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    Which would you choose?

    One last comparison. Carat/Color vs Clarity/color: 1.58ct F-VS1 1.72ct G-VS2
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    Which would you choose?

    Thanks for everyone's input! @ac117 more to filter through and think about -_- I am leaning towards the first cbi...any last thoughts before I pull the trigger?
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    Which would you choose?

    I have a choice of two diamonds. Both are similar in price and specs, but comes down to a few key differences. Which would you choose? 1.58ct F-VS1 $20,118 1.554ct F-VVS2 $20,172...
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    Help me pick the perfect ring!

    I've done my research after being burned by Enchanted Diamonds and have narrowed the search to these diamonds. Here are also the stats I'm looking for: Budget- $20K give or take $5K Carat- 1.5+ (ring size 5) Color- G+ Clarity- VS1+ Top choice...
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    Burned by Enchated.. Maybe for the better? Need a new diamond!

    Got burned by Enchanted Diamonds but luckily got my money back (paid via cc). Even though it was a stressful experience, I think I dodged a bullet by not getting the diamond from there (didn't research here before). Now I'm back on the hunt and focusing on the best bang for buck (best...
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    Carat/color vs fluorescence

    I have two diamonds I'm looking at: Besides the $3200 difference, which is more worth it? They are both similar, but a few key differences...