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  1. meely

    Matthews1127 ?

    @Matthews1127 I too have been wondering where you have been last few months. I remember you brought forward your wedding so that your Mother could be there both in mind and body. I loved the photos. That special moment when she she told you that she loved you too has just bought a tear to my...
  2. meely

    Show Me: Who's Jewellery Style Do You Love?

    Cool thread! I like Kate Moss’ style. It’s a fusion of vintage and contemporary. She does great layering and big pieces!
  3. meely

    Calling antique cushions experts - thoughts on 2 stones

    Thanks everyone for your replies. @junebug17 I used Diamb and the JbG diamond is about 20% bigger which is roughly the difference in price so they seem quite evenly pitched to me if that makes sense. And yes the size! @doberman going to look for a thread on your cushion now! @mrs-b have you...
  4. meely

    Calling antique cushions experts - thoughts on 2 stones

    @Rfisher thanks for the tip I will attempt to find that account!
  5. meely

    Calling antique cushions experts - thoughts on 2 stones

    @dreamer_dachsie here is the Instagram one
  6. meely

    New unheated Burmese ruby

    Now that’s just beautiful!
  7. meely

    Calling antique cushions experts - thoughts on 2 stones

    Hey thanks for commenting. I didn’t notice a color difference so that’s interesting. I found it hard to judge by the JbG videos as they were so blurry. Seemed to me like Grace wasn’t so enthusiastic in her write up as she sometimes is maybe that’s what is making me question the stone. I cannot...
  8. meely

    Headlight's BGD Recuts (part 1)

    Excited for you! Looking forward to seeing the stones set!
  9. meely

    Headlight's BGD Recuts (part 1)

    Wow these recuts look amazing! Love the ring and pendant idea. Which way round are you doing it?
  10. meely

    2019/2020 Aussie Bushfires - Jordy's appeal for help

    Thanks for this excellent post Jordy and to the other contributors. Links were helpful as I wouldn’t have known where to start. Thinking of you all, it’s truly devastating.
  11. meely

    Calling antique cushions experts - thoughts on 2 stones

    Probably 80% chance I’m not in the market yet so nobody waste too much time but this stone caught my eye. Love the shape, Maltese cross and mostly of course the size! Thoughts? Has it a bit of a bow tie going on? And the N? Hmmm...
  12. meely

    I can finally wear my diamond earring jackets!

    Oh wow Great coverage! Are they significantly larger with the jackets than your larger pair of studs that you mention?
  13. meely

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    Oh no sapphirelover what a stressful nightmare for you. Fingers crossed this is resolved soon.
  14. meely

    I can finally wear my diamond earring jackets!

    Oooh they are super pretty and they fit perfectly unlike so many studs with jackets I seem to see! Need some ear shots please
  15. meely

    eBay veterans: mystery vintage pinkish red stone

    I’ve only skimmed this thread but I sympathise - eBay cases are stressful. They do normally fall on the side of the buyer though.
  16. meely

    My new setting (2 ring mashup with PS users help)

    Gorgeous gorgeous ring! So pleased that you are so thrilled with it, I dont think I saw your other thread but my goodness you were single minded with your vision and it paid off! DK has made 2 rings for me now and I agree that his work is absolutely stellar!
  17. meely

    Budget estimates (large fingered people)

    The start of this thread was too funny. Judging by your inspiration photos I think you might be looking at more like 3k. Just thinking you seem to be wanting quite large diamond melee :D
  18. meely

    Any Antique Emerald Cut Lovers?

    Oh and how much was that one? I couldn’t see on the website it’s predictably gorgeous though!
  19. meely

    Any Antique Emerald Cut Lovers?

    @jeaniefish I think you need more of an idea of final cost before you part with 10.5k! I would ping Jonathan an email he’s very responsive.
  20. meely

    My new sapphire ring

    Gorgeous that sapphire and setting have amazing presence! I want to see what your yard looks like though now :lol-2:
  21. meely

    162 year old wedding band question

    If you can’t get it sized up with 22ct gold it would look amazing on a piece of leather as a pendant.
  22. meely

    Show me your 3-stone rings.

    @oodlesofpoodles just gorgeous that is one bad boy of a ring :love: . What are specs?
  23. meely

    The giant rings thread... for lovers of big CS rings

    Great thread! Think my emerald qualifies 8-)
  24. meely

    Help me design a heirloom ring

    Gorgeous and it looks lovely on your hand!
  25. meely

    My Dream Ring is Coming Together - 3.01 ct I VVS2 EC

    Really looking forward to seeing this one, proportions are just perfect!
  26. meely

    Dear Daughters gift to me........

    Love it :love: your daughter did well
  27. meely

    My first home-made lasagna ... This recipe?

    Sorry it took so long :cry2:. Don’t give up. I’m in the UK think we must make our lasagnes very differently over here. I always make a pint of roux sauce and add some nutmeg and a load of cheddar cheese (don’t know if you will be familiar with this) that’s it. I might sprinkle some parmesan on...
  28. meely

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    You can have bad luck with any car! I also had a Range Rover supercharged no problems there either but I preferred the evoque. It handles more like a normal car and was less overtly flashy which suited me.
  29. meely

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    Too late to this thread to be helpful unfortunately but I was an evoque driver, lovely car and no problems at all. Hope it all gets sorted for you soon Alex