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  1. lizz

    Show Me Your Diamond Studs!

    Better pic. .80 ctw
  2. lizz

    Show Me Your Diamond Studs!

    Thanks for posting, everyone! You helped a lot while I was researching diamond studs. These are martini-set .80 ctw, G/VS. We bought them from a local jeweler. A customer had traded in the diamonds for an upgrade for his wife. It just so happened that the size and color and clarity were exactly...
  3. lizz

    The Forum Engagement Ring Folder/Eye Candy

    I Here's my new ring :P2
  4. lizz

    New Cushion Cut with sapphires

    Beautiful collage, I love the setting and cushion diamond. Congrats!
  5. lizz

    Show us your stacking rings!

    Pink sapphire eternity with white diamond eternity.
  6. lizz

    Show me your Tiffany & Co

    Here it is with my non-Tiffany 1.08 cushion cut center e-ring.
  7. lizz

    Show me your Tiffany & Co

    Here''s my Tiffany & Co pink sapphire metro band. It''s about .30 ctw of sapphires in 18K white gold. It''s about 1.4 or 1.5 mm wide.
  8. lizz

    Tiffany & Co pink sapphire metro band

    Side view. You can see the little notches in between the stones.
  9. lizz

    Tiffany & Co pink sapphire metro band

    By itself.
  10. lizz

    Tiffany & Co pink sapphire metro band

    Here it is with just my diamond band.
  11. lizz

    Tiffany & Co pink sapphire metro band

    My cushion e-ring is not Tiffany. It''s 1.08 ct center (I color, SI2 clarity) in a halo setting from a local jeweler. The diamond band is from Bailey, Banks & Biddle.
  12. lizz

    Tiffany & Co pink sapphire metro band

    Here it is worn between my e-ring and w-band.
  13. lizz

    Tiffany & Co pink sapphire metro band

    I have been wanting to incorporate pink into my wedding set for some time now. Since pink diamonds are too pricy, and getting pricier all the time, I opted for pink sapphires. I wanted the pink to show up, and light pink diamonds don''t always look pink to me, but off-white or grayish. We found...
  14. lizz

    2 eternity bands and a fancy yellow

    I agree, are you sure it's not 3-4 cts? You said you have size 6 fingers, and that radiant looks HUGE! Thank you so much for sharing your sparklies.
  15. lizz

    Christmas PS Bling 2007!

    Cute little circle pendant. Love your jewelry, ladies!
  16. lizz

    Pretty "K"ristmas Bling!

    Congrats, Mara! Beautiful pendant. That''s funny, I have a .34 round set in the same pendant setting as yours, and when I got my .75 round/bezel pendant, it also seemed humongous, so I can relate to how you''re feeling! Enjoy . . .
  17. lizz

    How secure are the diamonds in this ring?

    These appear to be pie-cut diamonds set flush. Is it worth 1490 euros? (for G/SI quality) The gold is 18K white.
  18. lizz

    picture of my EC ring...

    Wow, beautiful photos. Now I am dreaming about a 2+ carat emerald cut. It''s so classic (and classy!). Congrats.
  19. lizz

    Reset My 2.28ct into WF''s Tiffany Repro

    I like it with either the square cut band or the legacy band.
  20. lizz

    My new Balenciaga bag!!!

    Congrats on your new bag. I love sandstone. It came out last month (it''s a collection color for S/S).
  21. lizz

    Miu Miu Handbag....what have I done???

    Congrats on owning your first high-end bag! It''s a keeper, for sure. Very cute. I use Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellant, especially on the handles, to protect my b-bags.
  22. lizz

    It''s here! It''s here!! Cushion Halo - ERD

    You are gorgeous, and so is your ring! I have the same setting with a cushion, too, so of course I love it! (My center stone is smaller, though.) Congrats to a lovely couple!
  23. lizz

    I''m married!

    Singer, congrats on everything! I love your bezel-set ring. It is so pretty.
  24. lizz

    Spinel....Vintage Art Deco

    Widget, this ring is gorgeous. There are so many beautiful colors of spinel. It looks so pretty on your hand. You wear it well.
  25. lizz

    My New and Final E-Ring! T&CO

    UCLA Belle, I have been following your ring saga. I remember the various incarnations your ring went through. The original antique-look setting, the solitaire, the side asschers, the side traps. I remember it all! But I have to say that I love this ring more! It is stunning. I also traded in...