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  1. Delster

    Holiday in New York! Tourist tips?

    Porridge I started a NY thread a few years ago and got lots of helpful advice from PScopers! :wavey: Here's the link: The first thing that sprung to my mind was to visit the Tiffany flagship store... :Up_to_something:
  2. Delster


    I have the Jazz eternity ring and I get so many compliments on it. People actually seem to notice it more than my LM engagement ring! I bought my bridesmaids the charm bracelets and they were absolutely bowled over, and I'd say about half the time when I meet up with them now they're wearing...
  3. Delster

    A thank you, and an announcement...

    Thank you all so much :wavey: Swimmer you will do great!!! My defence was a dream, I came out of it walking on air and just feeling so powerful. They really validated my research, which meant a lot after everything that had happened over the course of things. There are lots of books out there...
  4. Delster

    A thank you, and an announcement...

    Thank you everyone! Dreamer and Clairitek, no career changes planned for me. The PhD doesn't mean much in my area :bigsmile:
  5. Delster

    A thank you, and an announcement...

    Thanks so much guys! UnluckyTwin - keep on plugging, it will be worth it!
  6. Delster

    What college are you an alumni of?

    Ireland is way too small to name alma maters without giving away all online anonymity but I do want to ask CourtLynB - were you sLodging instead of studying? :naughty:
  7. Delster

    A thank you, and an announcement...

    A long time ago I started this thread looking for help and support while I struggled along in the doctorate from h&ll: A lot of PScopers gave me bucketloads of support and encouragement...
  8. Delster

    America versus......

    And here are my 0.02c on your questions Prana! 8) 1. I don't notice too much inappropriate dressing. I interact a lot with young people in the 18-20 age group for work, and for the most part they are respectably enough dressed. They are certainly a lot more dressed 'up' than the young women I...
  9. Delster

    America versus......

    Drive by posting from me on the abortion in Ireland issue! Abortion is NOT illegal in Ireland. The Supreme Court in 1992 held that there is a constitutional right to an abortion where the mother's life is at risk. A risk to the mother's health is not enough. However, there has never been any...
  10. Delster

    the MIA thread....anybody heard from (fill in the name) lately?

    Re: the MIA thread....anybody heard from (fill in the name) I'm here Porridge! :wavey: Lurking more these days than posting... I'm so busy, two months left to PhD submission, plus trying to keep on top of work... I'm run ragged!!! :wacko:
  11. Delster

    adoption by gay couples?

    The central plank civil and political rights, yes, absolutely (and for clarity, where my mind is going here in particular is to the right to due process). By the same token, I have no quibble with regulation of immigration, would support it, and have gotten into arguments for refusing to...
  12. Delster

    adoption by gay couples?

  13. Delster

    adoption by gay couples?

    This may be opening a whole other can of worms but this statement has played on my mind over and over since I read it and I just can''t wrap my head around it. I find the idea that the entitlement to have one''s human rights respected is somehow linked to one''s citizenship entitlements or...
  14. Delster

    Jennifer Hudson at Cannes - please help me shop!?

    I used NataJane and found her great! I had some fit issues with my bridesmaids and the dresses coped fantastically with everything that was, eh, thrown at them! One girl was actually a 30J and with the boob tube under the dress she had no problems whatsoever. Of the two dresses you linked...
  15. Delster

    Etiquette question about invitation wording!!?

    LOL Actually none of these rules are followed over here... we're very lax about etiquette stuff like this! ETA - if anyone is curious, here's how it would go - on paper a lady judge would be 'Ms Justice Octavia'/'Miss Justice Octavia'/'Mrs Justice Octavia' (defer to her preference); in...
  16. Delster

    Do you want to move?

    Move. We''re too cramped. We''ve been burgled. And a month ago a house down the lane was burgled. Yup, we''d like to move. But it''s a gorgeous little home and it''s relatively inexpensive. If we move we''ll have to pay more money for less home. Catch-22
  17. Delster

    Jennifer Hudson at Cannes - please help me shop!?

    Deco is it Butter by Nadia? Arjunajanethey're maybe a little spendy if you're shipping to AUS but try Etsy for similar designs. I got my bridesmaids dresses from a designer on there and she was very reasonable and the dresses came in every combination of colour, fabric, length, and style...
  18. Delster

    Off to get married tommorow :)

    Woohoo Deelight I hope you have a wonderful day and I can''t wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!
  19. Delster

    Etiquette question about invitation wording!!?

    I thought I heard somewhere that for a woman you don''t put ''Dr'' or ''Professor'' or any other professional title on an invitation. The reason I read at the time was that while a man is defined by his professional status, a woman is defined by her marital status - so for the purposes of social...
  20. Delster

    Question for the PSers who live in Ireland . . .

    Hi Irishgrrrl! Irish weather is just completely unpredictable. You can in all seriousness have all four seasons in the one day. I got married in March in glorious Spring sunshine, didn't shiver once all day, and then the following Saturday my mother texted me to say they were snowed in. It's...
  21. Delster

    Some of Pancake''s pro pics!

    Oh my goodness pancake these are just phenomenal! I got goosebumps looking at them, they are amazing! How are you ever going to narrow them down to make an album?!? I love the one of the schoolchildren I was at a wedding in Italy last year and the whole town gathered under the town hall...
  22. Delster

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    Me too. So happy for you and your hubby Lindsey! Welcome baby Andrew!
  23. Delster

    Name Change: What Did You Do?

    I'm in Ireland. Here we have no legislation on names so the old common law rule applies, and that is that your name is whatever you are customarily known as. So even though I haven't changed my name, because I have already had plenty of people addressing me as Mrs. HisLast, I now have a new...
  24. Delster

    Holiday Travel--Tips for Packing Light

    I see now TGal's blurb actually referenced a radio show link-in. My bad I didn't notice it at first. I'm pretty sure it was Gerry Ryan. Poor Gerry. I feel so old!!! I did the Leaving in 1997!!! Haven you're going to have such a blast, I'm very excited for you and can't wait to see your...
  25. Delster

    Story without words

    I Googled this and discovered it happened on Brighton Pier in Melbourne. The young man is a part-time model who was on the bridge with his family to scatter his grandmother's ashes, when the dog got blown off the pier by a gust of wind. Apparently there were gale force winds that day! Poor...
  26. Delster

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Genuinely interested question here - is there a turning lane for the cyclists? Over here they have loads of bicycle lanes that magically disappear and then reappear and in order to turn right the cyclist has to leave the bike lane and move over to the right lane to be in position for the turn...
  27. Delster

    Holiday Travel--Tips for Packing Light

    Wasn''t there a link-in between that Round Ireland with a Fridge guy and the Gerry Ryan show?
  28. Delster

    Holiday Travel--Tips for Packing Light

    Penneys is cheaper than Old Navy but much more trendy. Seriously if something is on the catwalks this week, expect a knock-off of it in Penneys next week. On sizes, they go up to a UK size 20 so I doubt you''ll have any difficulty with tops at all. And if you spent time in London you probably...
  29. Delster

    Gerry Ryan has died

    But Porridge dearie, you''re forgetting FF is now nouveau eco socialist FF!
  30. Delster

    Holiday Travel--Tips for Packing Light

    Haven you're coming to Ireland?!?!? Woooohooooo!!! I think your list looks great, I'd just second the suggestions of a warm hat, a scarf/wrap/shawl, and a dressy top. People do dress up here a lot more than in the States. I mean you wouldn't really go down the pub in a sweatshirt and big white...