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  1. 4ever

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    Yes, our ability to forget is amazing. I had forgotten just how sick and miserable I was last time. I remember now!
  2. 4ever

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    I’m glad of the company! Thank you My DD has just turned 3 This may be our last baby as I don’t think I’m stupid enough to voluntarily be this sick again :lol:
  3. 4ever

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    This threads gone pretty quiet I’m 6w 4d with #2 and already feel dreadfully nauseous like I did for my first pregnancy. I hate this bit so much, hoping is passes soon
  4. 4ever

    Large, Funky, Bargain!

    Thank you BrownGinger and LisaRN. I am enjoying them but I think I’m going to do a rethread soon, the thread I used was what I had on hand at the time (I was very keen to wear them to work the next day) and a bit too lightweight for the weight of the pearls. I might try changing the order...
  5. 4ever

    Freshadama strand with oec cvb diamond pendant

    Not over the top at all, looks lovely!
  6. 4ever

    Large, Funky, Bargain!

    lambskin, they sound beautiful! Do you have any photos? I do love a good pearl rope!
  7. 4ever

    Large, Funky, Bargain!

    New photos now that it’s day time. You can see the colour variations better here.
  8. 4ever

    Large, Funky, Bargain!

    Thanks ladies, I’m so happy to be able to show them to people who “get” these pearls. I got looked at like a crazy person a few times when I told people at work I bought them. In saying that after they were rethreaded I did get a couple of compliments ;))
  9. 4ever

    Large, Funky, Bargain!

    I’ve had a look through different fireball stands online and the value does seem to vary widely. Some of them are :love::cheeky::$$): I’m extremely happy with these for what I paid for them, hopefully it dosn’t give me the itch for a nicer strand. I understand the value in perfection and the...
  10. 4ever

    Large, Funky, Bargain!

    Thanks Pearlescence. What a shame they are going to be so uncommon in future, sounds like they’re pretty under appreciated! Presumably they’re worth less to then the round pearls the farmers were aiming for then?
  11. 4ever

    Large, Funky, Bargain!

    Hi All! Needed to share this with some ladies who would appreciate these and a good bargain I’ve wanted a larger pearl strand for a while now, not large round pearls (can’t pull it off, I look like a cartoon character sadly) but something large enough to hold its own. I have several cheap and...
  12. 4ever

    See My Holiday Bonus Bracelet

    I work in the jewellery industry. If anyone would like to let my boss know that I would accept diamonds in addition to a monetary bonus that would be great :D
  13. 4ever

    Will you be drunk on New Year's Eve?

    No, I didn’t drink. Getting drunk is not very appealing these days because being hungover and still having to get up early to look after your very energetic toddler is a special kind of hell.
  14. 4ever

    30th Birthday Pimp Medallion

    The triple chain is much higher on the chest, 45cm sits comfortably on my chest rather that on my bust. I’ll work on a photo. Youre right, on the long chain it moves more so the disco ball factor gives it more presence that you see in this photo. It dosn’t look “dainty” in person but it...
  15. 4ever

    30th Birthday Pimp Medallion

    Real life perspective. DH didn’t take anything closer so I might have to have another go later. Have blacked out my face, 85% because it looked a bit stupid in this photo, 15% for privacy :lol: For perspective I’m about 176cm tall (5 feet 9 inches) and NZ/AUS size 14 (US 12 I think) and very...
  16. 4ever

    30th Birthday Pimp Medallion

    Thanks everyone for your kind words :bigsmile: DH is taking me out tonight so obviously I’ll plan my outfit around my jewellery and I’ll try to get him to take some pictures for scale.
  17. 4ever

    30th Birthday Pimp Medallion

    Oh my gosh you guys are awesome! Just chucked it on a long silver chain and it looks So. Freakin. Cool! So much more stylish, effortless and elegant. And much, much more like a diamond encrusted pimp medallion!
  18. 4ever

    30th Birthday Pimp Medallion

    Haha, thanks everyone! The Lily’s are a little phallic but I figured that was fitting. Also my jewellery photography options have been limited by my years of garden neglect :lol: You’ve all inspired me, I’m going to chuck this onto a long silver chain and see if it gets a bit more love. I’d...
  19. 4ever

    30th Birthday Pimp Medallion

    Hi All, I had some help with this in Rocky Talky earlier in the year and now finally have my hands on this disco ball after hitting 30 earlier this month. I had a gap in my jewellery wardrobe for a large necklace or pendant to wear over high necked clothing, especially work wear. I came up...
  20. 4ever

    Shape wear

    I wear shape wear occasionally under very form fitting dresses and yes it makes a difference. It just smoothes and flattens out my jiggly mummy bits. I am currently a bit overweight but feel like it makes enough of a difference both when I’m bigger or at a healthier weight to justify wearing it...
  21. 4ever

    Do you bathe your cats?

    “Do you bathe your cats?” No because I have no desire to die from the blood loss that would result from the one million little scratches that would be inflicted upon me should I try and insert my cat into any sort of liquid. Yeah you people are brave! :lol:
  22. 4ever

    New babies!

    So my husband is miffed at me cuz I read this whole thread instead of helping to fold and stuff nappies. But it’s like a chicken soap opera and I couldn’t stop reading :shock:
  23. 4ever

    How many “carats” for the 40th School Reunion ?

    *sigh* life’s not a competition, I wonder what’s gone on with this woman that she feels like she still needs this kind of validation as a grown ass woman. I agree with others, peaked in high school. That’s why these women have organised the reunion, they don’t really have anything better to...
  24. 4ever

    Wearing diamond studs AND pendant?

    Absolutely fine for everyday wear. If you don’t like the matchy matchy look, think about seething the earrings and pendant differently. My pendant is bezel set, my studs are claw set.
  25. 4ever

    What does your ering say about you? Show and tell!

    “I’m not perfect, but that’s ok. I’m also a little bit ginger”
  26. 4ever

    Have you ever looked at listings for vintage jewelry and wondered what will happen to your...

    I have a two year old daughter who loves jewellery already, so if I don’t have any more children I hope she will want to wear and treasure my things one day. I became interested (ok....obsessed) with jewellery while going through my mums shoes box of jewellery she has inherited. No big stones...
  27. 4ever

    Do you and your SO go to bed at the same time?

    We always used to, then we had a baby and I went to bed as soon as possible to get as much sleep as I could. Two years later and I’m still going to bed earlier because life with a toddler and full time job is exhausting. DH still goes to bed later. Can’t say if it’s going to bed at different...
  28. 4ever

    #JOTW Fabulous WF remake of my eternity band - shared prong to bezel!

    Yes! That is perfect. I love the look so much more as a bezel band, it’s glorious. I’m sure you will enjoy it so much more now that you don’t have to be so precious with it.
  29. 4ever

    Oak and laurel leaf pendant

    I have a soft spot for leaf motifs in jewellery and this is gorgeous! Congratulations on your achievement :))
  30. 4ever

    Millennials and Jewelry

    I’m turning 30 this year and I LOVE diamonds. My discretionary income is saved up to go towards diamond jewellery. I spend ages planning my next purchase, mostly because we are not a high income family so it takes a while to save up enough money for somthing quality. I’m not fussed generally...