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  1. quaddio

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    I vote against the trip to Houston, Dallas is a major city with 2 Tiffany stores and probably many local jewelers. You can get a ton of information about style and size preference in Dallas without the added cost and time of travel.
  2. quaddio

    Does all white gold contain nickel?

    Maybe order from UK or Australia?
  3. quaddio

    Does all white gold contain nickel?

    I need confirmation, but I believe nickel is not used in Australian jewellery and the white gold is less white than nickel white gold. Also 9kt is more popular than 14kt in Australia
  4. quaddio

    Who wants a 7 carat round?

    Nice find
  5. quaddio

    #JOTW Introducing Faith - The 5.208 ACA

    You know we need more pics! Love your ring!
  6. quaddio

    Miele Vacuum

    I like the Miele, I don't think the premium models are worth it. When it came time to chiise, I preferred to spend my money on roombas on every floor and lighter 'mighty might' for edges and spot cleaning - it still has hepa and amazing suction. Miele hose and cord retractor are very high...
  7. quaddio

    Am I crazy? 2nd hand Tiffany ring

    Great decision I love the size and look on you. Were you able to negotiate the price if it's not too bold to ask? Congratulations!
  8. quaddio

    Am I crazy? 2nd hand Tiffany ring

    I'm changing my mind after SimoneDi's comment made me look up comparables - there are a ton of second hand Tiffany sets in all sizes.
  9. quaddio

    Am I crazy? 2nd hand Tiffany ring

    Looks beautiful on you
  10. quaddio

    If you could do it all over again....

    Is this purely because the .25 is better to re-use or also sentimental?
  11. quaddio

    Recommendations for very small solitaire

    This!! Just browsing affirms my style choice. I even found one just like I wanted except it doesn't have the platinum/white gold 2 tone. You said that browsing is what JA is good for...
  12. quaddio

    Keep or let go?

    Let go, if you're not feeling it now, having experienced it in person, I'd say this is not the one for you. I wouldn't say no to more pics and videos before you send it back.
  13. quaddio

    Recommendations for very small solitaire

    Ooh thanks SimoneD and Pinto - love hearing from experienced long-time pricescopers! I will go with a superideal vendor after the unanimous recommendation that it's worth it even in this size. I love the stone you linked that sold - something like that but in a lower colour is perfect. Not...
  14. quaddio

    Recommendations for very small solitaire

    Definitely want a little sparkler of a diamond, and a beautiful setting in an appropriately scaled size that doesn't look like it was made for a larger stone. Dreamer - extremely helpful advice, I love your set and appreciate you posting - that's the look I'm going for, but with a 2-tone...
  15. quaddio

    Recommendations for very small solitaire

    Appreciate the +1 EAPJ.
  16. quaddio

    Recommendations for very small solitaire

    Confession, my large bling sits in the safe unworn and I'd prefer to wear a small (under 0.5 carat, preferably 0.25 carat) solitaire in 2-tone 18k yellow gold with platinum head, preferably basket cathedral like the Cartier 1895. Does diamond cut and matter as much in such a small size? I have...
  17. quaddio

    @gussie - Show & Tell time!! Show us your bands!

    Love this thread thank you for sharing. Especially appreciate the comparisons by designer, very helpful.
  18. quaddio

    Under 0.5 Carat rings

    Keep coming back to this thread to admire these delicate beauties, hope to see more added!
  19. quaddio

    Would you wear a bear on your finger?

    I love that panda ring! Do you mind sharing where you saw it and whether it's still for sale?
  20. quaddio

    My Emerald Cut Eternity Band from IDJ

    Love it, can't wait to see the open basket
  21. quaddio

    Opinions on proportions (CAD)

    Are you doing milgrain?
  22. quaddio

    Help with Brian Gavin pendant decision

    +1 for Tiffany quality
  23. quaddio

    Advice for the Purist..D IF or D VVS1?

    Love your high standards let us know what you decide! With pics :roll
  24. quaddio

    Advice for the Purist..D IF or D VVS1?

    My stepmother compromised on D VVS2 with incredible light performance from good old gold. She's considering EVS1 for an upgrade. You do you!
  25. quaddio

    Schlumberger Sixteen Stone: classic or passé? Are these sizable?
  26. quaddio

    Poll: band or no band

    None of the above, plain if you want the extra 'married' vibe but like Yssie said I think all detract. Your ring is spectacular, it deserves perfection. Maybe keep looking, try more styles - don't settle. Full disclosure I also want more pics of your dreamy stunner!