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  1. MissAva

    Check out my WF diamond pendant!

    Oh I love it! Makes me want to copy you! How does it feel? Does it flip?
  2. MissAva

    personal wedding websites

    Try free is free and you can have as many pages as you like.
  3. MissAva

    More "wedding TV"

    I stayed up to watch Bridezillas for the first time...sadly I did not think they were that bad, just stressed and tired, neither did my honey. He thought the grooms needed to help rather the poke at the ladies.
  4. MissAva

    Open Bar vs. Cash Bar

    I am not a fan of them, but it does come up often. In Martha Stewart’s Wedding Planner it says that they are never all right, and several bridal magazines I have read say the same thing. But I have seen little tickets saying things like "This one is on us". Whatever works for the couple seems...
  5. MissAva

    DIY or hire

    Oh I think we will once we have settled on a date, I dont want to take time off work to do this stuff. I think they are well worth the money, if it does not keep you from having soemthing else you had wanted for your wedding.
  6. MissAva

    Leon Mege + Daniel K + Tsavorite = Pictures Inside!!

    That is stunning, truly breathtaking. WOW!
  7. MissAva

    #TBT my new K

    It is quite intreasting. Is it their halo bezel without diamonds on the halo and shank?
  8. MissAva

    Hand pics from LizzyD...finally

    It is lovely and huge and looks perfect on your hand! Congrats!!!!
  9. MissAva

    1.04 VS1 H Princess Cut Lucida Style setting

    Lovely ring, congrats on getting engaged.
  10. MissAva

    Verragio EU8015 with Matching Band

    Very Nice, and thanks to MrsSalvo for making the photos easier to see and admire.
  11. MissAva

    .84 I SI1 pendant from JA, should I keep it?

    Oh I love it! I would keep, but only if it makes you happy. Perhaps wear it for a few days and see how it feels.
  12. MissAva

    something new and sparkly, can you tell what it is?

    Congrats, it is a very pretty ring.
  13. MissAva

    Put a Fork in Me -- I''m Done!!!!

    OH MY! It is fantastic, really stunning!
  14. MissAva

    Back from Fiji - and Engaged!!!

    Congrats, lovely ring!
  15. MissAva

    Lily Pendant Project Complete

    Oh Mrs Salvo I love it! It came out so much better then I could have imagined it! Congratulations, oh and that shot with it on the hydrangea is killer.
  16. MissAva

    Weekly Workout Thread June5-June11

    For those of you with Gmail you might like the Google 15 Weight Tracker as an addition to your home page. It is great, you enter your weight daily and it gives you a small flash chart of your weight loss, the actual number, and a moving average. (This is there example not my own chart but you...
  17. MissAva

    We''re MARRIED!!!!

    Your pictures are great, you look every bit the glowing bride!
  18. MissAva

    Matatora’s Lockes Solitaire

    Thanks rms! If I get another half day anytime soon I might post some of the things that did not go off to school with me.
  19. MissAva

    Matatora’s Lockes Solitaire

    Thanks! I love my Breitling! I just saw your ring and it is a lovely classic!
  20. MissAva

    Snooper''''s Leon Mege

    Oh it is simple and elegent! Very nice!
  21. MissAva

    Newly Engaged - Jaffe Ring Pics and Story!

    Great story and the ring looks perfect!
  22. MissAva

    Engaged! My Tiffany Lucida 1.4

    It is fabulous! Congrats on getting engaged and your awesome new ring!
  23. MissAva

    Re-DECO-ration Project FINI!!!

    It looks great! Congrats!
  24. MissAva

    my Leon Mege w-band

    It fits perfectly, a very lovely set! Congrats again!
  25. MissAva

    Twins - A cushion for me and a cushion for mom.

    They are both wonderful, but I just adore your setting it is really sleek!
  26. MissAva

    My engagement ring!

    It is lovely, congrats!
  27. MissAva

    My new Quest e-ring!

    Very lovely, the proportions of the ring are charming, it will fantastic on your hand congrats!!!
  28. MissAva

    just got WF pics of diamond! what do you think!?

    Sunkist I just saw your post, I have to own that I was concerned that they would not set it at all. They wanted to see and examine mine before they consented to setting it and I thought that a J might be as low as they would go, I think they may base this off the border between near and faint...
  29. MissAva

    Shared Prong VS Bar Set

    Is there any way to try them on (or at least their styles) with your ring? Have you asked Facets what they think, if so what do they say?
  30. MissAva

    My new ring - custom from Greenlake Jewelry Works

    OH! I just scrolled down and saw the stone set in the ring, it is perfection, I just love it!!! When is he proposing? We need more pictures and a SMTR thread for that lovely!