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  1. AChiOAlumna

    I am FURIOUS with Sandals!!!

    Robbie....did you do this through the Sandals website?? We''ve been to Sandals and many other AI resorts in the Caribbean. We''ve NEVER had to pay for more than a minimum deposit with paying the balance 60 days in advance. I would call back on Monday (enjoy your weekend until then) and find out...
  2. AChiOAlumna

    First Time Substitute Teaching Tips?

    I did some subbing while I was getting my business off the ground. If you sub high school students, know that they''ll try to test you. My DH calls it, "Sink the Sub." They will try to test your authority and see if/when you''ll crack. HS students were my favorite age to teach and they tried...
  3. AChiOAlumna

    Mac users need your help again...Mac Mail while travelling ..Thanks''s $99/year...I love it!
  4. AChiOAlumna

    Fall Colors in Southern California?

    You don''t say where in So Cal you''re at, but in downtown Claremont (91711 zip code), there are the old Pomona Colleges. Very ivy league and they have mansions that they rent out for weddings. The trees are old and they turn color in the August months. My dentist is in that area and since I...
  5. AChiOAlumna

    Expensive gown - was it worth it?

    I ordered a dress from It''s an Alfred Angelo dress that retailed $499, and got it to me for $251. They saved me a lot of money. Might be worth checking out.
  6. AChiOAlumna

    FINAL Dress try-on..... with Ebay flowers

    Enjoying the process & remembering the day.....PRICELESS!!!! You look great!! What a fun way to budget out your wedding. It looks like you're really enjoying being a bride! Congrats!
  7. AChiOAlumna

    Please pray for my Dad

    My fingers are crossed for you and good thoughts being sent your family''s way!!!
  8. AChiOAlumna

    dealing w/ future in-laws

    jazmine...I thank you for beating me to this punch...I feel the same way!! They are being insistent that you follow their cultural norms and values, but they don''t hold to their own?! It''s not fair of them to pick and choose the values they want to hold to and expect you to do the same...
  9. AChiOAlumna

    Save the Date opinions please!

    Very cute!!! Such an original way to let others know!!
  10. AChiOAlumna

    Wedding progress - finally!

    Wow!!! It looks like you''ve been doing a lot of work!!! Your wedding is going to be beautiful when it''s all said and done!
  11. AChiOAlumna

    Two-piece BM dresses

    My sister used 2-piece dresses and I was a BM....they looked great on all of us and we all had different body types!!!
  12. AChiOAlumna

    Found the perfect beach for our wedding!

    WOW!!! How beautiful is that????? Couldn''t think of a prettier spot!!!
  13. AChiOAlumna

    What do you plan to do with your wedding attire?

    I had my original wedding dress boxed and I kept it under my bed for years. I recently donated it to Goodwill after realizing that it would never be used again and I never really fell "in love" with it. My renewal ceremony dress, I plan to keep. I can add spaghetti straps to it and wear it for...
  14. AChiOAlumna

    My invites have landed!

    Very elegant!!!!
  15. AChiOAlumna

    We finally have a ceremony /reception site!!

    beautiful site!!! Congratulations!! The hardest part is over with...
  16. AChiOAlumna

    My Veil

    $28 for a veil?! That''s a great deal! Hope it turns out exactly as you hoped for when you get it!!! Let us know!!
  17. AChiOAlumna

    Trip to NYC -- suggestions of sites to see?

    If you can, go see St. Patrick''s Cathedral on 5th Ave. It''s beautiful and the architecture is amazing! Central Park is beautiful and taking a horse-drawn carriage through the park is so romantic!
  18. AChiOAlumna

    cocktail hour music..

    We used a string trio (harp, violin and cello) for pre-ceremony, ceremony and cocktail hour music. It was so pretty!
  19. AChiOAlumna

    Interfaith Ceremony

    Robbie....I love this service!! We also had a interfaith ceremony who was officiated by a Reverend. We were so worried about stepping on anyone''s religious toes that we kept it sweet, simple and to the point. Our ceremony was about 15 minutes!!! This ceremony looks like it will be beautiful...
  20. AChiOAlumna

    I have two dresses now...which one?!

    I''m also going with the first dress. I''m not personally big on empire waisted dress, but the 1st dress with the gathers gives the dress a little flare and fits your body better than the 2nd one.
  21. AChiOAlumna

    Hair Trial

    I found this website when looking for my own clips and barrettes...maybe you can find something that'll work for you.
  22. AChiOAlumna

    Lap Top do you turn it off at night or just put it to sleep?

    I just put mine to sleep everynight. I also have a password set so anyone who opens it will need to know the password to access the computer. I have to do this for my job and HIPAA requirements.
  23. AChiOAlumna

    do I need favors??

    If you''re looking for specific favors (candy, candles, etc.) I say also skip them. Our wedding favors were the silver frames that doubled as the place cards for our sit-down dinner. At the end of the night, people took them home. When we sent out our thank you''s, we included a wedding photo...
  24. AChiOAlumna

    Procrastination!! So bad...

    Ocbride....I also live in OC and recently got hooked up with a professional wedding organization that has most of what you''re looking for!!! I''ve got a GREAT recommendation for a photographer too!!! Their website is here and the photographer specifically (who''s part of this organization) is...
  25. AChiOAlumna

    How do I tell my mom I want a different dress?

    Please tell your mom....I went through the same thing many years ago. I had a dress from my first engagement. The engagement was called off and the dress went into storage. 3 years later, I was engaged. I could bear to ask my mother for another dress, so I wore the original one. It was still...
  26. AChiOAlumna

    Recognise this dress?

    It''s part of the Destination Collection.
  27. AChiOAlumna

    How to leave a new job gracefully...

    I just went through this this past Fall. I've been working for a company part-time and found another job that accommodated my needs more. I had typed up a letter of resignation and was holding on to it for the "right time" to send it off. One night, my boss had called me (this was a...
  28. AChiOAlumna

    Dress on an Plane!

    We go to Jamaica all the time and see all the brides carry their dress on the planes. The flight attendants hang their dresses up in closets or hang them in the back of the plane. When the brides get to their destination, they steam/press the dress to get any wrinkles out that might have...
  29. AChiOAlumna

    lap top users many thanks for your help and I posted some more questions

    Scarleta...on Windows version of Quickbooks, there is a function to allow you to track mileage because businesses will take off mileage as a tax deduction (hence the accounting part of the program!).... Macs (as of 2006) did not have this function incorporated into Quickbooks (we are talking...
  30. AChiOAlumna

    Would you forgive your SO cheating on you.

    I have been with my husband for 14 years, 12''s the same for me. I''d never be able to get over the fact that trust, which is so important to me, was broken...I don''t know how I''d ever be able to get over it. I work with couples that deal with this day in and day out. I find it...