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    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    I really don't like it when sales people 'gang' together. When I was about 12 my mum answered the door to a young man who was an artist and selling his artwork. I overheard Mum say no, but the man was very persistent and eventually she let him into the house. He got half way to the front...
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    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    @Texas Leaguer hi, you might already do this so ignore my comments if you do. I'd think about your 'customer orientation or customer journey' and even before someone gets as far as starting a sales conversation, take the opportunity to explain exactly what you've outlined above. It could be a...
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    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    Strangely, that's one technique I really don't like because even though I pick something up and carry it around, the carrying is part of my decision making process as to whether or not I want it. There's a high street store in the UK (Hobbs) who seem to have a policy of doing this. I've now...
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    If you could live anywhere in the world

    @mrs-b mentioned Edinburgh...but Glasgow's where it's at! (Though being a Weegie rather than a Burger I may be biased! :lol: ) Scotland is home. I like that (until recently) the First Minister (aka The Nicola, polite pet name) and the leaders of the opposition parties were all female. You're...
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    How would you mount these stones?petrified opalized wood cabs

    So interesting, I know it's my imagination but I can almost see leaves in the first one. Can I ask - what do they weigh? If you wore as a pendant or bracelet, would you notice a weight on your neck/wrist?
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    My Grandmother’s pearls

    I also inherited my gran's pearls. They are a beautiful, pinky coloured graduated strand. But when my mum passed them on to me and I gently cleaned them, they too started the peel. I was curious and peeled more than I should have and came to the conclusion that they were imitation. The...
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    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    My goodness! :love: I love the look and the satin yellow gold is almost melt in the mouth! :lickout: Congrats.
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    Does the milgrain look cheap?

    I don't think it looks cheap, just less refined than other examples of milgrain that we sometimes see on this site. But if you were sitting next to me on a train for example I'd be eyeballing your lovely rings and cheap wouldn't cross my mind.
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    #JOTW Paraiba in Rose-cut Halo

    Stunning. The colour - almost indistinguishable from your pool!
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    Brown/pink lab stones coming my way!

    The "too pink" one also my favourite!
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    Blue Akoya Pearl

    Thank you @missy and @Daisys and Diamonds.
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    Blue Akoya Pearl

    @kikoko, sorry I didn't see your earlier post. Yes, the blue akoyas I bought are their natural colour. They are blue/pink/silver to my eyes but it also depends on the lighting. Kitchen lights this morning.
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    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    Beautiful, looking both solid and elegant.
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    Help me decide which metal to use with a honey zircon, and sidestones

    I like the idea of the orange/pink side stones. Green is one of my favourite colours but for some reason the yellow and green isn't seem as appealing. I'm planning a yellow zircon project myself and looking forward to seeing what you choose, especially with metal colours. I can't decide...
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    Cotton candy + Mermaid Bubblegum Ring is Finished!

    Oh delicious, I've heard it said that 'red and green should never been seen' but your pink and green are working so well!
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    converting 'pointers' to mm

    Yes, that is a concern. I'm in the UK so buying and returning isn't much of an option for me so my plan is to buy some super cheap stones (<$10 each) in different sizes (4mm and 5mm) and different cuts (round and portuguese) so that I can a) play with them and b) take them to the jeweller to...
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    converting 'pointers' to mm

    Thanks @voce and @PieAreSquared, I appreciate your input. Now I'm wondering how large I could go before the stone gets too deep and won't sit properly. This is obviously an opportunity to buy lots of 'practice' stones! :mrgreen2:
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    converting 'pointers' to mm

    Thanks @MJO, I was trying to figure out what size a .15, .2 and .25 pointers were in mm to give me an idea of the size to look for in a coloured stone. Any ideas ? The DBTY bracelets I've seen so far are all, well, diamonds! I love to see if there were any examples where the stones used were...
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    converting 'pointers' to mm

    Thanks @missy !
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    converting 'pointers' to mm

    Daft question alert:oops: How do I convert a stone described in 'pointers' into mm? I want to do a DBTY in yellow zircons and when researching the size of stones that work best, the results mostly talk about pointers and I'm not sure how that converts into mm. I'm also trying to stay within...
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    My Victor Canera engagement ring

    Congrats. Your diamond and setting are beautiful, reflecting some of the colours around about.
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    Say hello to Eleanor!

    Beautiful with a slinky art deco vibe!
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    I hope this isn't too off topic but I heard it on the radio today and this thread came to mind - and it is about cats and meditation was mentioned a few posts back but more than anything, I hope it offers a little light hearted relief... A cafe in Edinburgh (Scotland) are doing cat yoga - not...
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    Blue Akoya Pearl

    These are my blue akoyas from pearlescence. I bought a string and wear them as a double row bracelet. I can't tell you how blue they are because I don't have any other pearls to compare them to but one or two of the pearls are definitely blue - er (eg in the first photo the pearl closer to the...
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    OEC double prong gold solitaire

    Beautiful. Everything about your ring... The yellow good, prongs, the satin finish and the sweeping outline, all beautiful.
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    Lovin' the little faces

    Aw shucks :oops: @TheGarnetGirl glad you liked them :D
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    Lovin' the little faces

    I'm working my way through the websites/shops of the approved coloured stone vendors and couldn't resist caputuring these little faces... Or maybe I just have an over active imagination :lol:. The green is my favourite and now I'm imagining a bracelet where they all look up at me (but I...
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    A Five Stone Ruby Ring by David Klass

    Stunning. Such an eye-catching take on a 5 stone ring!
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    Warning Dead Animal Picture! Is this a mole or a vole?

    Digressing slightly from moles, voles and shrews...I was sitting on this chair on holiday when a family of mink walked past. I say was more of an undulation. They were jet black, 4 side by side, like a piece of black fur bopping across the grass. (Naturally I pooped my pants...