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  1. ponder

    Vendor recommendations for custom eternity

    The pic is several years old, but I'm pretty sure it was David Klass who made the original ring. I have had no communication issues with DK, I emailed for a quote on Saturday and had a response by noon on Monday.
  2. ponder

    Vendor recommendations for custom eternity

    I am looking for recommendations for vendors to produce two custom alternating marquis and round eternity bands to wear with my three carat baguette eternity. I have already contacted David Klass. Is there anyone else I should reach out to? It's been a few years since my last project and I feel...
  3. ponder

    Please tell me this EC is a dog
  4. ponder

    Please tell me this EC is a dog

    I put it on hold. Is it worth an ASET? Any others out there worth looking at?
  5. ponder

    Please tell me this EC is a dog

    It's a while since I have hunted down any new projects, but on a whim I came across this stone today and something about it called to me. Especially when DH said "go for it". It's not the best time for a new stone purchase, but it's not the worst. Any opinions? Is it worth a follow up call?
  6. ponder

    Marquise and round alternating engagement ring

    David Klass quoted me $1500ish for a full eternity of alternating marquise and rounds a year or so ago. I would give him a call.
  7. ponder

    Do you care about rings being tainted by divorce, etc?

    I was going to say that nothing would bother me, but this is a valid point. I wouldn't appreciate a gift from my SO/FI/DH that was purchased for a previous FI/GF/wife.
  8. ponder

    Eternity band owners, please help.

    I guess you are looking more at prong set eternities, but I love my channel set baguette eternity set in plat. It gets daily wear with no issues.
  9. ponder

    Calling EC experts - opinions please!

    Before you jump on rose gold go try some on. Sometimes it matches too well with skin and it just blends in (not in a good way). If it were my ering, I would probably do platinum too. But, I wasn't looking at it as something to get married with. I'm 15 years married in a 20 year relationship and...
  10. ponder

    Calling EC experts - opinions please!

    Do you have any rose gold jewelry? How is it with your skin tone?
  11. ponder

    Calling EC experts - opinions please!

    Metal color and the K is a personal choice. My marquis (L/M) was originally set in yellow gold 18 years ago. When I switched to the white gold bezel 8 years ago it made a huge difference in the perceived color of the stone. The contrast with the white gold made the stone appear much more yellow...
  12. ponder

    Calling EC experts - opinions please!

    If I wasn't in the midst of a massive home remodel I would have pulled the trigger on that one months ago. That is also the exact setting i was looking at except I was definitely going to do yellow gold. Personally I think that any stone except an ideal cut round will suffer some performance...
  13. ponder

    Calling EC experts - opinions please!

    Did you buy it? It says "sold" now. I have had my eye on that one for a while. It makes my heart go pitter patter. I have looked at a fair share of larger EC's in the last few years, and it has what my eye is drawn to (small table/high crown). I hope you find one you love. I would also love to...
  14. ponder

    Ungraded Old Mine Cut -- is this a wise or good purchase?

    Re: Ungraded Old Mine Cut -- is this a wise or good purchase It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But... You need to see it in multiple lighting situations and make sure there is a good return policy.
  15. ponder

    So, I've lost some weight and my rings are HUGE now.

    Can you wear silver? When I want to be more subtle I wear $10 silver spacers I got on amazon with my baguette band to keep it from slipping. The bands have to be a little larger for my wide stack to be worn together.
  16. ponder

    Miracle workers - jumbo backs. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

    My martini settings are from Stuller. Brian and I walked downstairs to Stuller and compared backs. They come in different sizes to stabilize the stud, but I'm not sure about post size.
  17. ponder

    Will this wedding set stack look balanced?

    Thank you!
  18. ponder

    Will this wedding set stack look balanced?

    Would you mind disclosing the seller of the baguette ring because I LOVE IT!
  19. ponder

    Please help identify cut

    This is my transitional. Yours seems older than mine. Mine is definitely more modern round brilliant than yours.
  20. ponder

    Miracle workers - jumbo backs. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

    My studs are only .41ct each and Brian Gavin recommended larger backs even at that size. It does make a world of difference.
  21. ponder

    Insurance question.

    You need to see what you insurer requires. My insurer prefers sales receipts for value, but I will also provide lab reports or an appraisal as additional information to ensure true like and kind replacement. They will only take appraisals if the item was a gift or family piece. You always want...
  22. ponder

    LifeLock or similar type protection

    I'm frozen now too. But honestly I'm really happy that it was me and not DH. He is the head of multiple business entities and financially complex. I was going lucky that I found out within days without a monitoring service. I realize that it can't prevent the theft, but I want to minimize the...
  23. ponder

    LifeLock or similar type protection

    Earlier this summer my identity was stolen. Name, address, social, DOB, drivers license, phone number, the whole enchilada. Luckily I was made aware within days and was able to shut it down quickly. Of course it has been a huge hassle, one I don't want to repeat. I also am really concerned about...
  24. ponder

    Hearing Aids

    My dad has had them for several years. A good portion of his cost is still covered by his insurance so the insurance requires a "prescription" from an ENT. He has his appt with the audiologist at the ENT, briefly sees the ENT, then is able to get his hearing aids through a hearing aid place. $5K...
  25. ponder

    Does your social circle care about jewelery?

    Nope. And most of my friends could afford to if they wished. Sometimes I wish I had someone in real life to share my passion with, but then we would probably just enable each other.
  26. ponder

    Need advice: should siblings share a room?

    My girls began sharing a room at 15 months and 4 months shy on 3 years old. The stayed with my brother and SIL while I was in the hospital having my son and shared a room the whole weekend. We put DD#2's crib in with our older DD so that the baby would have his own room and frequent waking...
  27. ponder

    Show me your Marquise Engagement Rings!

    .95ct M SI1, halo setting by Brian Gavin while still at Whiteflash. Ignore the studs nestled up against it.
  28. ponder

    Lucky Lady Finds Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park

    Re: Lucky Lady Finds Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Par We are stopping while on a road trip next month. My kids are little but super excited. I just am interested to see the birthplace of the Esperanza diamond.
  29. ponder

    What is your favorite eternity ring setting?

    I'm biased, but I LOVE channel set baguettes. Especially my 3ct.
  30. ponder

    I can't use microfiber cloth. Am I alone?

    I'm not a fan of microfiber either and I don't feel that my skin is especially rough. The texture drives me batty.