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  1. LadyluvsLuxury

    My 3.16 EC with Leon's French Cuts and Strong Blue Fluor!

    Re: My 3.16 EC with Leon's French Cuts and Strong Blue Fluor WOWZERS I love that!!!! What a gorgeous stone! Something about the step cuts does a number on me :dance: :love: :appl:
  2. LadyluvsLuxury

    Newly adopted 5-stone oval ring!

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandmother. Your new ring is a beautiful way to commemorate her memory! I love it!
  3. LadyluvsLuxury

    Show Me Your Diamond Studs!

    I really love this thread :love:
  4. LadyluvsLuxury

    Ideas for a small wedding

    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I feel a little less :errrr: :errrr: :errrr: than I did before, but I surely have a loooooooooong way to go LOL Lucky thing I have some time :)) (and a very creative possee on Pricescope lol)
  5. LadyluvsLuxury

    Ideas for a small wedding

    @lovesovals WHOAAA that's a great list!!!! I'm kind of open to any area pretty close-in to D.C. or the Nothern VA area since most of our guests will be from out of town. Ideally, I'd like a formal sit down dinner for everyone, and would prefer a location where we can have a ceremony and...
  6. LadyluvsLuxury

    Ideas for a small wedding

    I found the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club but I think that may be too far. I do like the Top of Town location though! Thanks!
  7. LadyluvsLuxury

    Ideas for a small wedding

    We are definitely considering a bed and breakfast, only thing is most of them will be a good drive from us and our guest will all already be from out of town and most likely with no transportation :(( Thanks sillyberry! I REAAAAAAAALLY like the 2941. I like that they do pretty much...
  8. LadyluvsLuxury

    bridal survey!

    Thanks for putting that together sillyberry!
  9. LadyluvsLuxury

    bridal survey!

    1. 25 guests or 250 guests? 25 for sure, and that's what I'm aiming for! 2. first look or walking down the aisle? walking down the aisle 3. ceremony outside at a vineyard or up in the sky at a swanky hotel? swanky hotel in the sky! 4. fancy intricate ballgown or simple stunning sheath? intricate...
  10. LadyluvsLuxury

    Ideas for a small wedding

    I'm in the DC area, so we'd like to either keep it here, but all of our guests are in FL and GA, so we'd consider options there as well. We would consider a destination wedding but the cost would be high for us since we have to pay for our parents (all four) to travel and be boarded. I'm just...
  11. LadyluvsLuxury

    Ideas for a small wedding

    Ladies can you give me some ideas on a small, intimate, elegant wedding for 25 people? I'd like to have the ceremony/reception in the same place. I'm thinking of spending no more than $7K. I am at a total lost of where to even begin! Help! :errrr: Oh yea I want to have my wedding in the Fall...
  12. LadyluvsLuxury

    Pro pics are here!

    Nice pictures!!! I love the church! I also love the escalator and city shots!
  13. LadyluvsLuxury

    I bought my dress today!!

    Your dress looks great on you! I really like the straps on it too, so elegant!
  14. LadyluvsLuxury

    sillyberry's save the date!

    I love it! Lucky that you had friend to work with! I particularly liked the picture you choose!
  15. LadyluvsLuxury

    Better Late Than Never...vc10um's Save the Date!

    Very nice! i love the color combo!
  16. LadyluvsLuxury

    I think this is something more than cold feet! :\

    SPBC first...*hugs* I'm sorry you are going through this difficult time. Second, I think you should read 'The Five Languages of Love', it's an extremely insightful and interesting book. Sometimes, problems in a relationship isn't about one person not loving the other or vice versa, but about...
  17. LadyluvsLuxury

    Thanksgiving Engagement!!!

    Steal :naughty: :naughty: Thanks hun! Everyone, thanks so much for the well wishes and congrats, we are both very excited! :naughty:
  18. LadyluvsLuxury

    Ladies lets get our minds off of waiting so...

    I would seriously like some movie recommendations. I have no clue what is going on in the theaters! Jessie, I've heard great things about the Trans-siberian-Orchestra!
  19. LadyluvsLuxury

    Thanksgiving Engagement!!!

    Last pic!
  20. LadyluvsLuxury

    Thanksgiving Engagement!!!

    Hand pics under the white lights at work! I swear, I hate how these upclose shots makes your hand look like the crypt keepers!
  21. LadyluvsLuxury

    perfect age to get married

    I'm with Steal, I don't think there is a perfect age. There are WAY too many variables. I got married at 21, to a guy I was with for 5 years. I had already graduated from college and had started my career, he was in the military with no goals. Needless to say we seperated after 5 years an...
  22. LadyluvsLuxury

    Thanksgiving Engagement!!!

    Thanks Jessie! Yes, the side profile is what made me fall head over heels for this setting. I'm still surprised he remember the one (of many) I liked and went back to get it!
  23. LadyluvsLuxury

    What's the proper way to announce an engagement?

    I guess it depends on the kind of relationships you have. My FI and I took the rest of the evening of our engagement for ourselves :naughty: And then the next morning we called our respective parents and told them, followed by phone calls to each of our siblings. I sent a quick text to a few...
  24. LadyluvsLuxury

    Thanksgiving Engagement!!!

    Ok more pics to follow later since I can't seem to get my pics to cooperate! By the way I meant "I love you" on top, sorry for the typos, I'm just super excited to share my story :-)
  25. LadyluvsLuxury

    Thanksgiving Engagement!!!

    So ladies, my time on the LIW list was short and sweet, thankfully! My, now fiance :twirl: , proposed to me on Thanksgiving Day! After we ate, he told me he had a special dessert for me, at which point he brought out my favorite dessert EVER (think dark chocolate and raspberry combined) from...
  26. LadyluvsLuxury

    Custom ERD Cushion Brilliant HW Halo-2.05 I VS2 in Platinum

    Re: Custom ERD Cushion Brilliant HW Halo-2.05 I VS2 in Plati Beautiful!!!! Cushions will always have a place in my heart!
  27. LadyluvsLuxury

    Holiday Dust

    I agree, it seems to be unusually slow lately. I stand by my prediction that by Jan 1, 2011 fifteen names will fall off the LIW list! Since the holiday season officially begins Thursday, well.....I hope these men start ramping things up...
  28. LadyluvsLuxury

    I Can't Believe I'm in the LIW Thread!!!!!!!

    Awww thanks Steal! That set will always have a special place in my heart. You have given me a great idea though. I have been wanting a birthstone ring FOREVER, maybe I can have the band and e-ring soldered together and then have a halo head added to set a cushion Amethyst (my birthstone)...