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  1. Kevin Bryant

    Any Hot Pink Sapphire on PS?

    Try etsy, check Instagram under #pinksapphire or #hotpinksapphires they are out there its just finding the right one for you. There is a whole other world besides the handful of sellers listed over and over again on this forum
  2. Kevin Bryant

    Aqua violetrine...?

    I have seen him talk about it on Facebook, he's hoping to see more info from some labs soon. Its heated but that is not uncommon for aqua. Big if true and exciting. Labs will tell.
  3. Kevin Bryant

    Can you tell me about the cut of this sapphire?

    Cant tell much from the photos on the cut and how good it is, does not looked windowed from the pictures but hard to tell
  4. Kevin Bryant

    What can I expect to pay for this?

    Spinle is so hot right now, The setting and setting of the stone will run about $100 chain depending on size 18 inch 14 kt .75 mm with spring ring around $50-$75 bigger the chain the more it will cost, spinel Depends on the quality and color, I recently sold a .60 ct pear Blue to Purple color...
  5. Kevin Bryant

    A sapphire halo ring

    All sapphires are a pain to get a great photo of I literally took 400 pictures today of 5 different sapphires I am listing I only have 15 more to go, Your sapphire has amazing color, dont worry about others standers its clear you love it and its got some great color thanks for sharing
  6. Kevin Bryant

    Can anyone purchase Stuller settings?

    I am but a small fish with a small business , but I can tell you from what I have seen there or so many great people who all they want to do is help others learn. I have seen some of the top people in the industry reach down and give so much of there time and talent to newer people and helping...
  7. Kevin Bryant

    General Cost of Setting This Stone?

    Under $500 if your providing the stone
  8. Kevin Bryant

    Can anyone purchase Stuller settings?

    I have an account with them, they require a business I.D and a resale certificate. I use them more for bench supply's and setting for the stones I cut. I also live about a mile from there facility so its easy for me to pick up whats needed. There prices on gemstones are insane, setting and...
  9. Kevin Bryant

    Are the "lavender" pink sapphires really lavender?

    Yes lavender sapphires can look truly like lavender in all lights, this is a 1 ct I sold in January in an engagement ring, I sold one very simulate to this " cut was not as good" just last week. One of my favorite colors of sapphire. I have a more pink lavender heart and it can tend to pick up a...
  10. Kevin Bryant

    Pad or Peachy Stone...

    sales wise I cant hold on to peachy colored stones, I just had a 32 ct rough cut, when I original bought it and discussed with the cutter I was going to heat it to get the peach out and make it more pink but by the time it got cut i decided to keep the peach because its sells and its whats hot...
  11. Kevin Bryant

    Seda Gems 50% off

    I have bought opals form the father and rough sapphires from the son, good people with great gems, they also play a big part in Gem rock auctions and opal auctions. great people
  12. Kevin Bryant

    Buying this ruby (1.1ct antique natural unheated Burmese)?

    From the pinkness in the picture I dont think you would get a respectable lab in the states to call that a Ruby, it would come back pink sapphire. Alot of places, Thai land and Ceylon will call a pinker stone a ruby but at GIA or AGL you would get a call of pink sapphire
  13. Kevin Bryant

    What would YOU do? - return or keep?

    Presidium should never be used to be the deciding factor on what a gemstone is are is not, I would check R.I first also Aqua can also be grown in mass amounts through the hydrothermal method. I would send it to a GG if not GIA before starting a war with someone on a return.
  14. Kevin Bryant

    Yellow sapphire

    Setting makes it amazing, just that little green makes it really pop, great ring
  15. Kevin Bryant


    My 10 ct aqua recently recut. original was
  16. Kevin Bryant

    What info “should” sellers disclose

    As much as he knows, from treatment to wear it came from, and if he does not know he says he does not know, if your going to spend real money on a gemstone or a ring a report from someplace like GIA is cheap and will provide the piece of mind needed.
  17. Kevin Bryant

    Help Identify

    Montana sapphire all the way, just joking, topaz, inclusion looks to be fracture with iron stain in it, would indicate natural
  18. Kevin Bryant


    lot of great sellers on etsy, a lot of movement from Ebay into etsy in the last 2 years. I would recommend looking at the reviews, you will also find more of there personal story on etsy, you can also find direct to customer gem cutters.
  19. Kevin Bryant

    Where can I find a faceted opal?

    Kosnar Gems does this kind of work, great people.
  20. Kevin Bryant

    Why cut matters and why paying a low price for a bad gem can pay off in the end

    I would say knowing the critical angles, best reference online would be Knowing this might help, I run all my cuts out of a program called gem cut studio it does all the magic for me, but I am currently not...
  21. Kevin Bryant

    Why cut matters and why paying a low price for a bad gem can pay off in the end

    I see a lot of post about, do you like this gemstone and a lot of time people will pass on them even though they have a lot of potential. I wanted to post two gems I recently acquired and had recut, these or not for sale but I thought it would be nice to share and show. some tricks of the trade...
  22. Kevin Bryant

    Ceylon sapphire help

    would recommend a re cut
  23. Kevin Bryant


    The gemology world wide post cast is great. The host Joshua is a true ambassador for gemstones, the show has a good flow to it and the two host complement each other well. The first show featured one of the best gemstone cutters and expert on Montanan sapphires. If you like gemstones its the pod...
  24. Kevin Bryant

    Yellow Sapphire - Is This a Good Deal??

    How do I do that? Thanks
  25. Kevin Bryant

    Yellow Sapphire - Is This a Good Deal??

    First off stunning yellow sapphire, Labs like GIA and AGL have the ability to detect B.E. you are correct about assuming its B.E at those colors with out a lab report. Also if it has a pre 1999 cert it wont be B.E due to the fact B.E did not come around until around 2000. Below is a 2.74 ct...
  26. Kevin Bryant

    Is this Aqua too light?

    No I am a big fan of there work, color looks great
  27. Kevin Bryant

    Bargain finds ($600 or less)

    Blue is .80 ct Australian sapphire set in 14 kt Green Australian sapphire 2 ct in 14 kt gold with diamonds Red is 1.5 ct Umbalite garnet in 14 kt white.
  28. Kevin Bryant

    Bargain finds ($600 or less)

    4.32 ct precision cut morganite, Nigerian, no treatment clean
  29. Kevin Bryant

    Any knowledge of this 2.5 gr. Sapphire Natural

    cant tell from the pictures, what is the size of the stone alone? Do you have table down pics and what is the clarity?