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  1. KKJohnson

    best bang for buck 8mm+ on James Allen?

    I love this stone but its just under 8mm and only has faint fluor so its probably out This one just hits 8mm and strong fluor but it appears there is some internal graining going on...
  2. KKJohnson

    Confused on Robbins Brothers diamonds

    OMG This is hilarious but I would murder my husband lol
  3. KKJohnson

    Confused on Robbins Brothers diamonds

    If you are questioning the purchase then take it an independent appraiser to give you more information over this uncertified stone. At this point there just isn’t any telling what they sold you
  4. KKJohnson

    Your advice on lost diamond: THIS replacement my insurer is offering or cash payout

    I would take the cash and get a stone you can pick out Drop in color to a G, very nice stone...
  5. KKJohnson

    OEC hunt begins, how to narrow choices? Need help with guidelines.

    I think the slimmed down bezel will be really nice after seeing the mold, good choice!
  6. KKJohnson

    Is my setting uneven? Need more opinions!

    I would send it back, if there is a gap between the stone and halo its not been made or set properly
  7. KKJohnson

    Swoon...Instagram stalking

    The 4.01ct was just under 30k, not sure about the other
  8. KKJohnson

    Oval Bow Tie Help

    Here are some very nice diamonds that can help give a reference to what you should be looking for in any ovals you review with your jeweler, if you decide to change it out with another
  9. KKJohnson

    Square Diamond Search

    Carre cut could be another option:
  10. KKJohnson

    Looking for a pink diamond

    I LOVE the purple pinks as well but not sure what OP is exactly looking for
  11. KKJohnson

    Swoon...Instagram stalking

    Well maybe not this ring as we know he sent it to EGL for that bumped fancy rating.
  12. KKJohnson

    Looking for a pink diamond

    I Second this one as well, that is stunning
  13. KKJohnson

    Help Appreciated: Our Diamond Finalist?

    I think you picked an awesome stone and the only other one I would inquire about would be: JA makes it difficult to suggest options since the GIA report has to be requested in order to...
  14. KKJohnson

    Swoon...Instagram stalking

    After seeing the halo on this I am happy I kept the design elements of the original reset instead of going with a halo
  15. KKJohnson

    Oval Bow Tie Help

    Are you looking to trade diamond in with the same jeweler or are you going to return the current ring? IF you really don't want a bowtie then I suggest August Vintage, but they do face up smaller then the average oval due to the emanation of the bow tie. You have a healthy budget and I would...
  16. KKJohnson

    Looking for a pink diamond

    I would contact DBL and tell them what you are looking for This one is a pink brown but...
  17. KKJohnson

    Swoon...Instagram stalking

    Had some fun this past weekend with @CHRISTY-DANIELLE and @Starfacet I’ve been wanting some antique cushion studs and this lovely jewelry went to the vault and brought out all kinds of yummy stones and rings for us to drool over
  18. KKJohnson

    When you don't clean your ring for six years

    All this food prep talk, I never cook but if I ever do I have already have a ring holder sitting at the kitchen sink :lol:
  19. KKJohnson

    .40 points GIA 3x for $500 30 of them

    I would definitely ask WF what the cost of a 12ctw would be for SI1s G-H color, when comparing paying 16k for the current selection even if they charge 2k more I honestly believe it would be worth it.
  20. KKJohnson

    What to do? Setting perfect, center stone is terrible

    You paid 6k...I would have asked for my money back especially when he said he would have it clarity enhanced. While it is pretty, it is also now very fragile
  21. KKJohnson

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    I think they are a cute couple but the only thing I dont like about the oval is that it is squatty looking and has a bow tie.
  22. KKJohnson

    Home Buying getting me stressed

    had to steal it from the closet but it had to be done, the 6x7 bathroom just didn't work and my mom wouldn't have been happy with a 3x3 shower
  23. KKJohnson

    Home Buying getting me stressed

    I absolutely love pocket doors but not a fan of barn doors, sadly can't do them for the bathroom because of the electrical and I relocated the closet door that was inside the bathroom to the bedroom so no room for the door to fit.
  24. KKJohnson

    Home Buying getting me stressed

    That is what we are hoping for, it’s still such a huge pain to deal with
  25. KKJohnson

    Home Buying getting me stressed

    New plan is on the left, the right is the current one that is just tiny
  26. KKJohnson

    Home Buying getting me stressed

    Guess it’s time for an update, we have owned the house for about 2 weeks and have had the chain link gates stolen (day of closing) and a breakin (night before my mom moved in) the breakin has been a nightmare to deal with because they stripped the electrical wiring and it’s caused a huge setback...
  27. KKJohnson

    I don't know much and I don't if I ever will

    Here are some JA ones but you will have to request the reports on in order to run the HCA score
  28. KKJohnson

    I don't know much and I don't if I ever will

    These two have caught my eye but they are larger then you are looking, still within a reasonable size Don’t let the clarity scare you, it is extremely clean and cleaner then some VS2s...
  29. KKJohnson

    Help finding an Oval Diamond

    Love this, great find