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    Diamond jewelry - Caribbean islands

    I've bought several pieces from Ballerina, in St Thomas and St Maarten and have no issues with quality or price. I've also upgraded a couple of bracelets. Prong set tennis bracelet went 3 ct to 5 ct and another tennis bracelet went 1.5 ct to 3 ct. Unlike most jewelers in the US, they do not...
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    How did you get in the door for your 1st job w/o experience?

    Re: How did you get in the door for your 1st job w/o experie Too bad you don't want to use your degree.
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    Are you voting for Trump?

    While I'm a conservative, I don't support either Hilary or Donald (or Bernie) and I don't know anyone who supports any of them. I'm trying to figure out who has voted for them. I'm also tied of the media drinking the koolaid. BTW, there are reports that the Trump protestors are paid to be...
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    Sleep apart from your SO?

    34 years and we have always slept together. The only times we haven't is if we stay in a hotel with double beds lol, or if one of us is sick enough to keep the other awake. DH used to snore but he had a dental appliance that was made for him due to his moderate sleep apnea. He no longer...
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    Guns Rarely Used to Kill Criminals ... 1 vs. 112

    Guns are not the issue. How about a car?
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    Millions of Millionaires

    The majority of people in my age bracket who have been investing smartly are more than likely millionaires. I'll admit it. DH and I have been paper millionaires (in that it's all in investments and 401's and I include our home equity, although not necessary for the total) for the last few...
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    Do you have a happy marriage?

    Yes we are. Are we blissful all the time, heck no. Anyone who says so isn't telling the truth lol 34 years married next month, together 37 this fall. He adores me and we drive each other crazy, but we also can't imagine not being together. I've never wanted to be with anyone else. He was...
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    Does anyone have experience with atypical migraines?

    My sister has had migraines most of her life. One time, she experienced numbness on one side of her face and after they ruled out a stroke (she was about 25) it was determined it was a type of migraine and put her on medication. I think it was blood pressure meds and then they weaned her off...
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    What color is this dress?

    A lot of my FB friends have posted this. I see blue and black and so do most of my friends, but I don't get why this is all of a sudden going around the internet today.
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    Anyone Have Experience with False Positive HPT results?

    Sorry, but this struck me. Not your MIL's business. My boys are grown (29 and 31) and if they told me they and their wives ( only one in this case is married) were expecting I would be thrilled, but in no way would it be my business otherwise. Can I ask why your MIL even knows at this point...
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    Citizen Eco-Drive - Cool or Pleb?

    I currently have 4 and DH has 3. I used to have another one but after 15 years it gave up the ghost. I love the fact I don't have to worry about a battery or winding it. I have a plain small face one, a medium face gold with diamonds, a larger face chronograph with diamonds (all three are...
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    When do you get your flu vaccine?

    Well, I got mine last week and DH got his today. My arm was sore for 24 hours right around the injection site. Both my DS's and my DDIL also got theirs. Youngest DS and DDIL are in Ireland and England on a belated honeymoon and deliberately got their shot a couple of weeks before they flew...
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    How often do you chew gum?

    Oh yeah, my sister and I had yards and yards of them. I even remember how to make them, but the gum I buy now comes wrapped in foil and in a box or hard pieces in a punch out. I haven't bought gum with that type of warpper in a long time. Juice Fruit and Fruit Stripe were our favorites in the...
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    Who was president, prime minister when you were born?

    Eisenhower, although JFK was elected during my birth year. My birthday is in the spring. When my boys were born it was Reagan ('83 and '86). I don't feel old, but some on this thread make me rethink that.
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    How often do you chew gum?

    Every day. My mom was/is a big gum chewer and when we were kids we had her show us how to pop it and blow bubbles. I chew it daily, but only sugar free now. Although I love double bubble when I have it once or twice a year. I tried to pass it on to my boys. They started chewing about age 3...
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    When do you get your flu vaccine?

    I'm getting mine Oct 2 and DH is getting his a couple of days later, both free at work. After having the flu when my boys were in elementary school 2 years in a row, we said "Never again". I rarely get sick, but I watch people around me at work who don't get the shot get sick often. Some...
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    Poll:do you think this is weird? Sibling names

    Why do you think that's weird? I know several families like that. My two sisters and I and our father's names all start with the same letter also. I know siblings whose names not only start with the same letter, but are basically the same name. I won't use their real names, but think...
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    Need some car input--do you drive any of these vehicles?

    Love my 2014 Highlander. I had a 2007 Honda Pilot before and the Highlander is just an overall better vehicle. It drives so much better, more like a car than a truck, which the Pilot was like. The Highlander actually has less cargo room and ours only sits 7 since we got the Limited which has...
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    Overall, how happy are you with your SO?

    Don't be so sure that you can tell he doesn't have sleep apnea. He needs to have a sleep study done. My DH snored but I never felt he was not breathing,etc. But, the sleep study showed he has moderate apnea. He uses a dental device (molded mouthpiece that keeps his lower jaw and upper jaw...
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    Still struggling with your weight? ... Prancercise!

    This has been on facebook for a couple of years. Well, not this exact video. There are others. It's not intended to be funny, but it's hilarious.
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    Can you swallow pills?

    Pretty much, but sometimes it requires bread or a banana to get it to go. My oldest DS is 30 and he just taught himself to swallow pills in the last couple of years. I never could get him to when he was growing up. Youngest DS, like DH can swallow multiples with nothing to drink...
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    Do men hit on you?

    Not really anymore. There's a few that do flirt some, but they know me well. I'm 54 and weigh a bit more than I did at 21. Doesn't matter. My DH adores me so I really don't care. We've been married 33 years and he's just as interested as he was the day we met. I really don't need or want...
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    What does your SO think about your appearance?

    Oh my. I'm so sorry he treats you that way. My DH and I have been married 33 years and he tells me everyday how much he loves me and how beautiful (and hot) I am. We both agree we do not look like we did 36 years ago when we first met, but never, ever would we call each other chubby. If my...
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    IYO, Is it appropriate to kiss your SO in public?

    My DH and I have been married 33 years. He's hispanic and I'm a WASP. Which means, his family is much more emotional, touchy feely, etc. My parents hug me and did when I was very young, but my Dad is a very stiff hugger, obviously not comfortable, but that's how his mom was, even with us...
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    Would you buy an extended warranty on a new car?

    We're now a 2 Toyota family. DH owns a 2008 Toyota Solara convertible (too bad they no longer make them as he loves it). We have owned Honda Civics and Accords in the past with no problems. The Highlander just drives so much better than the Pilot did. I just like having a larger vehicle than...
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    Would you buy an extended warranty on a new car?

    We just bought me a brand new Toyota Highlander Limited. With all the computer and electronics on it, we decided to buy a warranty. Not because we think the car will break down, but because if just one gadget does, it'll pay for itself. Between the GPS, blue tooth, back up camera, and other...
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    My Picky Toddler

    Sometimes it is what it is. Both my boys ate everything put in front of them til they were about 3. My 30 year old DS eats no fruit and hasn't since he was 3, but he does drink V8 fusion. It's a texture thing with fruit. He's nowhere near as picky as he was at age 3, but he definitely has...
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    Would you want your dh to remarry if you were gone?

    Happily married people are much more likely to remarry sooner than unhappily married. I know my DH would, for several reasons. One of which is he doesn't like to be alone. I'm not dumb enough to believe that he could never love anyone else. Everyone has multiple people they could be...
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    Do you love your in-laws?

    Yes. They have always treated me like a daughter (married 33 years). Also, our DIL loves us and has told us she's so lucky to have in laws she actually likes.
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    What to do... earrings or bracelet?

    I don't have a bangle, but I do have 1 cttw diamond studs, 5 ct tennis bracelet and diamond hoop earrings. My diamond studs get worm almost everyday. I also have thin wrists and have never been comfortable wearing bangles. They do get in the way on keyboards. I think the studs is the best...