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  1. valeria101

    Jewels of the Smithsonian...

    I might have said that you need more folk more interested in how diamonds are made than in diamonds ... ,)
  2. valeria101

    Jewels of the Smithsonian...

    First thought after awe: how did one drill through diamonds in India in the 1600's !? @diagem The holes seem small and precise & oddly rough ... (see closeup). Wondering what the necklace might have been like in its original form (asuming simple & involving pearls). Digressing,
  3. valeria101

    Options for selling a really not very good stone??

    . RE. 'amusement value' Good fun indeed !
  4. valeria101

    Options for selling a really not very good stone??

    Someone around here might want to buy to play custom cut - perhaps ... 2c
  5. valeria101

    Would you want full finger coverage from a solitaire?

    . Coverage ... ... gloves work ! In the 3D life, wide rings give me an impression of covering the fingers - large single stones appear to float over the hand & cover nothing.
  6. valeria101

    #JOTW HPD's Queen Pari - 2.31 Q-VVS2 CBI

    . What do you make of Q versus FY ?
  7. valeria101

    What is the real benefit of fluorescence, really??

    . (the benefit) Just gettin' us talking ... Strong Blue in the sun us is lovely !
  8. valeria101

    Having non-labs sent to me while considering lab...

    . One Pro argument: I find CVD fascinating enough (prenucleation clusters !) to possibly consider owning an artly piece of all that science ... Especially by GemConcepts. This is my only Pro argument. Have not thought as far as price (that of diamonds originates with a market - millenia...
  9. valeria101

    Chipped girdle in OEC, return it??

    It might be (60% odds) that the rough patch is all that remains of the skin of the crystal www. It seems to merely widen the girdle with nothing showing face-up - no real problem. Even if it is not ... I would consider the price (such is the world !) and keep the obviously beautiful diamond...
  10. valeria101

    #JOTW 2.30ct Octavia on a Gelin Abaci tension setting..

    KWIM ? www ... house does not travel easy, Diamonds do not keep the rain off :whistle: ...
  11. valeria101

    Black Diamonds: Treated vs Untreated

    . DEEP GRAY is essentially transparent black ... LINK This has unusually nice 'crystal' (not murky) - which hardly ever happens ... It is smaller, but ... there are never many around. ___ Nb. 'GREEN-GRAY' versus 'BLUE-GRAY' - or violet-gray ...
  12. valeria101

    the MIA thread....anybody heard from (fill in the name) lately?

    Wouldn't mind new times !
  13. valeria101

    What I Love about Pricescope - the GTG contest

    What I loved about PS ... All the engagements ! 'Guess I am a traditionalist, like that; not that Engagement is in my tradition to any extent - the stories were IT ;(:nono:;)):wacko: What I love about it now ? Ask @diagem =)2 **edited by moderator**
  14. valeria101

    My husband just said to me...

    Is it not what the 'preloved' zone is for ? (attempted humour)
  15. valeria101

    Please help me find a perfect pear

    ctd. & one more on the boring (classical ...) side: WWW 1.1 F/VS These two pears have the same length, this one is wider by .5mm - which is not nothing. I would still vote for the above - today.
  16. valeria101

    Please help me find a perfect pear

    ctd. I would have never mentioned this one, if relatively slender pears were not so RARE - & this appears particularly beautifully cut, with larger facets & great play of light ... a slender 1.8:1 & not deep (62%) ! What is to be excused ? The weight & the grades ... WWW (1.01 D-IF) Yes, I...
  17. valeria101

    Please help me find a perfect pear

    Lovely assignment ! TBC
  18. valeria101

    Tourmaline and diamonds in white gold

    . :clap: The colour, the shape, the setting ...
  19. valeria101

    Check out my new old mine cut

    . The stone looks particularly lovely - like a rounded flower bud ! The few diamonds I am seeing made this way, stay on my mind ...
  20. valeria101

    What do you watch when you are working out?

    . It is my quiet time of the day ... I listen to myself breathing & watch a full length mirror.
  21. valeria101

    Looking for jewelry / gem courses

    . Once you get through with any coursework, there are always the gemmology journals of major labs & a few more ... More interesting.
  22. valeria101

    60/60 IS/ASET Image

    . I do not have an example of 'dry white light bright' RBC, versus the Ideal breed ... But someone did cut off the crown of some square step cuts, achieving the EXTREME 'dry white' look in this shape: you might find it interesting ... WWW (for comparisn, this is what square step cuts made for...
  23. valeria101

    60/60 IS/ASET Image

    . The IS looks fine to me.
  24. valeria101

    60/60 Looking for advice

    . The stone does seem to have a nicely symmetrical pattern, as I have asked for in the post above. I am seeing a little more in the picture - naturals on the girdle, and darker star facets (painting ? - I am not good enough at this to know from one picture with the diamond in a random...
  25. valeria101

    Annual winter antique market this Sunday!

    . Love the little shell insert ! (a month old mollusc might be that size & they do look like little mechanical jewels ... The locket gives me ideas for how to wear the real thing)
  26. valeria101

    Colored Stone/Diamond 5-stone Anniversary band— 3:2 or 2:3?

    . Two coloured dots seem lost, somehow (although I think otherwise about three-stone rings with coloured side - go figure ... ). I'd do a more graduated band (@mrs-b has the proportions exact !), with the center coloured. Just one vote, of course.
  27. valeria101

    #JOTW My second chance at happiness...and the OMC cluster (and man of my dreams)

    . What a happy, playful ring ! And brilliant story :clap: ...
  28. valeria101

    I'm a widow

    . Nice to hear your cool & technical :whistle: ... account of meeting father; two, three !? such / decade might not kill me o_O Very nice to hear about your good health ! =)2