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  1. GearGirly

    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    Oh wow I hat a gorgeous ring!
  2. GearGirly

    Old cut help please!!

    I will try to get a better view :). It doesn’t look so much like the one in the link but it does have very fat petals. There’s just no circle at the center that’s open
  3. GearGirly

    Old cut help please!!

    I was thinking I might be happy with an August vintage but I would prefer to find something bigger that’s an antique stone! Thank you!
  4. GearGirly

    Old cut help please!!

    Hi everyone, I bought a ring off of eBay just for fun and because I have zero self control for an old pretty setting. I paid very, very little so I wasn’t that concerned with the center stone. Well as it turns out I am OBSESSED with it. Now I really want to find a stone that is similar but...
  5. GearGirly

    No phantom of cheating on cut any more? We seek your input.Part2

    My eye is drawn to the 1.1 as well.
  6. GearGirly

    Pls help me pick a birthday stone

    It seems to be a pretty stone to me, I like the facet pattern. If that’s not GIA graded it would more likely be an L or even an M. L is my favorite color for an OEC, but for price maybe do a comparison with say jewels by Grace for similar size and color to get the price. If you like the price...
  7. GearGirly

    Ordered this diamond, now having second thoughts. What do you think?

    Honestly is there a reason for you to be rude OP? You asked for help and help also includes letting you know about other good choices here. How can you compare in a vacuum?
  8. GearGirly

    1.7ct D IF type iia vs 2.5ct F VS2 super ideals

    Well the 2.5 for me too, as that’s good can overkill for my needs. I would probably go with H VS2 3 carat lol.
  9. GearGirly

    My New Engagement Ring

    I love everything about this!!! Everything!!! It’s so beautiful. I’m so sorry you had to go through the trauma you had to, but I am happy you can finally see this little slice of happy.
  10. GearGirly

    New New! 6+ ct Old Mine!

    It’s beautiful, the setting is absolutely stunning. I designed something similar on the sides with him for my pear and I just love the marquis diamonds you set in yours!!!
  11. GearGirly

    Newly engaged and happy to share my round solitaire

    Congratulations on your engagement and your beautiful ring!!
  12. GearGirly

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    How much do f the dawn are people using? Also, what about drying after the cleaning? Is there a technique?
  13. GearGirly

    Color regrets...maybe...

    I think a GIA I is incredibly white, so I would rock it proudly! I think most people would h unable to tell the difference, it’s more of a mind game. I had a J, and I have a D. The J looked just as white to me, maybe next to each other I would have seen but as fair as daily wear, an I is perfect.
  14. GearGirly

    2.7 Carat OEC Diamond Reset

    I am OBSESSED with old chunky cluster rings. Absolutely make that stone big and beautiful!!!
  15. GearGirly

    which diamond hoops would you choose

    I would go with Costco. For me Whiteflash should be for upgradable pieces or if you can afford it with no problem. The larger huggies I want are from Costco but I don’t know if they make them anymore as I too have had such poor impulse control while saving for them lol. When I buy my second pair...
  16. GearGirly

    Small hoop/huggie lovers - do you wear your studs much?

    Well I have 2 holes so I wear my studs in back and my huggies in front. Pretty much every day. What I will add to my collection when I stop distracting myself lol, is a bigger pair of studs to wear double studs sometimes, and even some diamond huggies with large stones but not big like hoops. So...
  17. GearGirly

    Just purchased this 0.6 ct OEC for $460. Thoughts?

    Ok here it is, eBay find and supposedly about .35 each on a size 7 finger. They aren’t a perfect match but I like the way they look. I probably will re-set one day the setting is lame, but it does add almost a bezel look for a little more substance.
  18. GearGirly

    Just purchased this 0.6 ct OEC for $460. Thoughts?

    My moi at toi has smaller stones than that and it looks really substantial. I will see if I can go back and find a pic of it. It’s more cushion/old mine but you will get the idea.
  19. GearGirly

    Please help me estimate the carat of this ring - thanks very much!

    The best thing to do is measure in mm, and then check a mm to carat conversion chart, it will give you a rough estimate. It’s impossoble to tell from the picture but I would guess half a carat or so depending on the depth maybe a bit more. But it’s a very of guess like that.
  20. GearGirly

    I pulled the trigger, but...but...but?

    My two cents with an L diamond (I love L diamonds!!!!), is that the head should be yellow or rose gold depending on if the stone has yellow or brown undertones. My warm diamonds look so much better outside of a platinum head.
  21. GearGirly

    VS2 stone with a carbon spot, will it be eyeclean?

    I personally think a carbon spot in a VS2 would be worth the risk, I have a very pretty inverted stone and I can EASILY see the carbon spot with magnification so it would not be even close to a VS2, but I can’t see it at all without magnification and I’ve also made a number of people look and...
  22. GearGirly

    My Pawn Shop 1.2ct OEC cut examination

    Ok I’m confused about which stone is which so I will just say I really love the one second down on your hand with the matching band. Is that the LAD stone?
  23. GearGirly

    Why is the measurements can vary for a same sized carat?

    Just like people, same weight but totally different build!
  24. GearGirly

    Any antique cuts or old european sellers in Sf bay area?

    That’s exactly what I was going to say. I don’t see many around here though but I know Lang has some.
  25. GearGirly

    Antique Rose Cut Earrings: Studs or Dangles?

    Yes i love that idea and those earrings are so very beautiful!!
  26. GearGirly

    Swoon...Instagram stalking

    OMG look at this!!!
  27. GearGirly

    New to me preloved Van Craeynest E457!

    Still obsessing over this and looking at what I can sell to put my small OEC in this setting lol.
  28. GearGirly

    Can’t tell if I like this east west setting on me help

    I’m on the North South bandwagon as well, it really is a beautiful stone!
  29. GearGirly

    New to me preloved Van Craeynest E457!

    I am DYING to put a stone in that setting, very jealous here. I love it, and it’s absolutely perfect size stone for their settings.