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  1. portoar

    21st Birthday which pearls?

    I vote the blue baroque, they're the prettiest in the batch you posted. Those Catherine Cardini pearls are nice too.
  2. portoar

    My First Pearl Necklace, Circa 1972

    These pearls are just beautiful. I love the fact that they are not perfect. They remind me of a very imperfect set I bought myself for my 30th birthday. I wandered into an antique store to find a lady at the counter spraying Windex on an old, wretched strand of pearls she'd just gotten in...
  3. portoar

    Check out this $350K Mikimoto pearl necklace I wouldn't know where to wear it, but I guess if you're rich enough to buy it, you would have some place to wear it :)
  4. portoar

    My New 8-9mm Presidential Freshwaters

    Those are just stunning! I had to go over to the website and have a peek too :)
  5. portoar

    pearl drop jackets?

    I totally agree! I bet Whiteflash could do a diamond where that jump ring is on the necklace for a very reasonable price and the whole set would be amazing! :naughty:
  6. portoar

    Huge Pink Diamond!

    After I posted the article I noticed there's a big picture of the new pink diamond on the side bar ;)
  7. portoar

    Huge Pink Diamond!

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but opened up Yahoo News a few minutes ago and saw this article about a huge new gorgeous pink diamond mined in Australia! Can't wait to see it cut.
  8. portoar

    My new 22" multicolor strand

    You do indeed have lovely skin, and a lovely neck! The pearls are almost as beautiful as you :)
  9. portoar

    New to Pearls

    I'm not a pearl expert, but here goes: Akoya vs Freshwater. Akoya pearls are cultured saltwater pearls from Japan. They are bead nucleated, and the better the quality, the more luster (sharp shininess they will have). Also, the better quality pearls will have thicker nacre than poor quality...
  10. portoar

    South Sea Pearl Earrings- Should I keep them?

    I'd keep them :)
  11. portoar

    Natural White Hanandama and Tahitian Baroque Strands

    Love those Hanadamas! Where did you get them again?
  12. portoar

    Pics of 7.5-8mm Freshadama Set:-)

    Beautiful! Grats on a lovely set, they look great on you!
  13. portoar

    Jeweljunke's Sea of Cortez Pearl Collection

    That second pendant is just . . . wow.
  14. portoar

    First purchase from Catherine Cardellini

    Beautiful! Congratulations :)
  15. portoar

    Beware Hanadama and non-GIA classified Akoya pearls

    Ellie, Please lock down this THREAD, but PLEASE DON'T shut down the pearl forum! I have received so much valuable information here. All I have to say, if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, it's probably a rat.
  16. portoar

    What color clasp with white pearls?

    I'm a yellow gold person, but in this case I'd choose white . . .
  17. portoar

    I'd like help refining my setting ideas for my spess.

    I love the top, Singlestone setting, and the Adi Paz Twig setting. The others are meh. Beautiful spess :)
  18. portoar

    Purchasing First Set of Pearls?

    I think the necklace you chose is absolutely LOVELY! Please do post a photo of it when you receive it.
  19. portoar

    Purchasing First Set of Pearls?

    First, I thinked you chose an excellent place to buy your pearls. I've bought pearls from Pearl Paradise and have been absolutely thrilled with the quality of the pearls. Both the white and the lavender sets are pretty. The only question in my mind about the lavender pearls are whether they...
  20. portoar

    3k budget for pearl strand. What would you do?

    I really know nothing about Akoya pearls, and I don't have a budget like yours (nor will I likely ever have), but if I had your budget, for a beautiful strand of Akoyas, I think I like the idea of the natural pearls. I am tall, like you, and I do think a size slightly larger than 7-7.5 would...
  21. portoar

    Purple spinel and neon chartreuse chrysoberyl ring

    Love it! Very beautiful :)
  22. portoar

    Auction info if you have millions to burn . . .

    If only Elizabeth Taylor were still alive, I'm sure she'd find someone to buy them for her, and do them all justice.
  23. portoar

    Please vote on solitaire for my new spessartite

    I can't see a way to vote on your poll, but I vote BGD. I think it would be stunning in that simple bezeled setting. Don't like the other setting, eight prongs would look fussy I think.
  24. portoar

    antique style setting for 6.2mm round lavendar Montana

    I like #1 posted by sparklemagpie
  25. portoar

    Conned on ebay. I quit!

    [ Oh, and just so I don't get accused of going off topic here, it should be noted that said user, TRH2011, the first post on that "other forum" dealt with how to submit a stone to either GIA or AGL for an origin report. To be exact, this person was asking about possible Copper-bearing...
  26. portoar

    CADs for Spinel Ring -- Advice Please

    I noticed that your photoshop increased the number of yellow sapphires from 4 to 5 on the sides. I may be in a minority here, but I think this would look better with fewer yellow sapphires - 3 - rather than more. And I wouldn't have them placed right next to each other like that, but spaced...
  27. portoar

    Is this a good deal?

    I'm glad you were able to return the first ring, which looked horrible, but I wish you had found the inner strength to just take your money back and let the experts here help you find a true stunner within your budget. However, the second diamond is, while not the best you could have done for...
  28. portoar

    I am down to two types of settings but can't choose.. help

    Re: I am down to two types of settings but can't choose.. he I am probably one of the few women around who doesn't like Leon Mege. But this one is nice...
  29. portoar

    Thistle Color For Spinel

    Beautiful stone! Can't wait to see a picture of the finished ring.