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    3-stone ring Girls - are you out there?

    Perfection is worth waiting for @KristyDarling...Just need to get my diamond fix ASAP:lol:
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    4.30 OEC Sparkle Bomb

    Simply [email protected], congrats on this spectacular upgrade!! :love: :love: :love:
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    Stack of the day thread

    @StephanieLynn, your deco rings are just lovely!!:love::love: @Mamabean, your ring collection is absolutely divine!!:love::love: @gregchang35, wowza, yowza!!:love::love:
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    Stack of the day thread

    +1 here...
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    3-stone ring Girls - are you out there?

    That is some ring you got there, lady!!! Absolutely LOVE your ring- it's just stunning!! Please start an SMTB on that beauty and show us more pics, pease!!!
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    Anyone have a combination ultrasonic-steamer machine?

    Bought the Magnasonic to avoid having to use my steamer (it's the Gemoro Brilliant Spa one)...too much of a hassle to set it up, etc...guess I'm too lazy for that. However, I find that the ultrasonic cleaning is not sufficient for me and still have to use the steamer after all:(2. So thanks for...
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    OWD + CVB: Modified Chloe E-Ring (Videos & CADs... The wait begins!!)

    WOW!!! Can't wait to see pics of the completed ring!! Just stunning design- congrats on your engagement!!
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    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    Echoing everyone's sentiments above...just WOW on your jewelry collection!! The teardrop and diamond earrings are trés chic- LOVE!!
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    Jewelry delivery day!

    mrs-b, those pearl earrings are gorge!! Your jewelry collection is amazing!! edit to add: You're so right about jewelry days- they sure lift you from the doldrums. Even if anticipation is always anxiety-filled, once the Fedex/UPS delivery arrives, you have a huge smile on your face the entire...
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    My Victor Canera engagement ring

    Gorgeous ring!! Congrats on your engagement!!
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    Gift from parents

    What loving parents you have and a wonderful partner indeed! It's such a meaningful tradition to pass on to your children and grandchildren. And the story of love that accompanies these pieces of jewelry is even more precious. Congrats on both the gift and family, @gregchang35!!
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    Say hello to Eleanor!

    :lol-2::lol-2::lol-2: It most definitely is not. Now excuse me while I eat my ortolan for dinner:bigsmile:
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    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    Thank you for sharing your beauty, @Paisley2628...she's a BEAUTY! And those OECs are delish:love: I sympathize with you completely on not having anyone to share your joy/passion/love for jewelry. We're in the same boat...that's why I so appreciate the PS community. Congrats on your latest...
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    Say hello to Eleanor!

    WOW!!!!! That emerald, that Art Deco design- congratulations @JPie on such a stunning ring:appl::appl: I second what @Diamond Girl 21 said...who can forget Aunt Alicia's life lessons?!? :mrgreen2::mrgreen2:
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    #JOTW Finally - my ultimate "ticks all the boxes" sapphire & diamond 3 stone ring

    What a gorgeous ring, @diamondhoarder!! That blue is absolutely mesmerizing....LOVE:love::love:
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    Victor Canera H&A + Pave Solitaire = Best Decision Ever

    Congratulations on both the ring and the engagement, @cc321! That ring is very lovely indeed:appl:
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    Thoroughly lost

    @SimoneDi- THAT IS ONE GORGEOUS RING:love:
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    Show me your 3-stone rings.

    What a beauty, @Acinom:love::love: I've always admired your (ever growing) collection:D:D
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    Show me your 3-stone rings.

    0oohh, that is a lovely set you have naroo:love::love:
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    Show me your 3-stone rings.

    Paging @KristyDarling and @dreamer_dachsie... Waiting for you to post here and own respective SMTB threads on your 3-stone beauties:D:D:D...
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    Stack of the day thread

    Thanks, msop04!
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    Stack of the day thread

    @msop04, may I ask for details on your eternity ring? The one at the bottom of your stack, please?
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    Stack of the day thread

    That is one FABULOUS set of emerald rings right there, Bonfire- LOVE!!
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    My New Engagement Ring

    Your ring is stunning, @Readinglady! What a way to close an unpleasant chapter and celebrate 36 years- congrats!
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    New New! 6+ ct Old Mine!

    :love::love::love::love: such a stunning collection, kama_s:clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    Great news :)

    That's wonderful news, mrs-b!! Wishing you good health and will keep those who continue to struggle in my prayers.
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    4.30 OEC Sparkle Bomb

    Stunning...simply stunning:love::love:
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    Stack of the day thread

    So is yours, Luxe! Thank you!