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  1. T

    found a buried ring

    Hi- any suggestions/thoughts? My dad found this ring buried in garden (south london UK). close up pics make me think it's hand made. suspect low carat gold becasue it was rather green looking before cleaning. the back flat part looks very roughly done. No hallmark except a possible semicircle...
  2. T

    Looking for a sapphire Does anyone have any thoughts about this sapphire? I'm looking for a cushion cut sapphire for a vintage ring. This stone is exactly the perfect size. Darker is not better for my personal taste. Does anyone know anything about a rhapsody cut...
  3. P

    Browsing... pick a diamond

    So thanks to you folks, I’m parusing the net.. like clean origin search capabilities... although I’m thinking prices in USD... not sure how quick shipping is... but may order one from here as well and compare to JA... here’s two stones to compare to JA... on paper they’re superior I’m sure...
  4. kenny

    Throw a snowball, get a fine

    A penny for your thoughts on this ... My thoughts: This is silly. 99.99999999362% of snowballs are thrown in good fun and result in injuries no worse than those delivered by a full belly laugh. Driving in a car is MUCH more more likely to result in injury or death. Shall we outlaw cars too...
  5. lydial

    What a find!
  6. O

    Help a noob with a stone

    Ive been lurking here for a while and have learned a lot so thought i would see what you elitists (jk) think of this stone. Dont know the price yet as i havent gone to put eyes on it, but should be within my budget and i'll see it this afternoon. I'm not really looking for 100 perfect on...
  7. Arkteia

    Contemplating a project. Difficult...

    So I bought a SS pearl necklace, and then I bought a brooch that I liked, and then, I have a red spinel and I wanted to put it all together but somehow it is all complicated. I understand why my jeweler was sitting on this project. I have it in my head, but not totally. The pearls (from PP -...
  8. Luvallgems

    I think she’s a keeper

    1.24 OEC
  9. K

    I need a ring

    Best engagement ring value out there? Like halo style rings but open to suggestions. Under $3500 would be great.
  10. Karl_K

    Only a guy would understand?

    I wanted to wrap Wifey4vr's gift but I had no wrapping paper handy. I think it is in the room she is sleeping in. So some quick thinking,.... ah that is a pretty napkin! Where is the tape? Ah 2" wide packing tape will work. Hmm what about a tag. See sharpie! ah problem solved. Present on her...
  11. RosieR

    Emerald ring a dumb idea?

    Hello fellow Pricescoper’s! I have a loose diamond and would love to make a moi et toi ring with a similar sized emerald to wear as a right hand ring most days. Is this a crazy thought or should I just go for it as long as I choose a stone without surface reaching fissures? I’m not happy to do a...
  12. Arkteia

    Odd fluorescence in a garnet?

    These are my very dirty earrings (kept in a box). Apologies for the dust. I like this style. My design. Four red garnets and two green tourmalines. After a year of ownership, I noticed strange fluorescence in a pyrope or almandine, whatever it is. Three are bought from one vendor, one from...
  13. P

    Finally Found a Good Cut

    I've been looking for a month or so for a stone that is G, VS1, and has a good HCA score. This is the only one I've found but I don't see a video. Do I trust the HCA score of 1.4? Is $6662 a good price?
  14. N

    Help with a possible upgrade

    Hi, I currently have a 1.82 ct round diamond. E color. Vs1. 7.87x7.89 mm. I haven’t been completely satisfied with the size though. I am finally having it set soon (currently have a simple Tiffany style setting) and have been thinking that maybe before splurging on the setting I should look at...
  15. Rockdiamond

    Are you a real person??

    This freaked me out today. The phone rings, and a guy asks to speak to David. "That's me", I answer. "I'm calling from Google maps to find out your hours on Christmas day." So I ask the guy "where are you calling from?" ...I wanted to know which google office he was in. "I'm calling from Google...
  16. PerSweden

    Inside a rubin

    I rigged a usb scope and immersed a stone. Quite revealing. old blood, native cut. No fancy pics. Bought in Idar-Oberstein in 1981. 1.55 ct 4th pic is in uw but with some incadascent light. The stone in complete uw uv light is pinkish neon red. Got the original receipt, guess the price:)
  17. V

    Upgrading WF ACA H&A stone

    Hey folks, I have a .7 WF ACA H&A stone and want to upgrade it to a 1 carat. I had a look at the current WF inventory and with the price difference it looks like it might be an additional 4-6k based on the price of the original stone. Can someone suggest a stone? I'll have to get the...
  18. M

    Advise on buying a new setting

    I am looking to reset my pear into a split shank halo. Is it less expensive to buy a setting online and have the local jeweler do the reset? Is buying a setting online safe? Or is it just all around safer and easier to go into an actual jewelry store where I can see, touch, and get a better...
  19. G

    Help me decide on a setting!

    Hi guys! I’m in the process of designing a new setting for my 1.5 carat round diamond and I’m stuck between two designs. Some design elements I was looking for was pave band, 6 prongs, open gallery and a halo that outlined my stone but also looked like a hidden halo from the side. Sounds...
  20. Octo2005

    Researching a business

    I was hoping that the very knowledgable PS'rs can help point my to the best was to research a business? Is there a way to find assets, debts and things like that? @MollyMalone, I seem to recall seeing you mention a website in an old thread, but can't find it. Thanks for your help everyone
  21. A

    What to look for in a dealer

    Hi all, thinking of proposing soon and going out with my girlfriend this weekend to get an idea of what she likes. For the final product, though, I’m thinking of going with a private dealer that my family has known for decades. Several of my cousins have gotten their engagement rings with him...
  22. T

    I'm such a chicken

    I've been looking for years and I haven't seen it in person but I'm seriously considering this Stuller in 1x white gold. I have 2 questions...1) my diamond is 7.2 mm but the setting comes in 7.0 and 7.4. I hate air lines. Which mm should I go and why? 2) what type of wedding band (not...
  23. C

    Looking for a jewelry designer

    Hi guys I need your help on this. I am not a designer myself and I need to make an engagement ring for my SO. I would like to first find a jewelry designer, someone who could help me materialize my idea in an elegant way. I have worked with DK and Amy for the past few weeks and I'm not happy...
  24. Zozye

    Help picking a 2mm 18k band online

    Hi! I’m looking to get a solid, high quality 2mm 18k yellow gold band online... I’m looking for high quality but don’t want to spend money on the name (like Tiffany). I’m looking at bluenile, James Allen, Adiamor etc etc. but the price so are widely different and no weights of bands are listed...
  25. Novicenovice

    Inclusion plot on a vs2

    Hello All... it’s me.. again. I’ve been taking a look at this diamond and got an idealscope and report for it. It’s a 2.27 I VS2 GIA with an HCA of 1.2 Is it bad if an inclusion plot has so many things listed? I love my recently upgraded diamond and the way it performs. But my finger is so...
  26. Luvallgems

    This proves I have a jewelry problem!

    Not my style really...bought it because it was solid 18k and was “cute”.....Can’t help myself ( it was a good deal btw)
  27. M

    Facing up a color grade lighter

    I've read a few times that once a diamond is set, it may face up around one grade lighter. Is this because of the metal around the diamond itself reflecting through the diamond, or the human eye comparing it to the ring? Reason for asking is that I've just received a potential replacement for a...
  28. W

    Looking at a Stuller setting

    Hey all! I would like to first start off by saying that I’ve made the dive into looking for high quality diamonds, and there is a plethora of great info on this site, so thank you all! I’m currently looking at a Stuller setting 123699 in platinum. I’ve seen an example in a shop so we know...
  29. S

    Suprise found in a $1 jewelry box

    I forgot about it until recently, since it's too big for me to wear. My mom bought a $1 jewelry box because it rattled at goodwill, then found this trapped inside. She gave it to me because I love sapphires. And I forgot about it. Anyone know what the KE or KH stamp means? The pearl is warm...
  30. H

    Can anyone recommend a custom cutter for a unique shape?

    I have my heart set on an elongated hexagon diamond, and finding the right stone has been a challenge. Thinking I will need to start looking into custom. Bigger sites like Whiteflash can't accommodate shapes like this. Any recommendations? Thank you!