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  1. bee*

    OMG, explosions near finish line of Boston Marathon :((

    That's awful news. It's so scary when anything like this happens. I hope they catch those involved.
  2. bee*

    Can someone explain to me..

    My ering is a Tiffany Lucida and I've never once regretted my decision paying the premium. I looked at copies of it when we were ering shopping and nothing came close to it for me. Every time I fly to the US, I really enjoy going in to get my free clean and polish and I've found their customer...
  3. bee*

    Whatever happened to Bee*?

    Will do! I can't believe that I still have her. DH and I are so thankful that she's still here and happy and she still enjoys her walks daily, albeit a lot slower than we used to go. Hope your babies are all doing well.
  4. bee*

    Whatever happened to Bee*?

    Thanks a million, I will try and post more often. And for those that remember my beautiful dog, I'm happy to report that she's still going strong at nearly sixteen.
  5. bee*

    Whatever happened to Bee*?

    Hey lulu, mc alerted me to this post. I've just been really busy in college as I'm in final year and have been doing lots of externships so no time to post much. Deb is right in that I was meant to graduate last June but D lost his job for a while so I took a year off to work so graduating this...
  6. bee*

    NYC Trip for a newbie-tell me where to stay

    I'm returning to NY again in January-we go every year and it's my favourite city in the world! We usually book through travelzoo or quikbook and have gotten great deals most years and if all else fails we book radiocity apartments as they're cheap and very clean. We prefer to stay a bit further...
  7. bee*

    How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your home?

    Re: How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your hom Yeah I've read the thread since it started-have only managed to post today as I'm on rotations. I'm of the same opinion as Natascha though in that it's hard to understand what rights are being taken away with increased gun control...
  8. bee*

    How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your home?

    Re: How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your hom
  9. bee*

    How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your home?

    Re: How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your hom I don't think she was saying that people can't be killed with a wallop of a crowbar-however I doubt that there is going to be a psycho going on the rampage murdering 12 people and injuring dozens of others using one. It definitely...
  10. bee*

    How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your home?

    Re: How many guns, in total, are owned by people in your hom I'm in Ireland and we're not allowed to carry guns. Our police are unarmed apart from a special armed branch. It scares the life out of me that people can access guns so easily in the US. If you want to get a license here, you have to...
  11. bee*

    Doggie illness :(

    Glad to hear that he's better. He's gorgeous!
  12. bee*

    Do you think dogs are more respected than cats and why?

    Manolo does this every time-I have a friend who has mild allergies to cats and she also hates them in general and the one person that Manolo always loves to sit on is her. All my other friends are dying to pet him and coo over him but he has no interest :lol:
  13. bee*

    i am in the hospital...

    Get better soon DF!
  14. bee*

    Tiffany Bean necklace

    Never heard that before-I've bought my SIL one before. She def wasn't pregnant.
  15. bee*

    Ladies - Did you change your last name?

    I changed my name in my personal life (passport and driving licence) but for my work I've kept my maiden name. I will graduate as my maiden name as my parents have supported me so much during college that I think it would upset them if I graduated with my husbands surname.
  16. bee*

    what time do you wake up in the morning?

    It varies depending on what time I'm in work at-a couple of days a week I'm up at 6am, the other days I'm up at 7.30. If I don't have anything on, I could easily sleep on till after 11. I love my sleep!
  17. bee*

    Anyone going to propose to him?

    I'm Irish, living in Ireland and I've never heard that one! The only tradition thing that I've ever heard in relation to leap day proposals is that if the man says no he has to buy the girl 12 pairs of gloves so she can cover up her unengaged finger!
  18. bee*

    "Just Barely" Pregnant PS''ers

    Re: I'm so sorry to hear what's happened Fisher. Sending prayers to you and Paul.
  19. bee*

    ladies,would your husband let you ...

    Not at all. One of my best friends is gay so he definitely doesn't and my other best friend is a straight single guy but he is definitely not interested in me and vice versa. We've holidayed together, shared a bed when we couldn't get two singles, hung out together tons...but it's all platonic.
  20. bee*

    Favorite types of workouts

    I go to a great dance class a few days a week. The instructor is Cuban so it's a mix of salsa and modern dance and it's great fun. I also do rebounding which is also a lot of fun and so tiring.
  21. bee*

    Links of London

    Irish poster here that loves Links bracelets. They sell them in quite a few stores over here and they have a great name.
  22. bee*

    Has your decision to do business with a vendor

    I agree with most of this. I'm FB friends with a lot of PSers but have declined friend invites from vendors. I'd like to leave any future business transactions as solely business. I do think if it was posted on a personal FB page then it is separate to business, but that is where it becomes...
  23. bee*

    ladies,would your husband let you ...

    Side-stepping the word "let", two of my three best friends are male and so I go out for dinner and drinks all the time with them. My husband doesn't care as he knows they're my best mates. In fact if I try to get DH to go somewhere like a girlie movie or something similar that he's not...
  24. bee*

    GYPSY!!!! Congrats on 20k!!!!!!

    Congrats Gypsy!! :appl: :appl: :appl:
  25. bee*

    How much to size up for stacking rings?

    It was mainly just the pave bands in rose gold and white gold that I was looking at. I still haven't pulled the trigger yet though-can't decide what I want to do about them.
  26. bee*

    An update for those wondering....

    Congrats Perry!
  27. bee*

    A very sad day....

    I agree. I'd definitely report it just so it's on record in case it happens again. I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your baby. That's absolutely awful.
  28. bee*

    Have you not worn your ering to a job interview?

    I wouldn't even have thought to take off my ering for an interview. I wear mine to work every day and take it off during surgery/holding patients.
  29. bee*

    How much to size up for stacking rings?

    Definitely post a thread when it comes-I've just put some of their stacking rings on my watch list. I'm half tempted to just go ahead and purchase one.
  30. bee*

    My Very First Old Stone

    That is a beautiful ring. I love it :love: :love: