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    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    It does not get more perfect than that ring! Congratulations!
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    #TBT Double Halo 4 ct Cushion Pink Tourmaline Ering!!!I'm In Luv!

    I must say, it is SPECTACULAR! I love tourmalines, they dont get enough praise. Your ring is gorgeous!
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    SO EXCITED...UPDATE! Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant.

    Pardon me, while I pick my jaw up off the floor! GORGEOUS!
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    #JOTW Check out my Lemony Oval 2-tone 3-stone ring

    This is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I am a huge fan of the lighter yellows. This is my lemonade beauty. I searched for a year, trying to make the jeweler understand that I did not want a vivid yellow. Mine is a light greenish yellow, and it was the slight green tint that sold me. I love your stone! It...
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    Help me choose the best one in these 3 red spinels plz!

    In response to your request, I have attempted (badly) to get some photos of my two rings together. Besides the obvious size difference in the stones, I bought a ruby that has very obvious flashes of magenta pink. I love the color, but in some lighting situations, it goes completely pink. I have...
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    Help me choose the best one in these 3 red spinels plz!

    If you dont mind waiting a couple of days, they are in the bank. The ruby is considerably smaller, only 1 ct. From the moment I saw that ruby, I knew it was mine. It's all about what makes the wearer happy.
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    Help me choose the best one in these 3 red spinels plz!

    As a frame of reference to my earlier post, this is my ruby ring. It is not a perfect ruby, it has flashes of magenta that are quite obvious. This is actually what I loved most about the stone, so I received it as a gift from my husband, who knew I just adored the flashes of color. Someone else...
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    My ruby engagement ring

    :clap::clap::clap: beautiful! Congratulations!
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    Help me choose the best one in these 3 red spinels plz!

    This is my spinel ring. 3 cts. I had my eye on this particular stone for 6 years. The price was just too high. The vendor kept bringing it back to me. I finally got it at a price I was willing to pay. I felt it was worth holding out for, but I know it is not perfect, so needed to get a better...
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    A sapphire halo ring

    I think you did a fine job of photographing the ring! I also have to say, It is a beauty! Your daughter will be very pleased to wear it one day.
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    Finewater Gems Meets Victor Canera

    Wild Applause coming from this side of the room! That is just beautiful!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    A Blue Sapphire Journey

    Pardon me while I pick my jaw up of the floor! It is just perfect!
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    Vanadium beryl vs emerald

    My previous post shows my emeralds. I think these are definitely in the eye of the beholder. I love the many variations of the color of emeralds, but to me, it must have that glow (which unfortunately does not show well in photos). I love emeralds with that inner glow that is almost other worldly.
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    Mahenge Spinel Pink Grapefruit ring

    OMGoodness...I cant breathe! That is the most perfect ring ever!!!!!
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    Why does jewelry (and diamonds and gems) make you happy?

    For me, gems and jewelry is where God's amazing creation in nature, science, and art all come together. The beauty in nature is apparent for all to see, but the trained geologist that can harvest a rock, and know the potential of that piece of earth, is amazing. The person that can cut and...
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    Just Received My 2.5ct GIA U-V Light Brown Diamond

    I LOVE that diamond! I am personally very attracted to the warmer hues. This one is just perfect! I can't wait to see the finished product after it is set. Don't forget us. We all will want to see that beauty finished.
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    LeVian etc....

    I am asking because I truly want to know, how do you folks feel about designers such as LeVian, EFFY, Simon G., Scott K, and Neil Lane. I am not looking to start any arguments, I am just curious if anyone feels they got their moneys worth, or got an exceptional piece.
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    My new setting is finished !

    :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: LOVE it! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    #JOTW Mint Tourmaline Ring by David Klass

    EXCEPTIONAL and PERFECT in every way!
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    A Paraiba tourmaline ring from Yvonne Raley and David Klass

    :-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o WOW! Just Jaw Dropping Gorgeous!
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    #JOTW Old cut five stone ring

    Absolutely perfectly stunning! I love the group shot, too.