Mine was upgraded setting, same stone. That being said, I till had my receipt from the original purchase of the stone, and had the receipt for the purchase of the new setting. They wanted me to get an appraisal for the new piece...
  11. sonnyjane

    Problems with Jewellers Mutual

    I had a similar experience. Receipts were always enough. Then for my recent upgrades they wanted an independent appraisal. I live in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t about to drive 3 hours for an appraisal on this thing. When they balked, I told them that in that case I’d just have to cancel...
  12. sonnyjane

    Clueless dude here, need help finding a diamond ring!

    Admitting to being stubborn and declining the wise advice of many jewelry experts isn’t a smart play here. I really hope you can move beyond your preconceived notions and listen to these folks when they tell you to run far, far away from that Zales ring. Your fiancé deserves better, and bigger...
  13. sonnyjane

    Rothys? What are your thoughts on durability & comfort?

    Also curious. They pop up in my Facebook feed all the time and I’m really drooling over them.
  14. sonnyjane

    The Sixth Mass Extinction has begun...

    Earth will be fine ONCE humanity is gone...
  15. sonnyjane

    Bought a ring and rock! Proposal time

    I do NOT recommend the scratch test... just my two cents!
  16. sonnyjane

    Bought a ring and rock! Proposal time

    I’d say that’s about right. I have a Cartier Trinity that I wear to work as a wedding ring on my left hand. When I go out and wear my “real” ring, I put it on my right ring finger. I can wear it, but it is a little small.
  17. sonnyjane

    Setting problems? Not sure if it's just my eyes, I can still return and have it reset.

    In my opinion I would *not* present this ring to her, even if to say it was a temporary setting. The problems you’ve highlighted are “bad” enough that if this ring were presented to me, I wouldn’t be excited to wear it, which is precisely what you really want to do as soon as you get engaged...
  18. sonnyjane

    Psst.. Want to know a secret? We're eloping :)

    Similar - we did 8 days on Maui. We did hire a photographer so that others could see photos after the fact, but didn’t want to deal with having anyone there. It was not a secret (so maybe not technically an elopement?) since we told people in advance that it was happening, they just weren’t...
  19. sonnyjane

    Do you bathe your cats?

    Exactly the same. No baths (except once after he got scared by a stray cat outside the window and peed on himself). My nail trimming strategy is exactly the same as yours. I wait for him to be cuddling in my lap. In fact I keep a pair of clippers on the side table by the couch so that I can...
  20. sonnyjane

    Can we talk deer?

    I don’t plant a garden because I have to many deer in my yard. My thoughts? They are deer, doing deer things. They probably lived in your yard long before you lived in your yard. Don’t try to control them too much or you’ll go mad. I wouldn’t suggest fishing line because it causes havoc on...
  21. sonnyjane

    Tri-Tone Anniversary Upgrade!

    It’s from a local chain (gasp!), Shane Co. I’m well aware of the stigma but they do have unique settings, plus that’s where DH got my first set and their trade-in policy is dollar for dollar so was able to put the old setting toward the new one.
  22. sonnyjane

    Tri-Tone Anniversary Upgrade!

    Never a bad side effect lol! Thank you!
  23. sonnyjane

    Tri-Tone Anniversary Upgrade!

    I just picked up my 10th anniversary upgrade - yay! First, my old ring for reference: It was a pretty plain white gold 3-stone setting with two .25 carat light blue sapphires on the sides. I really did like it, but over the years I’ve been wanting more and more bling (as per usual around...
  24. sonnyjane

    Round Brilliant whit IGL certificate

    Agree. I quite honestly would not pay a single dollar for that stone. What on earth would I do with it?
  25. sonnyjane

    Your husband's promotion isn't about you!

    Welcome. I see this is your first post. Him not thinking you need to go or pin him isn’t a big deal. I never went to any of my DH’s ceremonies because I work and he always said it was no big deal to him. The one that I was going to possibly take off for (I think when he made Chief), he had a...
  26. sonnyjane

    Delving into the world of "expensive" jeans

    In college when I was worried about being "cool" I did the expensive$200/pair jean thing... Then, quite frankly, those brands of jeans started changing their shape and my VERY wide hipped/big butted self was having a heck of a time something that would fit. I ended up going to American Eagle...
  27. sonnyjane

    Please share your photos of nature, wildlife, etc.

    Oh man! I’d forgotten about this thread. Glad it got bumped. I had a great encounter a few days ago with some fox mamas and their kits. Adorable!!!!!
  28. sonnyjane

    Are you / your spouse in the public eye?

    On a VERY small scale lol! I’ve been on the news maybe a dozen times - enough to have been recognized at the grocery store on at least two occasions, so basically one step away from stardom
  29. sonnyjane

    Cell phone use, Canada

    I live in WA and go to both Canada and Mexico often. For me, my AT&T plan was cheaper to have unlimited plans for Canada, US, and Mexico than I was paying before! I just keep it as part of my normal plan.
  30. sonnyjane

    Trump lied about Melania's ring, imagine that!

    That’s certainly the smallest lie he’s ever told regarding their marriage.