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  1. SC86

    Steven Kirsch & August Vintage OEC *PIC HEAVY*

    Absolutely stunning!! I love how blue it looks in the sun!
  2. SC86

    Center Stone becoming Loose (SK Ring) - Is this common?

    Thanks for your replies! I think I will at least Steven know. It is good to know that this is likely not normal - but that does make me worry more!
  3. SC86

    My WF 4.7ct ACA in Victor Canera Emilya Cathedral Setting

    Gahh! Your ring is truly stunning!! Thanks for sharing yours amazing pics!
  4. SC86

    Center Stone becoming Loose (SK Ring) - Is this common?

    I recently discovered that the center stone of my engagement ring is very loose - I can feel it shifting and hear it move! I was upset when I saw this, but I wonder if is a regular occurrence and is just part of regular jewelry/ring maintenance?? The ring was made by Steven Kirsch originally...
  5. SC86

    Input wanted please--

    Ame, it seems like your heart is in the right place! I think makeup is personal (whether you wear it, what you use, etc) and would not like receive it as a gift from someone I didn't know. Fun, age-appropriate books or board games or accessories (scarf, gloves..) would be a nice "extra" to give.
  6. SC86

    #JOTW Steven Kirsch Three Stone Ring - In the Making!!

    Amazing! Your stone and ring are TDF!
  7. SC86

    We're engaged! (Our Engagement Story)

    Beautiful ring and beautiful couple! Congrats!
  8. SC86

    Rose Gold 1.6 ct OEC round Halo by ERD

    The rose gold looks so cool! Beautiful ring! Wow! :love:
  9. SC86

    #JOTW Its here!! Liquid diamond reset by Victor Canera for 5.3 OEC

    Re: Its here!! Liquid diamond reset by Victor Canera for 5.3 Dreamy color, gorgeous ring, stunning on your long fingers!!
  10. SC86

    #JOTW Just Engaged!! Leon Mege 1.71 Split Shank Engagement Ring

    Re: Just Engaged!! Leon Mege 1.71 Split Shank Engagement Rin The split shank looks so lovely on you! Congrats!
  11. SC86

    Show Me Your Ethnic/High Karat YG Pieces

    Thanks madelise. I love shoes! So I was on the hunt for those lovely gold Louboutins to complement my yellow gold jewelry and gown.
  12. SC86

    Please help with wedding dress jewelry

    What an amazing dress! I love the bejeweled neckline! In my opinion, I would pair it with some large vintage inspired earrings and bangle. I personally wouldn't want a necklace, to show off the neckline more. Maybe something like this...
  13. SC86

    Show Me Your Ethnic/High Karat YG Pieces

    A few more: Bangles: Gold hair jewelry (tikka):
  14. SC86

    Show Me Your Ethnic/High Karat YG Pieces

    I have some pics of the gold jewelry pieces I wore for my wedding. Anklets:
  15. SC86

    Perry Chen (at LM) + Steven Kirsch Cushion Halo

    Thank you for your kind words DC519, Smith1942, liaerfbv, and lorrissey. DC519 - You are correct, I had a big fat Indian wedding! Smith1942 - upgrades in my near future. Maybe in 20 years if I save up all my pennies...maybe not!
  16. SC86

    irritating wedding guest

    That is really annoying, but unfortunately there's not much you can do about it now. Being at your wedding isn't the most important thing to your friend's brother, which is irritating but perhaps he doesn't know you too well and just considering going as a favor to his sister. You can always...
  17. SC86

    Alright.. where do I start?

    Ahh madelise, welcome to the craziness that is planning a multicultural SA wedding!! I think the most important think for you to do is to finalize exactly what events/ceremonies are happening and then figure out the schedule for them (ie. what can you combine on one day, how many days will you...
  18. SC86

    Art Deco Ruby Ring - calibrated french cuts

    Wowzers! Such amazing additions to your collection!! Ruby red is definitely your color!
  19. SC86

    Violet Asscher Spinel Ring

    What an amazing collection! :appl:
  20. SC86

    Perry Chen (at LM) + Steven Kirsch Cushion Halo

    I know this thread is really old but I just got back some wedding photos, so I thought I'd share some ring shots!
  21. SC86

    My Sapphire Dream Bracelet

    Gorgeous color! Looks great on you!
  22. SC86

    Alright.. where do I start?

    Madelise, I think it's amazing how much you've got done already!! I also think it's great that you're being strict with your guest list and figuring out you budget. I'm South Asian also, and I do think wedding costs and guest lists can get easily get out of control. I think it's mainly because...
  23. SC86

    Wedding dress for short girls

    I think I have a pretty similar body type to you. 5'3'', slim but with a larger chest. I tried on many different styles of gowns and the mermaid style really looked best on my body type and height because it showed off more of my figure rather than swallowing it up. So I would suggest mermaid...
  24. SC86

    NO Children. Now, No Husband

    Completely agree with this. Something as basic as this should have been discussed long before deciding to get married, not afterwards. I'm a big believer that we each need to take responsibility for our own happiness and be true to our own values. They both made the choice to stay within their...
  25. SC86

    Sticker SHOCK!

    Costume jewelry! I enjoy buying nicer costume pieces for evening gowns and ethnic outfits and I'm sometimes shocked at how much they are. Especially crystal jewelry! I was recently shocked by the $6000 price tag of a crystal-style necklace I recently saw!
  26. SC86

    #JOTW Pink diamonds + RDG(Mike Robinson) = Artisan Masterpiece!!!!

    Re: Pink diamonds + RDG(Mike Robinson) = Artisan Masterpiece Beyond words! One of the most gorgeous RDG rings I've ever seen!
  27. SC86

    My new 8 main modern cushion brilliant

    Stunner! Any thoughts on how you're going to set it?
  28. SC86

    #JOTW I'm feeling FLY (gets me every time)

    How gorgeous and unique! So much detail pack in just a cup! :love:
  29. SC86

    A Maytal Hannah Master Piece - Double Halo Split Shank

    Absolute stunner! Love the subtlety and presence of the double halo!