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  1. CaptAubrey

    The De Beers Consumer Settlement Cks are in the mail!

    $124.21 I had completely forgotten about this since I left the diamond business a few years ago, so it was a nice surprise. :twirl:
  2. CaptAubrey

    Found this loose pink diamind on ebay, wondering if it''s a good deal

    There's an excellent explanation for why it's so cheap: It's dyed. If you look closely, you can see the pink dye concentrations in the cracks. This is a run of the mill dog that someone tried to tart up. What you've got here is a diamond that someone fracture-filled with pink glass. I've seen...
  3. CaptAubrey

    Has anyone been to Perth?

    I was in Perth in 1986 while still working for Uncle Sam. It reminded me of California in the 1950s. I was there during the winter, so I can''t speak to the beaches (though what I saw was nice enough), but the people were very friendly, even to drunken sailors. My experience was no doubt...
  4. CaptAubrey

    Someone''s comment about my diamond

    The next time anyone says something like that, just tell them, "A boycott of African diamonds would cause the only two representative, peaceful democracies in Africa to collapse overnight. Now that would be evil."
  5. CaptAubrey

    Does this make you guys mad too?

    As a lawyer, pet owner, father of three young kids, I can tell you there is really only one option: You''ve got to proactive about separating your dog from the situation any time you think there is a risk of biting, even if it means being rude. "Better rude than sued" how you have to look at...
  6. CaptAubrey

    Art Savvy P''scopers! A Q for You

    Better safe than sorry. Art can be funny, and prices of the in-demand stuff have gotten ridiculous in recent years. An appraisal should not be that expensive. You''ll want to talk to your insurance company as well, to find out whether and how they would be covered.
  7. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    Well, the internet abhors a vacuum. You start a thread like this and disappear, you''re taking your chances with what fills the void.
  8. CaptAubrey

    Eighty eight facet diamond

    A few years ago, partly in response to some major changes in the supply pipeline, there was a big rush by manufacturers to introduce new cut styles. Just about every diamond manufacturer came out with one, sometimes several, and in a few cases, a dozen or more. Most have since disappeared. The...
  9. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    This manufacturer has been running a series of fairly edgy ads recently, and the current one, well ... it's certainly eye catching, and I'm sure it's meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek, but ... er.... Well, see for yourself. I do think it fits the theme of this thread. ETA: if you can't read...
  10. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    Okay, I found the ad. But I am embarrassed to admit that my memory is failing me, and my recollection of it was not quite accurate. As you''ll see below, there''s no desk and no ring. The ring I thought I remembered is just part the manufacturer logo. Nevertheless, the effect is more or less...
  11. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    Of course, he might have come back, seen how this thread has evolved, and been too embarrassed/insulted to reply.
  12. CaptAubrey

    Has anyone heard any rumors that Tiffany will raise their prices?

    Tiffany''s is always raising their prices. In fact, one of their corporate policies is to never have sales.
  13. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    I''ll see if I can find it.
  14. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    So cynical, ladies. Here''s my thought: Our hedge fund manager, flush with his 80k bonus, returns to the office with his 5 ct rock to propose to his stock-trader girlfriend. Shortly after the proposal, the secretary tells him that his fund just blew up because it was leveraged to the hilt...
  15. CaptAubrey

    Afghan Emeralds Panshjir Valley

    Chris, as a vet myself, I don''t want to disappoint you, but you should brace yourself for the possibility that they''re synthetic. If you''re not an experienced gem dealer, buying emeralds in Afghanistan is asking for trouble. But if you''re going to Bangkok, yes, AIGS is the place to go...
  16. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    This makes me think of an ad that I''ve seen in the jewelry trade magazines over the past few months. In the foreground is a engagement ring with a big fat rock in it sitting on desk blotter, and on the background on the desk is a torn up sheet of paper, which, as you look closer, proves to be a...
  17. CaptAubrey

    Disappointed in lack of response but...

    Troll, hedge fund, or whatever, this is a funny thread.
  18. CaptAubrey sapphire pics!

    MissRocks, have you seen this article? Photomicrography is part art and part science, but you''ve got to master the science before you can progress very far with the art. Does your microscope have a fiber-optic attachment? If it does, try playing...
  19. CaptAubrey

    3rd graders plan too attack teacher..

    I have to wonder how serious they were about this. Kids that age are capable of letting their imaginations run completely out of control. I know my oldest son has some pretty involved fantasies, though I would take immediate action if I heard anything like this. When I was in third grade, the...
  20. CaptAubrey

    Yehuda Claim: We sell for less than Blue Nile!

    Without offering an opinion on this one, I''m very interested in seeing how it comes out.
  21. CaptAubrey

    Who owns the copyright?

    It''s going to depend on how specific the drawing/blueprint is, and whether it clearly describes protectable material. A consumer who comes in with a CAD drawing of ring that a jeweler executes without a lot of changes will surely retain some rights, such as they exist. A rough sketch is likely...
  22. CaptAubrey

    Who owns the copyright?

    You're halfway correct. A work is not "published" for copyright purposes if there is only one copy that is never duplicated or distributed. However, publication is no longer a prerequisite for registration. It's not like trademark law where the mark has to be used consistently in commerce. I can...
  23. CaptAubrey

    Who owns the copyright?

    Boy, I hate coming in late to the good threads. Now, with the following caveats: -I am a copyright lawyer, but no one would confuse me with Melville Nimmer or William Patry (Google either if you're curious) -Nothing I'm about to say is intended to offer an opinion on the WF sub-issue in this...
  24. CaptAubrey

    Ugh! Kay Jewelers Ring Box.

    Kay is run by the same conglomerate that owns H. Samuel and Ernest Jones on your side of the pond. They''re one of the biggest retailers in the world.
  25. CaptAubrey

    faint flourescence?

    Ditto. "Faint" is what you get when the graders can see just enough not to call it "None."
  26. CaptAubrey

    Rapaport Chart

    Quite the opposite: the prices are "high cash asking prices" i.e., more or less the highest wholesale prices. This is why most stuff trades below or "back of" Rap. It''s also why the list is largely useless for consumers.
  27. CaptAubrey

    Harry Winston Experience.... Not Good

    Stores like HW and Tiffany get a lot of looy-loos, so after a while the sales associates start to get sick of it, and brush off the people who don''t look serious about buying. Working for those stores is also kind of like selling Ferraris and BMWs, so some SAs let it go to their heads, and...
  28. CaptAubrey

    HCA Contradicts Father-in-Law!!! Help!!!

    I''ve got another suggestion. Only you know whether your FIL is an old dog who can be taught new tricks, but from what you''re saying, it doesn''t sound like it. Rather than try to teach him his business, you need to speak his language. Tell him (with a deep sigh), "It just doesn''t speak to...
  29. CaptAubrey

    colored diamonds/shapes to maximize color

    Some time ago, I was shown a fancy vivid pink that was also cut to superideal proportions (I have to be vague because such things are so incredibly rare). You would think weight retention would be paramount with such rough, but apparently the cutter wanted to make a point, and oh my goodness did...
  30. CaptAubrey

    Beware of image theft

    Oh, brother. Photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of their creation. It hasn''t been necessary to "copyright" anything (i.e., register the copyright with the Copyright Office) to secure protection for it in over 30 years. Registration is only necessary if you want to file suit...