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  1. Fancy605


    I''ve noticed a good deal of square lenses as well.
  2. Fancy605

    Ann Taylor Loft News

    I am a HUGE fan of Loft. I frequent that store. I don''t know what I will do without it. Where will I bargain shop? Hopefully, my local loft will remain open!
  3. Fancy605

    People are giving me grief about my reset.

    I LOVE the new setting. I think every married should get to wear something she loves. Besides, there''s nothing wrong with wanting a new setting. People are allowed to change their minds about what they like after all. It''s fun. You made a commitment to a man; not a ring. You can ditch a...
  4. Fancy605

    Down to two dresses... please help me choose!

    #2 and keep the neckline as is. I understand your concerns about going w/ #2 because I worry about how my belly/hip area looks in ALL my clothes. But I must say the dress looks FANTASTIC on you in that photo. I can''t imagine anything could look better! It''s perfect. I bet we''d find even...
  5. Fancy605

    Taxes - McCain vs Obama

    FOR real though. I know this is sort of breaking from the topic, but sometimes knowing where my tax dollars are going is infuriating. I know for a fact that my students have relatives who sell their food stamps for half of what they''re worth and then use the money for booze or meth rather...
  6. Fancy605

    Anyone have siblings married/engaged very close together?

    Bridemaid had her wedding June 26th (I was in it) I had mine July 7th (She was in it) We were both VERY busy, but it was really fun! Then my BIL and his wife were married 3 months after DH and I. So, DH''s family was VERY busy!
  7. Fancy605

    first fitting pics & bunch of questions

    And here are some that jcrow tried out (I like the double French. It''s similar to the idea of yours, but a bit simpler.)
  8. Fancy605

    first fitting pics & bunch of questions

    Robbie's was similar to the one Kellybelly posted
  9. Fancy605

    Living with SO... easier in the beginning or over time?

    Oh my word. ME TOO. Not only does he use what seems like a trillion paper towels a day, but he had this habit (and sometimes still does) where he leaves them wadded on the counter because he "may re use them later once they dry" and therefor conserve, but of course he NEVER does. So, for many...
  10. Fancy605

    Taxes - McCain vs Obama

    EXACTLY! Why should you be penalized for being successful. This is why a fair tax or a flat tax interests me so greatly. Ah, but that''s another issue that so far neither candidate seems in favor of, so I can''t justify getting into it at this time. Though I am socially liberal (insofar as...
  11. Fancy605

    Anyone NOT live with their SO?

    I personally did not live with DH before marriage. I have NO objections to people moving in together before they are married. In fact, it made perfect sense financially for MANY couples I know. They would have been crazy NOT to do it. For me personally though, it made no difference...
  12. Fancy605

    DIY Invite inside

    GORGEOUS! They look 100% professionally done. I would have never guessed they were a DYI. Fabulous work!
  13. Fancy605

    first fitting pics & bunch of questions

    First off, I ADORE the poof. It really does emphasize your small waist. Second of all, I tend to agree with KellyBelly about the bustle. I think a simpler one may be better for that style of dress. I think that the current one may end up looking dated rather than vintage/classic on down...
  14. Fancy605

    It''s happening...STRESSED

    Oh C-lub, don''t worry so much. First of all, you are BEAUTIFUL, and I am sure you will look that way even if the dress is a little sloppy in your eyes (no one else will notice) even if you have 6 extra pounds (that''s hardly anything to speak of, plus you are probably just retaining water due...
  15. Fancy605

    Scared for us

    I''m glad I''m not the only one who feels this way. To get into the specifics of my earlier post, the book taught me a LOT too. Naturally one always knows when her husband does something that upsets her (or fails to do something). And I literally learned language to use to express what I...
  16. Fancy605 pics for you!

    Your wedding was beyond gorgeous! I LOVE all of the rich colors and little details. And I especially like your hair. Sooo pretty!
  17. Fancy605

    Sabine''s non-pro pics!

    Oh, Sabine, I forgot how much I ADORE your dress until now. Where''s that "who''s dress do you covet" thread. Yours is one of my favorites!
  18. Fancy605

    Walking down aisle alone

    I say go for it if it''s what you want. I''m sure some people would find it odd, but that can be said of nearly anything these days. I think it would be pretty cool. I feel like I saw it in a movie once, but I can''t recall which one.
  19. Fancy605

    The Horse Lovers'' Thread!!!

    I adore horses. When I was a kid I had scads of model horses. I grew up riding Tennessee Walking Horses at my cousin''s home, which was within shouting distance of mine until we got my horse. He still lives with my parents, but I get to visit him from time to time. He is a spotted saddle horse...
  20. Fancy605

    Grout Cleaning?

    Wow! Thanks everyone! These are great tips. My grout is actually a darkish sandy color called "haystack" so bleach is a no-go. I actually have a steamer that I use for clothes. I wonder if that will produce the right amount of steam for it? What sort of steamer exactly was it? That...
  21. Fancy605

    Scared for us

    May I recommend a book? The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is an excellent book. I know it's probably been over-hyped in the literary market, but to me, it made a big difference in transitioning into marriage. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. It doesn't really address...
  22. Fancy605

    Anyone sold products through home parties?

    I have never sold it myself, but I know some girls who sell for a jewelry company and LOVE it. I did a party for one of them, and I got over $300 in free product, so I am considering doing it again. The two girls I know who sell it make a good bit of extra cash off it. They are sisters too, so...
  23. Fancy605

    Grout Cleaning?

    Thanks! That sounds easy--except my grout isn''t white, so I''m not sure if that would be okay for it. I know there''s grout cleaner acid available, but most reviews that I''ve read of it suggest that it would be better to have professionals come clean it with the acid than to DIY because it...
  24. Fancy605

    This might just be my dress!!

    I like it VERY much. To me it looks very modern looking without being too trendy. I feel like it could fit in any venue too: a church, a garden, a ballroom, anywhere.
  25. Fancy605

    Red dress to wedding?

    Which is funny because now (well in my area at least) there are always droves of girls in black at weddings.
  26. Fancy605

    Yay, my wedding photos are here!

    You have got to be one of the prettiest brides ever! Everything is amazing. Loves it!
  27. Fancy605

    is internet shopping that easy?

    Depending on your area, you may have the best of both worlds as far as internet shopping goes. I started off with a PS vendor, realized they were within driving distance of where I lived, and DH and I were able to go see everything in person. Maybe you are near a PS vendor? Regardless, you will...
  28. Fancy605

    Show me your COACH!

    Oh, Ebree, it''s perfect!
  29. Fancy605

    Grout Cleaning?

    Has anyone ever had to clean the grout on tile floors before? (more than just mopping, but really scrubbing). I just had part of my bathroom regrouted, and now I want to seal the tile, but I want to give it a VERY good cleaning before hand. What can I use for the grout specifically. I have...
  30. Fancy605

    Handbag help please

    My suggestion: Use that budget to buy 2 or 3 nice bags. I think I would buy a Coach or a Cole Haan and use the rest to look for a Via Spiga or something at a discount store like Marshalls (they always have a few nice bags at GREAT prices) akmiss--I LOOOOVE that Coach bag you posted.