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  1. flyingpig

    Help Needed on this ASET

    Totally non issue. Typical of diamond with 40.6 PA. It can be blue or red in this case.
  2. flyingpig

    Opinion Idealscope image

    Thats a very contrasty stone. I still like it.
  3. flyingpig

    Help with ASET & Idealscope images!

    I do not see any big concern. But to really assess light leakage, you need white background.
  4. flyingpig

    Thoughts on a diamond - SI1 eyeclean?

    The stone is tilted. I do not see significant digging worth noting. This is my favourite stone in this thread.
  5. flyingpig

    I want to replicate this ring...

    gosh. That's so simple, clean and elegant. love the proportion.
  6. flyingpig

    Thoughts on a diamond - SI1 eyeclean?

    Hi @istase2000 :wavey::wavey: long time no see. I got nothing to add. Go with your instinct
  7. flyingpig

    34 Deg Crown with 41.1 Deg Pavilion. Thoughts?

    It is not a combo that excites me. But I will consider it at a 5~10% discount, comparison with say 34.0/40.7.
  8. flyingpig

    Idealscope Help

  9. flyingpig

    Diamond Help Needed Please

    #2 is leaky. The leakage will still show even if the IS is retaken. The pavilion is a bit wonky. That is the main reason for the leakage. #1 is nice. In fact, #1 is tilted as well, but no leakage is shown.
  10. flyingpig

    Ask for opinion on two diamonds

    In regards to light return and fire, I think the D VS2 is superior.
  11. flyingpig

    Any idea why the 25% premium on the BGD stone?

    BGD "It is 3 carat " WF "It is almost 3 carat" Pricing 0.9X, 1.9X, 2.9X, carat stones can be tricky.
  12. flyingpig

    Need help pick a stone! How much does a flat crown affect Princess cut?

    I agree #2 has good light return. But that thick girdle and spread is unacceptable. #4 looks good as well, though not the best.
  13. flyingpig

    Crown painted super ideal?

    Sorry, this diamond does not have significant painting/digging (at least not as heavily as the one in the OP) It mostly has the classic girdle to my eyes.
  14. flyingpig

    Crown painted super ideal?

    Classic Girdle Slightly Painted Girdle See the original post Heavily (within AGS 0) Painted Girdle Look at the leakage patterns around...
  15. flyingpig

    WF ACA vs CBI Pricing

    I think it is reasonable to bring up ED's story, bankruptcy, and upgrade policy. We have seen it. Some go out of business, some change their upgrade policy and terms, while other don't even offer trade-in anymore. I am talking BE, GOG, and OWD, all of whom were very talked about here and...
  16. flyingpig

    WF ACA vs CBI Pricing

    I do not know which PS vendor DS is referring to. But some people had trouble upgrading with Good Old Gold, which had huge presence here in the past, but nobody talks about them anymore.
  17. flyingpig

    Crown painted super ideal?

    This is reasonable amount of painting for a non super ideal cut diamond. In addition, it has near perfect optimal symmetry.
  18. flyingpig

    which is the nicer diamond?

    Definitely #2 0.74 I VVS1 is better in regards to light performance
  19. flyingpig

    Is it worth it to get a diamond recut?

    what is it that you like, but not love, about the diamond? A well cut 55/36/40.6 can be as good as a super ideal cut diamond. Do you have any photo?
  20. flyingpig

    Opinions on round diamond

    The first. The second one looks better.
  21. flyingpig

    Opinions on round diamond

    I think the pavilion is a bit shallow. It has some obstruction issues.
  22. flyingpig

    Did I get a good deal?

    AT 6:30 o clock under the table between two arrow shafts, there is some extra black and light leakage. Otherwise, it looks good.
  23. flyingpig

    Opinions on round diamond

    I would like to see the photo or video of this diamond. There is no leakage. However, there could be an obstruction issue.
  24. flyingpig

    Differences Between a 41.1 Degree and a 41 Degree Pavilion Angle?

    I would like to add that GIA rounds CA to the nearest 0.5 and PA to the nearest 0.2. This means you stone may not be GIA graded, unless those numbers are measured by tue vendor. We recommend diamonds graded by GIA or AGS.
  25. flyingpig

    Differences Between a 41.1 Degree and a 41 Degree Pavilion Angle?

    Say you find a diamond with 34.6 CA and 40.7 PA. 40.7 PA is the average of 8 individual pavilion angles. Of course, there will be deviation. Some will be 40.6 while other will be 40.9. 34.6 CA works well with PA of 40.5~40.9 (even 41.0). Therefore, this is a safe bet. However, 41.1PA means some...
  26. flyingpig

    Need help on these Aset and H&A images.

    Yes, there is more than just strong backlighting to the leakage. The stone is tilted and the scope is not used properly. I think the image is from the same supplier that BE used, who takes terrible ASET photos; they are so bad enough to make a super ideal cut diamond appear like a steep/deep...
  27. flyingpig

    Need help on these Aset and H&A images.

    Are you able to provide us the web page for #2? It is possible that the light leakage is due to poor photography. Btw. The new stone looks good.
  28. flyingpig

    Need help on these Aset and H&A images.

    #1 and #2 are about equal in my book. Light leakage is masked for #1, whereas for #2 it is very exaggerated. #1 is from B2C I guess? Where is #2 from, if I may ask? Brilliantly Engaged used offer ASET images like that.
  29. flyingpig

    Ideal cut Diamond?

    The 2nd photo is showing diamond's true potential. It appears bright, because it is receiving and reflecting bright diffused daylight from all directions. In the other photos, it appears greyish and greenish which happens to be the color of the wall in the background. Think your diamond as a...
  30. flyingpig

    Appraisal for insurance came in...LOWER than purchase price

    You bought the ring from IDJ, but your ring is VC Emilya single halo. And you got your diamond back from Victor Canera, which implies that you bought the diamond from Victor Canera, but it is a cushion modified brilliant, not an antique cushion.