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    Very nice little opal

    Wow! What a response! It looks better than that in real life because it flashes. A lot. And it is great little flasher in all lighting conditions - dull, bright and artificial. It was purchased from I have a couple more pics, but they are not ones I took. It''s currently...
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    Very nice little opal

    This has been in my posession now for a while. It was a birthday present. It''s an N1 opal, with a stated brilliance of 4.5 (out of 5). Its 1.05 cts, 8.0 x 7.0 x 3.3 mm. It''s a fantastic little performer. I hope to have it set sometime this summer or fall.
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    Question to Past, Present, & Future Ladies in Waiting

    Romance is not necessarily to be found on holiday or in an exotic locale. A simple, heartfelt proposal over the most usual of routines can certainly have it''s charm, and may be perceived to be more sincere. Only you know your future fiancee well enough to determine this.
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    E-Ring for a female carpenter?

    Hi Dave I particularly like the first model wallermama showed on this thread. It is very similar to my own ring. If you think your girl would like to wear her engagement ring every day while at work, a smaller diamond set in a similar setting might be very practical, and can still be very very...
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    Engaged! You asked, I tell

    Many congratulations on your proposal and upcoming marriage. Your story is very sweet, maybe even more so because you could not wait any longer to propose. I asked my boyfrield to accompany me to London on the evening he proposed. All of a sudden he got it into his head we should make a side...
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    Seeking advice on presenting gift to my groom!

    Thanks for your help! I think I will go for the bushel basket idea. While the Russian nesting doll idea is a fabulous one, he''ll see right it after he gets to the second layer.
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    Seeking advice on presenting gift to my groom!

    Our wedding day is fast approaching (Oct 7). We are having a tiny, very casual, and whimsical affair complete with 4 guests (2 witnesses and their dates). No one other than our witnesses, the minister, and some out-of-towners knows we are being married on this date. It''s been pretty difficult...
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    Hubby''s new ring!

    That is one great looking ring! It sure looks good on your husband''s hand. Congratulatios to the two of you!
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    Wedding ring for my future husband

    Yes - he''s seen it. If he did not like it, I would have had something else made. I absolutely did not want to burden him with a ring he will wear all the time that he was not totally in love with.
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    Wedding ring for my future husband

    Wow! Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. This thread is getting a lot more action than I ever dreamed. Especially with all those beautiful diamond and coloured stone ER''s in this forum. SuzyQZ - it''s a loose interpretation of the mathematical symbol for infinity, and most likely...
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    diamond and ruby ring - wifey2b''s b-day present

    That''s a very lovely and classic band Storm. Looking forward to those hand shots!
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    Wedding ring for my future husband

    Hey Canuk-gal! Pawel teaches a jewellery design and sculpting class at George Brown. I''ll email you contact details. Thanks to all for the lovely comments. It was a lot of fun to go through this design process. Finding out what my future husband wanted in a ring was difficult. Pawel was...
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    New opal settings

    Thank you very much for the nice comments Sharon and Movie-zombie. I forgot to mention that both pieces are pendants. The white gold one will have an attached chain, and the yellow gold one will have a chain that goes through the top of the leg, for lack of better wording. Now that the pics are...
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    Jeweler chipped my Red Labradorite

    I am indeed sorry for your trouble. This too has happened to me. At the moment, I happen to be quite lucky in that my custom jeweller left his old place of employment and is now on his own. Recently, my diamond became loose in it''s setting and it was taken to him for repair. I asked the...
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    Wedding ring for my future husband

    Thanks for the nice comments! Unfortunately Pawel does not yet have a website. He''s currently developing his portfolio. He works out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and currently teaches at George Brown in Toronto. Contact details can be provided if you want them.
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    Wedding ring for my future husband

    While this ring does not have a diamond in it, I think the workmanship is phenomenal. My custom jeweller, Pawel, made this for me based on some photos and casual discussions. It''s 9mm wide and heavy, in 18k white and yellow gold. The white gold is all hand carved, and the polishing is...
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    New opal settings

    The second one...
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    New opal settings

    These two opals are being set for my wedding. The white gold one is for me, and the yellow gold is a gift for my best friend who happens to have a thing for dragons. Both are 18K, and are being made by a wonderful custom jeweller, Pawel. Sorry for the blurry photo on the yellow gold one - it''s...
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    My NEW matching dimaond pendant......

    Wow! It''s great to get a sense of how big the pendant really is while you are wearing it. What a beautiful piece Sharon. Totally drool-worthy.
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    toronto proposal. ideas. suggestions

    Has this event already occurred? If it has not, then are you from the Toronto area, and are you really planning to do the deed in a restaurant? If you're from the area, it should be relatively easy to set something romatic up from say, Hamilton or Missisauga in downtown TO. Visit
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    She Said Yes - My Proposal Story - Long

    Wow! You sure spent a lot of effort on this one. Many congratulations on your engagement, and happy planning to you both.
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    Richard Homer?

    We are in posession of a beautiful 6.1mm round Richard cut. It sparkles like mad, and amuses me greatly. The colour is really quite beautiful. It is being sent out soon to be set into my wedding ring. Richard made several recommendations based on the design of the ring to be manufactured, and we...
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    Ideas for proposal at Whistler, BC

    One thing you might want to consider is the possibility of dropping the ring in the snow if you plan on proposing outside. This actually happened to someone I know, causing some awkward moments during a time of extreme nervous tension and high emotion. Perhaps finding a way to secure it to...
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    "The One!"

    Wow! You look fabulous in that dress! I love the way you look in #3 as well, but #1 is simply stunning on you.
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    Men wearing wedding band as engagement symbol

    My FI was wearing around the sample wax I had done for size and fit until it cracked on Saturday. It lasted almost 2 whole weeks. He is so excited about this whole thing that I have gone back to my benchman to have him make a thinner band to coordinate with his wedding ring. I plan on giving...
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    Uh oh - Proposal dilemma - ringless as of now!

    The spa idea is great. You may want to book more than an hour - by the time you get to your car, find the FedEx, park, blah, blah you may run out of time.
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    Got my e-pics!

    Your pics are really nice! The two of you look great. My fav is the one on the bridge.
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    Small, inexpensive, stress-free wedding anyone?

    We are having a very small destination wedding in November. Whether or not this is actuially a destination wedding is debatable - my FI is from San Francisco and that''s where we will be wed. Let me tell you, this thing is so low key that everyone else is more concerned about the details than we...
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    Very endearing

    Well, it sure has charmed me a lot! I think he is even more excited about our upcoming wedding than I am.
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    Very endearing

    Last week I picked a wax up for my FI''s wedding ring for him to try on. It''s a simple mock up of the overall ring, and not the final wax. My benchman and I wanted to see if the really wide band that P wants for his ring was actually wearable. The wax is simply 9mm wide with a bit of etching on...