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  1. wakingdreams53

    I'm considering (finally) learning how to text

    Hey Kenny! I haven't read through the whole 4 pages of the thread, but wanted to add my $0.02. I was super upset when I had to convert to type on a screen, it was unreasonable and I held onto my T9 for as long as I could (T9 text is what you have on your Nokia, typing with the number pad)...
  2. wakingdreams53

    Miami Beach Antique Show

    Saw a ridiculous 24 carat flawless asscher, but stupidly didn't take a picture.
  3. wakingdreams53

    Miami Beach Antique Show

    Did all 5 days and it was spectacular. FI bought way more, but his budget was greater than mine. I'll take a pic of all our goodies in the morning. My purchases: We're big on opals, and saw some incredible works. The most ridonculous Portuguese paste ever.
  4. wakingdreams53

    where is everyone???

    It's a shame its so quiet, I wanted to send my friend over here for her LIWitis. It's both sad and funny to be on the other side. Being engaged now for a year and a half, seeing how annoyed with waiting she is. I remember it, I get it, but it's sad that this haven of equally anxious ladies...
  5. wakingdreams53

    Miami Beach Antique Show

    I've been waiting all year! This will be my 4th consecutive year going and a handful of exhibitors already know me. This is where we got my diamond! I requested all 5 days off from work because that's where I'll be living :appl: Super excited!!!
  6. wakingdreams53

    Tension Set Men's Diamond Ring

    Wow Bluelotus, that ring is fantastic!! Calling out Asscher_Halo: Who made your hubby's ring??
  7. wakingdreams53

    #JOTW Over the moon[stone]! - a glowing stone in a diamond halo

    Re: Over the moon[stone]! - a glowing stone in a diamond hal I've come to this thread countless times and can't believe I haven't commented! Absolutely breathtaking stone and setting, it quickly became a total dream ring! Wear it in great health! :D
  8. wakingdreams53

    What would you buy if you won the 1000 pricescope giveaway?

    Re: What would you buy if you won the 1000 pricescope giveaw I'd put it towards my "something blue" rose gold, sapphire antique-inspired earrings!
  9. wakingdreams53

    Just proposed. I think I screwed up with my ring choice...

    Re: Just proposed. I think I screwed up with my ring choice I tried... I really did. 8 pages of name calling, troll bashing, and about 30% of genuine concern. As someone who has been accused by others on PS that my life is fictitious because I was too "flowery" or detailed in my wording-- I...
  10. wakingdreams53

    How Time Flies... I'm Married! (And picture of wedding set)

    Re: How Time Flies... I'm Married! (And picture of wedding s Wowza!! Congratulations! That ceremony shot is incredible! Have a happy marriage!
  11. wakingdreams53

    Is Sarcasm the same as a Healthy Sense of Humour?

    I'm generally annoyingly sarcastic. Once in the habit of it, it's hard to not retort in a way that could be construed as "bitchy." We're doing a premarital course which clearly illustrates the negativity of sarcasm, so I'm trying to ween off of it. It's important to understand though-- my...
  12. wakingdreams53

    #TBT Rose cut solitaire-organic meets vintage!

    Wowza, :drool: totally want more pictures!! Its completely breathtaking! Enjoy and wear in great health!!
  13. wakingdreams53

    My 5.54 ct sapphire is here. And she is blue!

    WOW!!!!! Wear that beauty in great health! It's truly drool-worthy. :drool:
  14. wakingdreams53

    What is your monthly cellphone/smartphone bill?

    Was shocked to see that the majority pay over $60, then I realized that the majority is essentially counting two phone lines. With insurance, I pay $55 with Virgin pre-paid. FI has been with Verizon forEVER, but easily pays over $100, which puts us in the $120 column, however we pay these bills...
  15. wakingdreams53

    My engagement ring upsets me. Please Help

    Firstly, congrats on your engagement! Secondly, I'm sorry that it's been so sour :( It sounds like your FI is super traditional and figured that while you went shopping together and you made your preferences known, the final decision was his alone. Many men still see it that way. I lucked out...
  16. wakingdreams53

    getting lost in stupid stuff

    Hi Ladies! :wavey: I haven't been on in a while and I'm' SHOCKED about having so little to catch up on! What's going on ladies?! Maple, it depends on if NOTseeing each other before the ceremony is important to you. If it isn't then save on the limo! If it is, can he arrive with anyone else in...
  17. wakingdreams53

    Mixed feelings/I'm an idiot

    Hey little birdie, don't fret! I had a similar experience after my FI proposed, although we have a large age difference-- my parents are still waiting for it to be called off. It sucks and I cried for months because there was no spectacular movie-like moment when the parents are happy and...
  18. wakingdreams53

    A twist on being a LIW

    Hi HappyNewLife! I remember your story from before. I'm half-sorry the previous relationship didn't work out, but I'm so happy for you to have found the REAL one :) I had a similar twist of fate and now am engaged to the true love of my life. Welcome back!
  19. wakingdreams53

    At what age did you lose your virginity?

    Same, but 13. I totally agree that others may see virginity as something you "choose to give," i'm sorry, but I can't consider my first consensual encounter as the loss of my virginity.
  20. wakingdreams53

    my oec upgrade

    WOAH!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: Wear it in the best of health! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Borrow your camera back from your sister! I guarantee the entire forum would happily cyber-drool all over your incredible baubles!
  21. wakingdreams53

    #JOTW My Alexandrite ring ... A year+ in the making

    OMG! JoCoJenn, your ring has instantly become a favorite of mine!! I'm partial to pear everything and your ring is absolutely magnificent!! Wear it in health & Enjoy it!!!
  22. wakingdreams53

    What's going on with DanielM?

    It took them a little while longer to reply with a quote and their tone was very different. It felt like something was the matter. I know that they are a business, but we need to remember that Etsy sellers are private sellers, they're not massive chains. Idk if I've been just simply sentimental...
  23. wakingdreams53

    Couldn't help it! Bit by the sapphire bug! (for earrings)

    Re: Couldn't help it! Bit by the sapphire bug! (for earrings How did I miss that?! I guess "CvB" didn't click with any designers I know so it went ignored! So crazy gorgeous. I'm going to contact her now! :) Thanks again!!
  24. wakingdreams53

    Couldn't help it! Bit by the sapphire bug! (for earrings)

    Re: Couldn't help it! Bit by the sapphire bug! (for earrings VirginiaZee, thank you so much for your sweet compliment! I'm on etsy daily and never came across CVB, what crazy, gorgeous work they do!!! Thank you x 1000000!! I'll check out David Klass too-- I've seen his name around here, but...
  25. wakingdreams53

    I just let a strange man into our house ... mistake?

    Love your story, Kenny!! It's not like he knocked on your door and you let him right in. You ensured that it wasn't a scam, however opening up your door to a stranger always holds risk. He could've honestly lived there, presented the facts and ended up being a serial killer. Naturally that's an...
  26. wakingdreams53

    Maleficent FCD

    Maleficent is Magnificent!!! :love: What a super cool stone! Enjoy it Kroshochka!! :bigsmile:
  27. wakingdreams53

    Couldn't help it! Bit by the sapphire bug! (for earrings)

    I'm graduating my university this August and regardless of being a broke college student, decided to splurge a bit. :love: I literally bought them 2 minutes ago, but already my mind is spinning on a setting. My fiance's wedding band will have an asscher cut sapphire in a pseudo-tension setting...
  28. wakingdreams53

    I know I know. .me again.. engagment ring hell.

    The was a recent post about Precision Gems, they have positive feedback here on PS. I bought a asscher cut sapphire from them, but it had too much of a greenish tinge for me to keep it, however their pictures are very true to life, I was just hopeful that the camera added more green than...
  29. wakingdreams53

    I know I know. .me again.. engagment ring hell.

    Sorry about that! I must've missed the memo about the budget! What do you think of these? Blues
  30. wakingdreams53

    Have your gray hairs ever change back to ...

    In his 60's my grandfather had purely silver hair. Now in his mid 70's he's salt-and-pepper! Very strange to see him have color up there! :D