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  1. Miss Fortune

    Anyone have a 1.20-ish asscher with a halo??

    would love to see hand shots for coverage perspective. TIA!!
  2. Miss Fortune

    Engaged!! My Ritani Bella Vita!

    really pretty!! conner prairie huh? you must be from Indiana!! I''m a Hoosier but have lived in LA for 15 years now. Went to CP as a kid. gorgeous ring!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  3. Miss Fortune

    a diversion :D

    wow! special meaning! that''s too cool. really pretty!
  4. Miss Fortune

    my oec ering has arrived! pics and questions!

    I like the setting as is but I prefer a lower profile on almost all rings. it''s beautiful!!! congratulations!
  5. Miss Fortune

    My Blue Nile/James Allen e-ring!!

    so beautiful and sparkly! congratulations!
  6. Miss Fortune

    More photos of Katie''s Uternity!

    love it! you''re set is awesome!
  7. Miss Fortune

    She''s Going to Love Me More Because of PS!!!

    well done!! you are so lucky that you found this place BEFORE you bought the ring. AWESOME! Good luck on your proposal. What an exciting time for you!!
  8. Miss Fortune

    Got my new band from SINGLESTONE! Yay!

    Thanks so much everybody for the compliments! I''m so glad that you all think it looks good stacked with the asscher band It''s just icy yumminess! I love this board so much! No body else understands my pechant for diamonds! Glad I could share. I have a brand new baby so I''ll try to...
  9. Miss Fortune

    Got my new band from SINGLESTONE! Yay!

    Yep, it''s a rose gold and diamond band. When I do more pictures, I''ll be sure to take a few of her as well. Thanks so much!
  10. Miss Fortune

    Got my new band from SINGLESTONE! Yay!

    Here she is... My 1.75ct French and Old European cut platinum band I wear it with my 4.75ct Daniel K Asscher uternity band. I love the combo. Thanks everybody for being excited for me when I ordered it
  11. Miss Fortune

    The Bachelor - The RING

    not a fan of that shape - reminds me of an eye. now if it were an E W set emerald.... yummy!
  12. Miss Fortune

    I bit the bullet and bought it! New band from Singlestone :)

    thanks everyone!!! I hope it arrives soon!! I'm dying to get it!!! p.s. I had my beautiful baby boy 11 days ago!! My fingers are no longer sausages so I'm ready to get this beauty!!
  13. Miss Fortune

    Oh wedding band, where art thou??

    I love the petit with your ring but it may be too little to wear as a wedding band on its own. know what I mean??? Could you get 2 to stack
  14. Miss Fortune

    re. opinions on 14 Karat Jewellers

    DO NOT hesitate to purchase ANYTHING from XIV Karats and Yosi. I get most of my jewelry there including my latest Daniel K 4.7ct asscher uternity band. I also bought my wedding jewelry there. Their stuff always appraises spot on as far as quality and they''ll give you a good price. Good luck!!
  15. Miss Fortune

    3 stone e-ring owners, any regrets???

    yep, sure do regret it! wish I had chosen a asscher solitaire. thats what I"ll get when I upgrade.
  16. Miss Fortune

    Anyone size 7ish? Lookie what I found on Pearlmans.....

    Enjoy it and wear it in good health! I think you'll really like it glad a PS'r got her!!
  17. Miss Fortune

    Wedding set by Leon Megé

    gorgeous! this is exactly how I''ll have Leon mount my asscher upgrade in the future. super clean and classic - well done!
  18. Miss Fortune

    #TBT My Art Deco Chunky Cushion Ring!!!

    Whoa! what a beauty!!! I actually like it worn on your middle finger! congrats! It''s really pretty
  19. Miss Fortune

    Tiffany Style Replica with 1ct H&A

    really beautiful and classic! she''ll love it! stats please! we all love stats!! good luck on the proposal :)
  20. Miss Fortune

    My CUSHION CUT E-ring! Need Advice

    Gorgeous ring! Whoa! I would not halo that baby! It's plenty big as it is! I think that more delicate prongs would look better though but I really like it as a solitaire!! As far as a wedding band, I would get one that matches the band on your ER. So pretty!!