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  1. steph72276

    Burk's 2.8ct OMC Sophie reset plus family pics

    You have the best collection, I absolutely love every single piece!
  2. steph72276

    This could get ugly - Question about breastfeeding and work

    Re: This could get ugly - Question about breastfeeding and w Did I miss something, or did the OP not state that the job is physical labor and there is no paperwork/sit behind a desk work that she could be performing during this time? So if not, should she just stare at the ceiling for 30...
  3. steph72276

    Popular Kids and Geeks-How Did They Turn Out?

    AN~ I think the reason the SAHM thing keeps being brought up is because you directly responded to my thoughts that a person can consider themselves successful as long as they feel fulfilled in life. I said I do feel successful even after not going the route of a high paying job and instead...
  4. steph72276

    Popular Kids and Geeks-How Did They Turn Out?

    No problem, your definition of success doesn't have to match mine, it's all good. I'm at the point in my life that I don't care if anyone thinks I'm not a success because I'm a SAHM by choice. BTW, my kids never got the memo that SAHMs were supposed to sit around and do nothing, I need to get...
  5. steph72276

    Popular Kids and Geeks-How Did They Turn Out?

    Well, I think it's very narrow minded to judge someone's success by their career path. I had very high grades all throughout school and could have done many many things, but chose to go to a small school and become a teacher because that's what I was passionate about. I didn't care about...
  6. steph72276

    Has your decision to do business with a vendor

    Here's the thing, no one is forced to friend him on his personal page. Just because he's a vendor doesn't mean that's his entire life. If you don't want to get to know someone on a personal level, then go straight through their business page. As far as it being stupid for him to friend his...
  7. steph72276

    Burk's upgrade 2.8ct OMC in JBEG

    I keep coming back to drool over the new pictures. It really is perfect on you!
  8. steph72276

    Here is my story of BDG e-ring.

    I'm sorry that you've had issues, but honestly you should have probably picked up the phone to call them to rectify the situation before the return period ended. I agree, you might have luck selling it.
  9. steph72276

    A Christmas OEC upgrade

    Oh wow, what a difference it made to take it out of the setting and clean it up! It is a beauty! What a great find, Dreamer!! :love:
  10. steph72276

    Red sky at night, sailor's delight......

    The color, the cut, the setting...absolutely perfect! Love it with the stacking bands too.
  11. steph72276

    Antique cushion pendant for Christmas!

    Thank you for all the kind words, I really love it and haven't taken it off since Christmas :bigsmile:
  12. steph72276

    My Upgraded Pink Sapphire RHR

    Very pretty Marcy. Enjoy wearing it!
  13. steph72276

    Antique cushion pendant for Christmas!

    Hi, all. After seeing all the antique beauties posted lately, I have been dying to have one of my own. So, after searching around and reading up on vendors here at PS, I decided to contact Adam at Old World Diamonds. I decided to trade in a modern RB pendant that I never really wore and put...
  14. steph72276

    IYO,did we do the right thing by helping our daughter

    Ahh, not sure why I thought she was married. Well, one income makes it even a greater risk that something would happen. DF may be a housing market expert, but there is no way for him to predict a job loss, illness, etc that would prevent her from paying the mortgage. But yeah, I'm familiar...
  15. steph72276

    IYO,did we do the right thing by helping our daughter

    Just a couple of more thoughts... Was the husband consulted on the decision? Like I said in my post above, I know my husband's response would have been thanks but no thanks because he would have felt indebted to my parents and because I think we both would have felt like our parents had some...
  16. steph72276

    IYO,did we do the right thing by helping our daughter

    Whatever works for each family of course, but personally no I would not have accepted such a large gift from my parents. I got academic scholarships and worked 2 jobs during college to pay my own way through school. Since I've been married, I haven't asked for/received a dime from them except...
  17. steph72276

    PS Pre-Owned Seller -OR- Trade Member?

    Here are my thoughts... If someone wants to take the time to scour the internet or antique shops for a great deal and do all the legwork, they have every right to come back and post it for a fair price to others. However, I don't think PS is the place to do that. I have no issue with it done...
  18. steph72276


    I have a few pieces. Got this sweet little pendant after my son was born: and my wedding band (knife edge plain platinum) I got off Signed Pieces...
  19. steph72276

    Push presents - your thoughts and experiences?

    I agree with others that I dislike the term very much, but love the idea behind having a special piece of jewelry to mark the birth of a child. My husband is clueless about jewelry in general and especially after I've been on PS is afraid to pick anything out on his own, so the thought never...
  20. steph72276

    Baby names you hate

    Hmmm, never thought of Evan as girly, especially since it's been one of the most popular boy's names for a long time. It is also a Welch variation of John. But I love it for our little guy and several of our PS moms with VERY good taste have also chosen it for their precious boys ;)
  21. steph72276

    Should little kids be banned from some restaurants?

    I'm a parent of two small children and I agree with the idea. If I'm spending tons of money on a nice meal, I want to be able to enjoy it. Therefore, I am leaving my children with a babysitter and expect others to do the same. My kids are very well behaved out at places, but we only take them...
  22. steph72276

    Casey Anthony trial...

    I apologize ahead of time because I haven't had a chance to go back and read the last few pages...I just have a few minutes, but does anyone else get a really weird feeling about Lee Anthony? I am starting to believe that he actually did molest Casey. And are we positive he is not really the...
  23. steph72276

    Have you been to a tacky wedding ??

    Wow, really Ibbaber? And how exactly does one go about adding up the cost of each person's plate. Do you call the reception location and ask, or does the bride send out a memo? :cheeky: I actually loved receiving actual gifts. We didn't live together before getting married, so we needed and...
  24. steph72276

    Casey Anthony trial...

    I can't believe her lawyer is up there arguing for an acquittal. He can't possibly believe the words that are coming out of his own mouth. What a waste of everyone's time...
  25. steph72276

    Casey Anthony trial...

    Oh okay, gotcha. Yeah, that's a major stretch. Casey probably didn't even know or care what size she was anyway.
  26. steph72276

    Casey Anthony trial...

    Italia, what was the shorts thing? A ton of babies can wear smaller clothes. My son was on the smaller side and could still wear some 24 months when he was 3 and even was still wearing some 3T when he was 5.