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    Need a good antiques appraiser for this Art Deco Broach

    If they don't need the money, why don't they just give it to you instead of having you give money for it? It's a beautiful piece, you are deserving of it because you are family.
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    MY 37K stone! Am I lucky or dumb?

    Wow, what a beautiful stone! Someone posted their 4 carat diamond ring the other day. Gorgeous too! There should be a thread for 2 carats and above pics so we can all drool over.
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    Macy''s Diamonds -- To good to be true???

    Well, I was told by someone that works at Macy's that the stones are clarity enhanced, where he got his information, I don't know but that's what he told me. Maybe some of them are and some aren't? Maybe that's what he mean't? Maybe he was confused and thought they are were? I don't know...
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    Macy''s Diamonds -- To good to be true???

    Now I was told by someone who works at Macy''s that their diamonds are clarity enhanced. They are suppose to disclose it if they are asked.
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    Shenoa & CO Do not buy !

    Wow, they messed up twice on the same order? How terrible! I would of sent it back the 2nd time, canceled my order and went somewhere else.
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    Think I found the diamond for her.. Is it reasonable?

    It seems over priced. Becareful where you buy a stone when shopping in the diamond district.
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    Help me pick a stone for my e-ring!

    I like the ceylon sapphire #4. I love the natural sapphire company. I check their website so often. I am going to go there one of these days when I go into the city. They have beautiful stones!
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    My brand new stone is cracked! Help please!

    Wow, that's terrible! I am surprised the jeweler didn't notice this before you did. Shouldn't the jeweler of noticed this after setting the stone? Anyone know?
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    Which gives better sparkle...Pear or Oval?

    A well cut stone either way will sparkle beautifully. have you ever considered having an oval stone set with pear side stones? Or the other way around? If I were you, and undecided which shape I prefered, I would just go around to various jewelry stores and try on rings with the shapes I...
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    Poll: Ritani Halo vs. Eli Jewels Halo

    I don't have time to read the whole thread so I wanted to post really quick. If you didn't get the ring yet, here is my opinion. If you got it, just ignore me: Well, to be honest, I don't like either of them. But then again, I am not crazy about Halo rings. I guess if you have big hands, I would...
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    Which diamond would you get

    I agree with the post above. You really can't go wrong with either of them. If I had to choose between the two and nothing else, I would go with the White Flash but when the time comes for me to get another diamond (I want to get one for a pendant, I should leave this open for DH to read, hint...
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    G SI1 or H VS2?

    I would want the H VS2
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    Jewelers Row (Philly) recommendations?

    I know how you feel! I had a TERRIBLE experience with Robbins Diamonds located at 8th and Walnut. I wouldn''t recommend them to my worst enemy either. I also read that I am not the only one with a bad experience with them also.
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    Can someone help me find this thread???

    Thank you very much!!
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    Can someone help me find this thread???

    There is a thread where members post pics of their diamond bracelets. For the life of me, I can''t find it. I did a board search for "bracelets" and 6 pages come up. I can''t find this thread on any of them unless I am missing it. I remember seeing this thread a long time ago. I thought it was...
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    would you stay away from this diamond?

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I am going to stay away from this diamond!
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    would you stay away from this diamond?

    WEIGHT: 1.07ct SHAPE: Emerald Cut COLOR: F CLARITY: VS2 MEASUREMENTS: 6.94 x 5.89 x 2.99 mm TOTAL DEPTH: 50.8% TABLE SIZE: 70% POLISH: G SYMMETRY: VG FLUORESCENCE: NONE From what I read, the diamond is shallow. I saw a few pics of it, it looks pretty but how much can you really tell from the...
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    Colored Stone E-rings/Eyecandy

    wow, those rings are lovely!