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  1. lmurden

    I made a purchase (from James Allen)

  2. lmurden

    Pave sides bother other fingers?

    Doesn''t bother me one bit! My band is micro pave and it''s very smooth and clean. It actually felt better than my original solitaire the minute I put it on. It all depends how the ring is made.
  3. lmurden

    All good girls have halos

    Kaleigh, I love it! Congratulations!!!
  4. lmurden

    HELP! Ring "lost" - any suggestions???

    AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYour ring is safe and sound!
  5. lmurden

    *Mrs.* AntiguaBride is back and married, with pics galore!

    You look amazing! Just stunning! Congratulations!!!
  6. lmurden

    Found a necklace I love for the wedding!!

    Can''t wait to see it on you!
  7. lmurden

    So I got married in NY last week

    Congratulations!!! You look beautiful!!! Dont forget to put your favorite wedding picture in this thread.
  8. lmurden

    LizzieC''s wedding planning stuff!

    Everything looks great and what a pretty dress!
  9. lmurden

    We''re MARRIED!!!!

    Teebee, you look beautiful! I love the pictures!!! Congratulations!
  10. lmurden

    pics of my WF Fine line e-ring and WF w-band

    OMG! I love your rings! Congratulations!
  11. lmurden

    Newly Engaged - Jaffe Ring Pics and Story!

    Very pretty! Congratulations!
  12. lmurden

    Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

    I''m loving the name too!
  13. lmurden

    I have news!

    JadeLeaves, Congratulations!!! Wish you all the best and please keep us posting!
  14. lmurden

    Anyone have any experience with unfriendly women...

    Like Bling*diva* said, good old fashion jealousy! Take it as a compliment! It''s a part of the package when you are beauTiful!
  15. lmurden


    I love this picture! Congratulations!!!
  16. lmurden

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    I''m loving this thread!
  17. lmurden

    Holy Moly! It''s time for MelissaSue, teebee, and FD21Bride!!!!

    Congratulations girls!!! Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!
  18. lmurden


    Congratulations! You two look very happy.
  19. lmurden

    knot drama

    I''m lucky the DC board and the Dress board are pretty nice. Now and then we have troll but everyone knows everyone to a certain extent and are very kind to one another.
  20. lmurden

    Opinions, please, on these settings!

    I remember liking the Scott Kay ring on you because the baguettes don''t overwelm the center diamond and it compliments your hand better.
  21. lmurden

    My ring - thanks Pricescope!

    Very pretty! Congratulations!
  22. lmurden

    A small beauty...bezel set ACA pendant.

    Your little sister/godchild is a very luck girl! What a pretty pendant!
  23. lmurden

    My new Quest engagement ring!!!

    Wow, that''s a really pretty ring! Congratulations!!!
  24. lmurden

    My new Quest e-ring!