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  1. Loves2Laugh

    Mattress recommendations

    We just had a tempurpedic cloud supreme breeze delivered this morning. We did a ton of research and were tossed between a sleep number and the tempurpedic. Thankfully, we have 60 days to "test" it out. I hope we're as happy with this mattress as everyone I hear is.
  2. Loves2Laugh

    Choosing child's mattress (plus bed transition)

    Hi NE! I usually just lurk but I had to respond to your post because we just went through this 2 weeks ago with my daughter who turned 3 in August. We ended up getting her a bed that had an adjustable height setting and used a Bunkie Board along with a Serta Good Sleeper mattress. That way...
  3. Loves2Laugh

    Best booster seat for tall five year old?

    Hi Bella- I also have a very tall 5 year old, 47" and he's pretty solid. We went with the Graco TurboBooster and love it. It has the high back and goes up to 57" or 100lbs. I like that it has a belt guide to better fit him. I'm not sure how narrow it is compared to others but I can see it...
  4. Loves2Laugh

    Let's talk baby names

    Hi amc- I mostly lurk these days but I had to mention you have great taste in names ;)) I have a 5 year old little boy named Parker :love: and my 2 year old is Mackenzie. :love: Good luck to you and the other ladies currently TTC! I miss the days of planning and thinking of names.
  5. Loves2Laugh

    So, I caught some fire....ORANGE fire...

    Sounds like my hubby! Haha!! Enjoy it and I'm using it as my inspiration that I will find something out there similar!
  6. Loves2Laugh

    So, I caught some fire....ORANGE fire...

    Freke- What an awesome stone! I love that you put it in your mom's setting. I can't get over those last few pictures of it glowing. Amazing!
  7. Loves2Laugh

    New Spess Garnet

    Chrono- until I get it in some better lighting, I won't have a real opinion. I like the color of it but the inclusions are holding me up. I'm so used to gravitating towards stones that are sparkly and this is just so different. Freke- I think I'll keep it. I didn't pay much for it and it...
  8. Loves2Laugh

    New Spess Garnet

  9. Loves2Laugh

    New Spess Garnet

  10. Loves2Laugh

    New Spess Garnet

  11. Loves2Laugh

    New Spess Garnet

    My new stone arrived yesterday and of course it's very overcast today. I did what I could to get some decent pics, including some festive shots. :bigsmile: I included my other stone to compare. I'm feeling "meh" about the stone but didn't have too high of expectations with the price I...
  12. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Thank you so much IndyLady. I hadn't even thought about an aqua! That might look really nice depending how this stone ends up looking when I get it. For now I just keep stalking the tracking # every day... lol!
  13. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Chrono- I tend to be one of the believers that if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. I went through every other stone and I figured for the price, it can't hurt to check it out. Freke- Your blue topaz is beautiful. Blue is also my favorite color but unfortunately my munchkins...
  14. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Wow- I just read a pretty in depth article about what you're talking about. They had the picture you posted, among quite a few others and of course, they're saying some of the Thai sellers on e-bay are guilty of this. There will not be a way for me to really see unless I soak the stone and...
  15. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Chrono- I was a bit wary of purchasing off the beaten path of the tried and true PS vendors but I figured once I saw the video that hopefully they can't do too much to change the appearance on there- but you never know. How would I know if it's resin filled? I've never heard of such a thing...
  16. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Wow- that emerald is amazing!! What a beautiful ring! Here's the stone I bought. I hope it looks as great in person! ETA- Freke, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming back and helping me out...
  17. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I just bought another garnet :lol: :lol: :lol: It's a brighter orange and an oval shape because I really do like the look in this setting. I think I have a problem because I've seen so many stones I want now!! Once I get home I'll post the vendor pic. It has...
  18. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    I found the thread with all of the awesome pieces everyone has from Daniel M. WOW! I went to check out his "sold" section and this spoke to me. Just stunning! I'd love to do this with the garnet and find some green sides and have them set in rose gold bezels. I think the 4mm tsavorite would...
  19. Loves2Laugh

    First post and first spess!

    Very pretty! I have one in a similar shade but I'm embarking on the journey to have it set. Yours looks beautiful on your hand!
  20. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Freke- Those stones are perfect! The right size and I think the color would look great. I knew I didn't want an olive toned peridot for the reason you stated. The stone is a darker orange and I don't want anything to make it look less then stellar. Would you bezel these or put them in an...
  21. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Gorgeous rings. Thanks for posting them Chrono. I love the two pears- they're so pretty! I think I'm going to have to get my jeweler to find a few sets of different tones of peridots and just put them next to my stone and see what jives. As far as settings go, if I want a three stone with...
  22. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    Chrono- you helped me in my search a few years ago. Fortunately, the stone ended up pretty true to the picture. I know a lot of Daniel's photos are not quite true to the actual stone but I'm very pleased with the color and cut. It's not the Fanta orange that I've seen but it's a nice darker...
  23. Loves2Laugh

    Mothers Ring Stones and Setting

    I'm looking for a bit of input. I'm wanting to move forward with making my mother's ring and I want a more classic setting. I'm not looking for the typical B&M store type of mothers ring. I bought, with the awesome help of you guys, a Spess Garnet for my Jan baby from Daniel Stair and now I...
  24. Loves2Laugh

    The Official TTC Thread!

    Re: The Official TTC Thread! Missy- I too have been following your story and been rooting for you from the side-lines. Congrats to you and your DH! I'm sending truck loads of sticky dust to you and that little bean! Hugs!!
  25. Loves2Laugh

    PS Mommy Thread-Newborn to 12 months!

    Missy- I'm so very, very sorry for your loss.
  26. Loves2Laugh

    car seat advice needed

    Hi lucy- we just bought the Britax Frontier for our 3 year old 2 days ago for the same reason (plus he has a little sister waiting for his convertable!) I did a lot of research on all the forward facing 5 point harness to boster seats and really you should take her in to BRU or Buy Buy Baby to...
  27. Loves2Laugh


    I'm looking for some help once again. Last time you all really helped me find a garnet and now I'm looking for a peridot. These are my children's birthstones and I'm hoping to make some bezel stacking rings with them. I'm pretty clueless about peridots though. Any suggestions where to buy a...
  28. Loves2Laugh

    BTDT moms of two or more- when does it get easier?

    I normally lurk but today I wanted to comment to Enerchi and say Thank You! I have a 3 year old and 6 month old and each night I go to bed drained and thinking one day they'll be more dependant and it won't be so tiring. I needed to hear your comment. It makes me appreciate the age they're at...
  29. Loves2Laugh

    Suggestions/Must Have Baby items for 2nd time Moms?

    Hi janinegirly- I'm glad you posted this because I'm due with my 2nd in two months and I'm wondering the same thing! We're having a girl this time (DS #1) so some of the stuff is a given. I just picked up some Aden + Anais swaddling blankets because they're so much bigger and that was a big...
  30. Loves2Laugh

    Big diapers for big boys?

    Hi Dreamer- Parker is 29 months old and we've been struggling with the same issue off and on too. He was wetting through a size 6 Huggies overnight when he was still in a size 4 during the day. We finally did like Mustang and cut back the fluid at night. After dinner he's cut off until his...