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  1. Crazie4Cuts

    Shane co sapphire preowned purchase

    More pics please! In various light settings! It really does look nice!
  2. Crazie4Cuts

    Kids and Grandchildren moving in.... Help

    Adding 3 more to your home is a big change! While I am sure you love them all, it is an adjustment! The advice above by @marymm & @Bron357 is a good starting point! I do think your daughter and son-in-law should be expected to pay for rent (not necessarily market rate, but enough to let them...
  3. Crazie4Cuts

    Show me your Daniel M goodies!

    @Alex T - Wow, this is a gorgeous setting and stone! Is this 14k rose gold or 18k rose gold setting? And can you provide the dimensions in mm on your Ammy? And your ring size! I think I am going to contact him as I have an Ammy I’m wanting to set! How long did it take Daniel to make your...
  4. Crazie4Cuts

    Solitaire to halo setting (before and after!)

    More pictures please! Upclose micro shots if possible! Very lovely though! -C4C
  5. Crazie4Cuts

    Is my setting uneven? Need more opinions!

    Excellent! So glad that JA did a completely new setting! When you receive it, give us hand shots! I’m hoping you will be totally happy with your ring! -C4C
  6. Crazie4Cuts

    Berricle purchases

    Thank you so much! Oh happy day! -C4C
  7. Crazie4Cuts

    Berricle purchases

    Does anyone have the 30% off coupon code? May I have it? Thanks, -C4C
  8. Crazie4Cuts

    Help finding diamond necklace 10 days til wedding!

    Thank you for sharing! Really quite elegant and very wearable in the future! Congratulations to the both of you! All the best! -C4C
  9. Crazie4Cuts

    Jewelry delivery day!

    Wow! So beautiful! The earring hoops, now you have a pair in each type of metal you can wear with any outfit! And the replacement pears on the earrings! Oh my! Does that mean the previous pears will be up for the big sale? If so, me know! I’m interested! -C4C
  10. Crazie4Cuts

    Finally bought the diamond! Who should set it?

    I would reach out to BGD and let them know that you have a setting already and ask how much it would be to set the diamond you purchased from them. Since you will receive the diamond in hand on Monday, you could also ask Robbins Brothers how much to set too and go from there. If you decide to...
  11. Crazie4Cuts

    Apparently they don't like us.... I think it was this post. -C4C
  12. Crazie4Cuts

    Colombian emerald - Thoughts please !!

    Depends on what you are wanting..color? size? brilliancy? For a ring? pendant? Or investment? I think the shape is difficult to make into a piece of fine jewelry and you would have to do a custom piece. I do like the color, but not sure if the saturation is even across this piece as the cut is...
  13. Crazie4Cuts

    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    Thank you for sharing! Be sure when the ring is resized to ask the jeweler if he/she can check the prongs on all the diamonds and to tighten if needed. Also be sure the jeweler uses the same color of 14k gold as some do not match the gold content..and be sure no seams when you receive it for...
  14. Crazie4Cuts

    So this just happened

    On a roll @cushioncutnut! That beautiful art deco bracelet! and now the beautiful pearl diamond studs! Ok, give us the low down on how many cwt on the bracelet and mm on the pearl studs! On the bracelet are the diamonds single cuts? OEC's? Marquise? or RB? And are the pearls Akoya? ohhh, you...
  15. Crazie4Cuts

    Victor Canera H&A + Pave Solitaire = Best Decision Ever

    Stunning! Really a lovely engagement ring! All the best to you both! -C4C
  16. Crazie4Cuts

    New solution to wearing diamond slide charm

    I love it! What a unique solution and very vogue! A creative and lovely solution! Wear in good health! -C4C
  17. Crazie4Cuts

    Finally my own AVC!

    Wow! This really looks so much larger than I thought on your finger! I thought it was over 1 carat! Nice size and very flattering on you! -C4C
  18. Crazie4Cuts

    Needing positive thoughts,misplaced my asscher

    YES! Very happy for you! All the best now for that Chivor Emerald! -C4C
  19. Crazie4Cuts

    Education on emeralds

    Aaauuggggh! Oh no! If you are able to post pictures, please do so. I hope your emerald is ok and you are not sick over this. Perhaps those on the forum can help you see what happened..if you have pictures of when you first purchased it or from the vendor also post those! :cry2: -C4C
  20. Crazie4Cuts

    Please share your photos of nature, wildlife, etc.

    I have a wonderful neighbor like yours @StephanieLynn! My neighbor loves kids and animals and one time she had pet rats - like eight, if I remember correctly. Once when we visited, my kids were really young we got to see them in her special pet guest room! I love ladies who are able to take care...
  21. Crazie4Cuts

    Help Need!! Problem With A Vendor

    @pwsg07 did you finally receive your stone and/or refund? I just want to follow up on this thread. -C4C
  22. Crazie4Cuts

    Whiteflash Slays Classic 6 Prong Solitaire :)

    I can’t believe your stone is a K! Do you see a tint in certain lighting? I also love the tab prongs on this setting! Can you tell me which setting this one is? -C4C
  23. Crazie4Cuts

    My small but mighty CBI upgrade

    Congratulations! Many happy returns! Enjoy your upgraded CBI diamond! -C4C
  24. Crazie4Cuts

    New ring 1.5 carat

    Stunning! You must be so over the moon! That’s a great story and was meant to be! I mean you and your hubby! The ring is just awesome too! -C4C =)2
  25. Crazie4Cuts

    At Intergem today

    @T L How big was that emerald and what was it going for? So beautiful! Sigh! I wish you could go Emerald shopping with me! -C4C
  26. Crazie4Cuts

    Faint Brown K 1.5ct

    However, on another note, please search for this thread and decide for yourself. Review of USA Certed Diamonds Toronto (Martin Sheffield) I have not personally ever tried...
  27. Crazie4Cuts

    Thoughts on this diamond? Her hand size is 5.5

    Oh and here’s a really good video from Jann Paul actual comparison of why the cut of a diamond is important! (Shout out to @kmoro who originally posted this video on another thread titled (Explanation of why diamond cut is so important)
  28. Crazie4Cuts

    Engagement Ring Help

    , please post when finished ring is done!
  29. Crazie4Cuts

    Thoughts on this diamond? Her hand size is 5.5

    Another thought that since this is a once in a lifetime purchase please take some time and educate yourself. Read all you can about what makes a diamond special! Note that many jewelers and prosumers will discuss about the 4C’s - cut, clarity, color, carat... but don’t be fooled Cut is very and...
  30. Crazie4Cuts

    Thoughts on this diamond? Her hand size is 5.5

    Welcome to Pricescope! I hope you’ll search other posts regarding diamond size vs ring sizes..but to get you started here’s a link to help you enter the dimension of a diamond and how it will appear on a particular ring size: And is your budget include the ring and...