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  1. lydial

    Help finding diamond necklace 10 days til wedding!

    The riviera!!! I myself bought a nice decoy CZ riviera necklace for my wedding, it was about $400 at Nordstrom. Real 14k WG, I know it is not what the OP is looking for... but everyone at my wedding thought it was real/rented How I wish I had $20k for the real thing though!
  2. lydial

    Asymmetric Opal and Diamond Stud Earrings

    Very creative and very beautiful! Well done!
  3. lydial

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Piece!

    Ok... I looked at this very carefully. I know it is pre loved... but does it look like a VC? I am on the fence. It is certainly this design, but the die stamping is not crisp at all.
  4. lydial

    Need *more* advice on band/setting

    @CSpan this was the wide curve one:
  5. lydial

    Would appreciate feedback on this diamond

    OP : you may be better off keeping the I 1 for a solitaire necklace rather than selling. If you will lose that much $. CBI’s that size, in much lower color, are much more expensive. I think it is worth it, but it is all about budget. And if your budget stretches perhaps ask HPD about selling...
  6. lydial

    Need *more* advice on band/setting

    And, here is a curved, channel set diamond platinum ring that would be less likely to damage your engagement ring. Rings like yours were probably never meant to be worn with a wedding band. If it lasted 90 years you would hate to ruin it with a straight textured band now. It will gradually act...
  7. lydial

    Need *more* advice on band/setting

    Hi, your e-ring is a stunner. I didn’t come across anything that looked like your inspiration wedding ring, but I wonder if you should buy something synthetic or less expensive to see if they “go” together, even if the bezels are different. To help with scale and overall style. I would be...
  8. lydial

    HPD,WF ACA, and a question on H&A

    I had a great experience buying from HPD. The 2.66 ct stone in my avatar is a "K" and I NEVER plan to upgrade it! It is, as I like to say, molten mercury with colorful reflections in so many lighting environments. I would buy from them again any day.
  9. lydial

    WARNING! Enchanted Diamonds Scam! Buyers Beware!

    Q: if there are diamonds in the inventory that were bought by members of the lawsuit, shouldn’t the attorneys request a review of the GIA certs to determine if they are technically owned by the lawsuit members? Instead of auctioning them off? Would that not amount to auctioning stolen property?
  10. lydial

    My 4.5 carat old mine cut

    I have to agree that is a dream diamond. You are one lucky bride to be! Many of us were initially engaged with a far smaller inferior diamond. K is my favorite diamond color! I am “color sensitive“ in that I personally prefer a hint of tint in any diamond! I also venture to guess that if you...
  11. lydial

    AV Elyque Setting Opinion....

    I personally love the ring as-is. I love the contrast between the sparkle of the stones and the hint of rose gold. It is more interesting than a lot of halo rings out there! I certainly hope OP loves her new rendition and is at peace after this. @Rhino is certainly showing his professionalism...
  12. lydial

    Emerald ring setting (ID Jewelry)

    Gorgeous... Has your daughter asked for it yet:geek2:?
  13. lydial

    Garnet and moonstone pendant design help

    I love the design of the OP’s pendant, and looking at the designer’s website it is very much his aesthetic. But I just wanted to mention that I also think this design is super cool! And imagine if the “reflection “ was a different metal, or somehow textured...
  14. lydial

    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    You really have entered the lair of people Who will appreciate a find like this! Well done! You should add her to the “cluster” thread!!!
  15. lydial

    Just for fun... how many diamonds are you wearing

    32, but 16 are in my watch (which is a Bulova and I forgot it had real diamonds until this thread!)
  16. lydial

    Bad HCA score?

    Your hand looks like a jewelry store now! What a fun grouping of jewels and a beautiful diamond to boot!
  17. lydial

    Advice Needed!

    You are sitting on a few pots of gold. If you aren’t attached to the 2.65 ct each earrings you should consider asking Wink at HPD to get a price for you to trade them in and use that cash, and also the new diamond you do not love, to get a killer CBI in your cliq setting and be done with it. You...
  18. lydial

    HELP! Modifying my engagement ring...

    A lot of people wear “right hand rings” but only some of the time; If I we’re you I would find a nice basic plain Stuller setting you like with even a matching wedder, (it’s a jewelry setting maker with a huge catalog and a good reputation, google them, you will find them and search on their...
  19. lydial

    Thinking of buying this diamond, opinions, please!!!!

    The second one here (if that seed looking inclusion is not on the table / if stone is eye clean) could be a real winner with a D color! Probably a real sparkle bomb!
  20. lydial

    Upgrade Help Please

    That is a lovely stone and a nice warm color to boot!
  21. lydial

    Found A Phosphorescent Diamond, Help!

    Strike that. I already have fun glowing things! I just grabbed my UV flashlight and guess what? My “medium” GIA fluorescent (which I call very strong, see pic above) 1.15 ct in my cluster phosphoresces yellow for about 15 seconds !!!! I had never checked! I took a crappy photo; AND my CBI...
  22. lydial

    Found A Phosphorescent Diamond, Help!

    I would be the kind of person tempted to buy something like this because minerals are hugely exciting to me. This crosses the line between a cool mineral and of course a gem. Super find!
  23. lydial

    Bands galore!

    I think there is a matte-ness or dull-ness to the look of the knife edge pave that does not go with the large solitaire to me, but I like all of the other ones. My favorite is the alternating sapphires. Like denim, sapphires match everything!!
  24. lydial

    I pulled the trigger, but...but...but?

    Mineral nerd here: that - is - awesome !
  25. lydial

    About to pull the trigger - 3.01 round / excellent / H /VS1

    Sorry but the hearts aren’t supposed to look like that. Not a great cut. Definitely not ideal.
  26. lydial

    Opinion on going from solitaire to three stone

    I like your solitaire better. Your diamond will not have the same dimensions as this one does with the sides, and the side stones may make your diamond look smaller.
  27. lydial

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    I have something like the magnasonic that is about 10 years old - still works perfectly, and lately I have been using this with it...
  28. lydial

    Which would you choose?

    Is there anything else about either vendor that appeals to you? They are almost identical. Setting, perhaps? Timeline? I have only purchased from HPD, not WF (yet?), and it was a very good experience.
  29. lydial

    Should I change my Asscher setting?

    I prefer the setting you already have with your chosen wedding bands over the suggested re-do’s. Get a sparkly watch! ;-)