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    Introducing "Dainty" my new(ish) CBI

    Wow, that diamond looks huge on your finger. What ring size are you? Keep the videos coming, It would be interesting to see it in sunlight or other light settings. Congratulations!
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    My Victor Canera engagement ring

    Great Ring! Could you post some videos? We all want to see videos.
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    Crown painted super ideal?

    This is supposed to be a super ideal from a very well known super ideal vendor. 2.48 carat Table: 56.8% Crown angle: 34.4 Pavillion angle: 40.7 Star: 53 LGF: 75 8.77 x 8.82 x 5.30
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    Crown painted super ideal?

    I am unsure if its worth to pay normal pricing on a stone with crown painting. Most stones on the market have much less painting than this.
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    Crown painted super ideal?

    The stone appears to have around 3 degrees of panting according the the pricescope article. The stone is a 2.6 carat. Regular market price between known super ideal vendors.
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    Crown painted super ideal?

    Would you say this is a crown painted super ideal? What is the feeling on painted super ideals lately?
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    1.7ct D IF type iia vs 2.5ct F VS2 super ideals

    1.7ct D IF type iia vs 2.5ct F VS2? Looking at this two custom cut options. Both super ideals by two of the best super ideal cutters mentioned around on this board. Both same price. What would you chose and why? Does anyone think the type iia would be noticeable in a H&A diamond?
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    Will diamonds follow the path of pearls?

    So I have been looking at diamonds and their value vs lab grown counterparts. I have noticed lab grown diamonds have gotten big, cheaper, colorless, low inclusions and starting to see super ideal cuts. Chemically they are the same, they look the same and only a lab would be able to tell the...
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    Owners of Brian Gavin Black? Has anyone seen them?

    Hello, I have been lurking for quite some time and wondered why no one seems to own Brian Gavin Black? Almost everyone goes for WF ACA or CBI on super ideal diamonds. Some go for the signature line. Any particular reasons why? Or is BGD black more of a local dealer or niche market? I have...