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  1. Diamond Girl 21

    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    I can't stand pushy/rude/presumptuous sales people. I recently went into a mom and pop jewelry store to look at loose, emerald cut diamonds. I was very specific about the color, clarity, size, and proportions I was looking for. The sales person came out with two stones that did not meet any of...
  2. Diamond Girl 21

    My visit to IDJ -

    I love your new earring jackets! Your new necklace is pretty too. Enjoy!
  3. Diamond Girl 21

    This setting is a new one on me.

    I like it too. It's very unique.
  4. Diamond Girl 21

    Asscher semi-bezel eternity!!!!

    Your rings are lovely. Enjoy!
  5. Diamond Girl 21

    Introducing "Dainty" my new(ish) CBI

    Dainty is absolutely dreamy!!! Congratulations on your stunning ring.
  6. Diamond Girl 21

    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    Just beautiful! I love looking at all your pieces. Please keep sharing.
  7. Diamond Girl 21

    Jewelry delivery day!

    @mrs-b Love your collection!!!
  8. Diamond Girl 21

    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    Congratulations! It's a beauty.
  9. Diamond Girl 21

    How many engagement type rings do you have? Pics please!

    Thank you!!! I love that I can wear one ring with all those sentimental diamonds. I waited a long time, but I'm really glad I decided to do it.
  10. Diamond Girl 21

    How many engagement type rings do you have? Pics please!

    Here she is. I used all family vintage diamonds. I posted pics before but I don't know how to post a link.:wall: I love looking at everyone's jewelry too. So much fun!
  11. Diamond Girl 21

    How many engagement type rings do you have? Pics please!

    @Mamabean your rings are swoon worthy!!! I just finished a family heirloom ring, so I have to wait a bit. But, I'm trying to save for a larger emerald cut with tapered baguette sides set in platinum. I'd really love to see an August Vintage Emerald Cut in person. I really think that might be in...
  12. Diamond Girl 21

    My beautiful new Whiteflash ACA pendant!

    I love your whole set...classic, elegant and beautiful!
  13. Diamond Girl 21

    My cuff is here!!!

    What a cool, unique cuff....Enjoy!
  14. Diamond Girl 21

    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    I love it! What a wonderful tribute to your mom. Wear it in good health.
  15. Diamond Girl 21

    OEC double prong gold solitaire

    Absolutely lovely! Congratulations!
  16. Diamond Girl 21

    Emerald ring setting (ID Jewelry)

    Congratulations on your beautiful new ring. What a meaningful treasure to pass on to your daughter someday.
  17. Diamond Girl 21

    Say hello to Eleanor!

    Quote from one of my favorite movies: "Only the most beautiful emeralds contain that miracle of elusive blue." Looks like yours has it....beautiful.
  18. Diamond Girl 21

    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    It's absolutely gorgeous!!! So glad you shared.
  19. Diamond Girl 21

    So this just happened

    Love, love, love it!!! It looks stunning with both rings.
  20. Diamond Girl 21

    Just for fun... how many diamonds are you wearing

    This was fun! I'm just wearing one ring and it has 65 diamonds in it. It's a 3 stone with halos and diamonds down the band.