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  1. monipod

    Show me your Marquise Engagement Rings!

    Just wow! Gorgeous stone and setting.
  2. monipod

    Show me your Marquise Engagement Rings!

    Lovely. I do like the East/West setting ❤️
  3. monipod

    I said I'd never get a Marquise - yet here she is!

    Thank you! I'll try and take some pics of my growing tribe of bling this weekend. It's quite elegant from the side and the profile works well for stacking. I spent a good three months agonising over settings so I got to know the obscure settings on JA quite well There's an amazing one that would...
  4. monipod

    I said I'd never get a Marquise - yet here she is!

    I just replied there too but as for the setting, it's not one that anyone has chosen I think as there were no previous orders made with it for me to really judge it. I liked the beaded prongs and details as they reminded me of the gorgeous granular jewellery by Ruth Tomlinson. Thankfully my...
  5. monipod

    I said I'd never get a Marquise - yet here she is!

    Yass! Loving our diamonds in spite of our not so sparkly dollars
  6. monipod

    Show me your Marquise Engagement Rings!

    Thank you :) I think the idea of getting bang for buck prevailed and a marquise does provide that! And yes, I think the cut is more forgiving and look glorious even when not a 'perfect' stone. I nearly ordered a K VS1 1ct marquise when for some reason I decided to do one last search including...
  7. monipod

    Thoughts on this ring, keep or sell?

    I'm not sure what second-hand illusion set rings sell for in other parts of the world but if it was Australia, you wouldn't get much for it sadly. I would do something with the four princesses (maybe add more to make a half-eternity) or repurpose the ring setting as suggested.
  8. monipod

    Help with interpreting GIA report

    Whoa! I had to blow up the pic but it is literally the corner. I would only take this diamond if I planned to bezel set it and keep the ring. It's not what most people do with a princes tho. I'd find something else.
  9. monipod

    Help needed - 3.5 to 4 carat radiant or oval

    I like both but just wanted to comment that since you'll incur 4/4.5K in GST by buying from a US or overseas vendor, can you fly to NYC and visit the diamond district to find your forever stone? :D
  10. monipod

    Finally my RING is HERE

    Gorgeous! It's a nice width. Doesn't detract from the stone but nice and weighty on the finger. I prefer heavier/wider bands any day :) Congrats!
  11. monipod

    Show me your BIG eternity band ....

    Loooooove the ring but also loving the sea urchin... So hungry...
  12. monipod

    Whiteflash ACA upgrade with a super special meaning - I’ve found the one.

    Congratulations! So sorry to hear about your pup but what a lovely way to think of those dearest to you. Enjoy :)
  13. monipod

    Show Me Your M and Under Diamonds Please!

    I'm trying to work out if I want a traditional or east/west setting! The there's metal colour and prong setting. I love a first world problem!
  14. monipod

    Parks fine group inc

    It’s entirely up to him how he conducts himself because as you said, he’s running a business. His. Just to clarify, I have no issue with people posting their opinion or actual dealings with Alex but let's keep things factual. The comment that has raised the ire of people was taken out of...
  15. monipod

    Show Me Your M and Under Diamonds Please!

    Here is my 2.12ct M I1 bluffy oval which just arrived today. I thought it would be much more yellow but it's fairly white. I've got it photographed next to my F colour marquise. In some lighting you can definitely see the difference. In others, not so much!
  16. monipod

    Parks fine group inc

    No, the conversation went like this: Lady - Can this be resized to a 6? Alex - No. You would have to take every stone out and rebuild with new setting. Lady - Sizing beads? Alex - Would be uncomfortable. Eat more cheeseburgers or wait for smaller size. After this, many followers including the...
  17. monipod

    Asscher semi-bezel eternity!!!!

    Congrats! I thought my Asscher fever had calmed down but now...
  18. monipod

    The two week club!

    My 2-carat oval is on its way but has taken the route via Japan from NYC to get to me so there's been a delay due to typhoon It's calmed down now (and I think everyone is OK there) so hoping it will arrive in two days. A bit nervous as I have either spent a lot of money on an average stone or...
  19. monipod

    Vintage ... pear.... alien??

    Since the title mentioned 'alien', that's all I saw. It's gorgeous though. I like unique pieces.
  20. monipod

    Show me... Oval Solitaires/Settings please!

    It's gorgeous! So tempted by halos... with a warmer coloured diamond though, I'd need to find matching stones. Hmmm!
  21. monipod

    Show me... Oval Solitaires/Settings please!

    Thank you! I couldn’t see if there was a previous post but I’ll check it out.
  22. monipod

    Show me... Oval Solitaires/Settings please!

    I’m drawn by the simplicity of this gorgeous setting. The matte gold...
  23. monipod

    Show me... Oval Solitaires/Settings please!

    Oh my... It’s going to look amazing!
  24. monipod

    Show me... Oval Solitaires/Settings please!

    So stunning! I saw your post and thought it was an amazing setting. That purple is just perfect. Thank you :)
  25. monipod

    Show me... Oval Solitaires/Settings please!

    I've pulled the trigger on a warm coloured, 2 carat oval. I'm in no rush (ie - I have low funds now...) to design the perfect setting but I'd love to see what other PS peeps have done with their ovals. In particular, I'd love to see any bezel settings. Love to see solitaires, halos and small...
  26. monipod

    Parks fine group inc

    I think Alex prefers straight-forward transactions so his best fit are buyers who know what they want and understand diamonds well. Or impulse buyers like me... He probably isn't for buyers who need that next level of detail and attention, which of course a customer is entitled to have...
  27. monipod

    What can you do when you fall out of love with Modern Round Brilliants and now only want Old European or Transitional Cuts?

    I totally get what you mean. My original e-ring is a sweet MRB and I think she can be the only one in my collection. I also have a one carat champagne MRB but the colour makes me like it as it has that vintage feel. I am very much in love with old cuts and I plan to get one next year. I have...
  28. monipod

    This setting is a new one on me.

    Oh the mini Asschers...
  29. monipod

    I was searching for antique ring box and I found these!!

    I love these but just noticed on their website: "Dear friends! We’ll be closed from October 25th till December 8th, 2019. Please keep in mind when ordering."