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  1. Roi

    Show Me Your Tiny Earrings

    You are welcome, scouty, hope it will help you to decide. =)2
  2. Roi

    Do you prefer regular or sourdough baguettes?

    Thank you :D Both breads are from sourdough, just have different flower in it. I'm sure that that French think so :rodent:, i could try and bake baguette from sourdough, the problem is i'm used to the taste and will not notice the difference, need some French here for tasting :angel:
  3. Roi

    Do you prefer regular or sourdough baguettes?

    Since this spring i eat only sourdough, but its homemade by me. My dear friend taught me all the tricks of making sourdough, it is an old Danish recipe, takes a few days before bread is ready. It was a kind of challenge for me :wink2: Here it is:
  4. Roi

    Show Me Your Tiny Earrings

    Hi Ruby, these are the leverback huggie: hope it helps :)
  5. Roi

    Show Me Your Tiny Earrings

    Our grandpa Oscar was St.Birman (18 y and 4m old). He was the kindest cat, i'm not used to innocuous cats =)2. Beautiful and kind, it is so rare combination :lol: Jazzy is very sweet :love:
  6. Roi

    Show Me Your Tiny Earrings

    Hi Facetgirl! These are from BGD, Brian Gavin Diamonds
  7. Roi

    My Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Pave Earrings!

    I do combine YG/RG VCA jewelry, also i combine jewelry from different series: frivole earrings and alhambra necklaces / alhambra or frivole bracelet =)2 it is too difficult for me to follow the "red line" (collect one set from the same line) when it comes to the jewelry. :roll:
  8. Roi

    My Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Pave Earrings!

    Ah! Your ER:s and this set perfect together! You have such a great taste :clap: M-2-b, is it easy for you to decide the color of the cold? Meaning that your jewelry is in Pt or Wg, for me it is such a problem to stay in one color: still can not decide in which color i should proceed with VCA...
  9. Roi

    My Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Pave Earrings!

    I surely do :love:, but now totally addicted to VCA......:lickout:
  10. Roi

    #JOTW Show me your favorite bling with flowers shot

    Hi Orchids, here is the link to the thread :wavey:
  11. Roi

    Share your blooms - what’s ‘growing on’ in your landscape?

    Love all the plants and flowers My favorites are lilac, peonies, Hortensia, roses, etc
  12. Roi

    #JOTW Show me your favorite bling with flowers shot

    I love flowers and I love jewelry :kiss2: Here is my contribution:......
  13. Roi

    My Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Pave Earrings!

    Beautiful jewelry and photos, as always! :love::love::love:
  14. Roi

    Show Me Your Tiny Earrings

    These are really comfy and tiny =)2
  15. Roi

    A Deco Platinum Pendant by CVB and the Neverending Story

    The pendant looks beautiful on you! :love::love::love:
  16. Roi

    Diamond huggies - did they stand the test of time?

    I have 1.7 ctw studs and 1.5 ctw WF huggies, i wear huggies more often. I love them, but I have relatively small earlobes and i still feel that these are a bit too big for me, so i usually wear huggies when i wear my hair open.
  17. Roi

    CUSHION CUTS! A collection...

    Thank you mol42, i found the thread. Your ring is one of the most beautiful around here. Total perfection.
  18. Roi

    CUSHION CUTS! A collection...

    Beautiful!!!!I love it :love::love::love: More photos, pretty please :drool:
  19. Roi

    When it rains VCA, it pours...

    Love them all, perfect on you!:love::love: :love::appl::appl::appl: SO is TDF! WG suits your skin. You make me want to go for RG perlee instead of diamond bracelet/bangle :lol:
  20. Roi

    Victor Canera Vintage Sun-Star Rose Cut Halo with a Canera European Round!!

    Such a beauty!!! :love::love::love: Congrats!!! Lucky-lucky you!!! :appl::appl::appl:It is going to be always sunny :dance:
  21. Roi

    Please show me your BGD knife edge classic solitaire!

    I had years ago BG knife edge in PT and here are the glamor photos of the ring (diamond is 1.7ct). I loved the setting. Hope it helps. And hand shots....
  22. Roi

    #JOTW 6+ ct Antique EC with FC Baguettes - Kama’s 10yr Anni Upgrade!

    Happy anniversary! The ring is so beautiful, it is like sun, made my day and i can not stop smiling, though it is depressing rainy autumn outside. :love::love::love::love::love::appl::appl::appl:
  23. Roi

    What's going on with DanielM?

    I've got the same message from etsy too. I have received my items a few years ago. I just smiled at it and forgot about it.:D
  24. Roi

    J is for Jumping with joy and over the moon in love with

    Congratulations finding this beauty again! There so many nice things were said about your story and the ring, i totally agree with that! So happy for you! Beautiful things happen to the beautiful people :love::love::love:
  25. Roi

    #JOTW My New Whiteflash 2.8 ct ACA Diamond Pendant!

    Congratulations M2B on your special anniversary!!!! Perfect ACA-collection, such a pleasure for the eyes! :love::love::love: Thank you for sharing!
  26. Roi

    My new CVB Casablanca with a warm August Vintage OEC (AVR)!

    Beautiful collection!!! Beautifully chosen colors and settings! I wish and hope that you can keep all your purchases and you will please us with new photos of them. Your fur baby looks adorable, lovely name too =)2.
  27. Roi

    David Klass French Cut Sapphire eternity band

    Wow! Beautiful, i love everything about this ring, every detail!:love::love::love:
  28. Roi

    My moissanite from China

    Moi Aino! :wavey: Thank you, i would appreciate the info on the jeweler! What kind of jewelry he crafted for you?
  29. Roi

    Husband left, now what?

    Very sorry, Orbaya, to hear about this! 18 years of marriage! :cry2: Send you many many hags!!!