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  1. lilmosun

    Waiting on my Caribbean-inspired paraiba custom ring with Cecile Raley Designs

    Love how colors transition almost seamlessly.. just like the Caribbean waters...beautiful ring!
  2. lilmosun

    Anyone have a combination ultrasonic-steamer machine?

    I have this one but I think its the same model rebranded (same specs, same buttons, etc..) Be sure you have the counter space for it because it is very bulky. I only take mine out every few months to do a thorough cleaning of frequently worn pieces. (I just do the soak and scrub with a soft...
  3. lilmosun

    Leggings fans, where to find long tunics?

    I'm vertically challenged so prefer tunics from stores that carry petites...J Jill comes to mind
  4. lilmosun

    Mahenge Spinel Help!

    Not sure if this is still available (it's not marked sold/complete);27596 Pretty sure the original owner was katharath - someone who had her share of top mahenge spinels at one time - and this was her holy...
  5. lilmosun

    Jewelry Baby Book?

    With the same thing in mind, I take a photo of each piece and write the details on the back. Right now I stick each in a photo sleeve along with any receipts (or at least the ones I don't loose). They are stored in a photo box. I've thought about putting them into photo albums that have the...
  6. lilmosun

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    Peach/orange/soft pinks are NOT in my color wheelhouse so my running joke has always been "At least I don't have to worry about wanting a pad". But when Gene posted this inexpenive lab one, I couldn't resist giving it a try. And the minute I opened the package, I was floored and in love...
  7. lilmosun

    My Green Marble

    Makes me want to start a marble collection :rolleyes2:
  8. lilmosun

    What happens if you sacrifice everything in a stone

    That color in over 2ct...omg :love::love::love: Yes, it is about time you set that beauty!
  9. lilmosun

    Show me your Yvonne Raley and Cecile Raley Designs!

    @voce - three of my favorite stones in one piece :love: I love Yvonne's Lily settings...all the variations of colors and stone sizes make every piece one-of-a-kind. Maybe someone can start a "Lily" sister thread.
  10. lilmosun

    Oregon Sunstone Purchase!

    Best known for their schiller (copper inclusions), Oregon Sunstone can come with different variations in terms of color and saturation. They can be very interesting and beautiful stones. Your experience is why buying colored stones can be very difficult on-line without experience (even with...
  11. lilmosun

    Any Opal lovers out there? Show and Tell please.

    Pulled this out of the box today..faceted Ethiopian opal from katharath. I love how it both flashes and sparkles at the same time.. with the high dome it reminds me a bit like a disco ball.
  12. lilmosun

    Any Opal lovers out there? Show and Tell please.

    So the bright colors, like little neon lights.
  13. lilmosun

    Any Opal lovers out there? Show and Tell please.

    Wow :love: I finally got my opal to ring to add to the thread! On a side note..why do some pictures show up sideways and how does one fix when they do:doh:?
  14. lilmosun

    Consolation money to the "losing" jeweler?

    Rather than an outright gift, I would look to see if I could make a smaller purchase as some suggested...something you could use or gift. I love nothing more than finding shops that provide above an beyond service and things I like...even more so for small independent businesses...and have the...
  15. lilmosun

    My pad spinel with tsavorites

    Love the color combination!
  16. lilmosun

    Last two ring projects

    How exciting to have two beautiful pieces in progress!
  17. lilmosun

    Anyone a terror with their settings?

    Meeee :wavey: I so admire the custom designs I see here on PS and wish I had the ability/patience to execute the works of art I see here. But I can't read CADs as visual details escape me and I completely lack design/aesthetic/creative skills. For the most part, I set stones in the first...
  18. lilmosun

    How do you decide whether to keep or sell pieces you don’t wear?

    Another hoarder. Sometimes I force myself to go through my stuff and pick things to sell...but it never makes a dent as I think of all kinds of reasons to keep things "just in case" (same for clothes, lol). I have a box of stuff that I will pick from to sell when I feel guilty over my jewelry...
  19. lilmosun

    My Mahenge Spinel HOW Ring is finally done!!!!

    Amazing stone and glad to see it in such a worthy setting!
  20. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Meant to glad it's yours!
  21. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Ooops...I just realized that my email address on the listing was wrong. Corrected it now.
  22. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    @2Neezers if you still want this, let me know. I don't want to hold onto this figuring out what to do knowing that another PS really wants it. Contact details can be found here
  23. lilmosun

    Show me your Yvonne Raley and Cecile Raley Designs!

    Beautiful mint garnet @Sungura :love: ! I love the setting concept...I prefer to set my stones high for the same reason but that can make them less practical for every day wear (which kind of defeats the purpose lol)..what a great solution!
  24. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    . You are correct in seeing a difference. In his listing, I saw a deeper golden yellow than it is IRL (which is more a lemon yellow). The funny thing thing is I hesitated because of his photo as I am super sensitive to brown secondaries in yellow stones...but bought based on his description.
  25. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Give me a day or two to think about it. If I can't figure out how to set it with the benitoites in something I'd wear, it's yours.
  26. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Admittedly, I don't see any green modifier in the stone. Maybe my eyes aren't as sensitive to it or it's the monitor.
  27. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Not sure if I will keep or sell. It doesn't go well with my skin tone. But I have some denim colored benitiote melee which it pairs well with..but I only have enough for a single halo and I prefer more finger coverage. Thoughts?
  28. lilmosun

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Here we different lighting
  29. lilmosun

    Sapphires- precision cut and opinions?

    I love arkieb1's stone so much that it was one I recommended to a friend. (She has had plenty of time to pull the trigger and honestly isn't sure what she's looking for).