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  1. MissyBeaucoup

    What’s under your Christmas tree?

    I ordered my husband a set of retro colored pencils in a pretty box from We’ve also gone on a Blackwing pencils kick. I’m ordering camellias to plant. Anyone who loves colored stones will be able to relate. There’s such a variety! There’s a website called where you...
  2. MissyBeaucoup

    Voce's Gemstone Ramblings...

    I’m admiring your beautiful collection, @voce! You have wonderful taste in gemstones!
  3. MissyBeaucoup

    Fun with Fluorescence!

    Wow! Interesting pictures! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. MissyBeaucoup

    Neon Blue Cat's Eye Apatite

    What a beautiful color! Congratulations on your baby boy!
  5. MissyBeaucoup

    Question for tourmaline experts

    What lab report do you recommend for verify cuprian content in tourmaline? That doesn’t sound like a basic test. Thanks for all the great glowy pictures!
  6. MissyBeaucoup

    Looking for a very special amethyst - need your guidance

    You might try D & J Rare Gems. They are based in Colorado.
  7. MissyBeaucoup

    First Tourmaline

    It’s a good idea to take your rings off when you are doing housework, playing in the garden, etc. Most house dust is made of quartz (Mohs 7) so it’s actually pretty scratchy. A lot of stones will show some facet wear or scuffing with time, but even the harder stones can fracture. I love your...
  8. MissyBeaucoup

    Elle's Gemstone Adventures

    Looks at dazzling saturated gemstone ring collection... :kiss2: ...falls right out on floor! Honey child, you have taken my breath away!!
  9. MissyBeaucoup

    Voce's Gemstone Ramblings...

    That bee ring is adorable! Enjoy it with a smile!
  10. MissyBeaucoup

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Garnets are underrated. They come in some beautiful colors!
  11. MissyBeaucoup

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    I have slowed down because I have a lot of the colors I wanted. I gathered more than my original “rainbow project” plan. I want to be able to wear and enjoy the things I have collected. Still have some things to set if I can ever save enough money! I love Gene’s cutting and I definitely am...
  12. MissyBeaucoup

    Elle's Gemstone Adventures

    I love your big sunshine flower ring, Elle! Congratulations! The color is so juicy!
  13. MissyBeaucoup

    Possible damaged spinel HELP!

    Get a soft makeup brush and some lukewarm water with a bit of dishwashing liquid in it. Wash your stone from above and below, getting into the little crevasses. I hope that brings the sparkle back. I have had a similar panic before and it was from kitty fur.
  14. MissyBeaucoup

    Just found this emerald

    It’s very pretty. I like the setting too. I think of the old stock emeralds as being that rich green color. Lots of personality. Enjoy!
  15. MissyBeaucoup

    Purple Tourmaline from Afghanistan?

    Here’s a great site for tourmaline enthusiasts. Bruce Fry has many wonderful photos and stories, just a great variety of colors. Really love that purple!
  16. MissyBeaucoup

    Settings for Gene’s (Precision Gem) stones

    How beautiful, @2Neezers ! I love how the curved band picks up the pretty oval of the stone! Enjoy!!!
  17. MissyBeaucoup

    Microphotographs of spinel inclusions

    There are some gorgeous pictures here. Thought you might enjoy this collection.
  18. MissyBeaucoup

    "AGL Discovers Heated Sapphires with Unstable Color Centers"

    @icy_jade Those are beautiful hackmanite stones! Thanks for sharing!
  19. MissyBeaucoup

    "AGL Discovers Heated Sapphires with Unstable Color Centers"

    Brad at the Gem Trader occasionally has some hackmanite for sale. This is a stone that is collectible partly because it has such strong tenebrescence. If anybody has some, please post pictures. This is a photo of Brad’s that I saved. It shows hackmanite before, during, and after exposure to...
  20. MissyBeaucoup

    Pink burmese spinel

    What a charming setting! That is the perfect choice for your sparkler. I love the movement in the swirl as your gorgeous spinel dances in the light. Great choices!
  21. MissyBeaucoup

    Ruby Halo Ring

    I just love it! Congratulations on your unique design! i hope you will take more pictures in different lights and of course with flowers too! Enjoy Your new ring in good health.
  22. MissyBeaucoup

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Stone!

    @elle_71125 You have a drool worthy collection! :love: We definitely need reminder pics! That would make a great new thread! Pretty please!!
  23. MissyBeaucoup

    Waiting on my Caribbean-inspired paraiba custom ring with Cecile Raley Designs

    Scrumptious! I love the subtle beach water shading of tones. It will be so much fun to watch the play of light. Congratulations!
  24. MissyBeaucoup

    Cotton candy + Mermaid Bubblegum Ring is Finished!

    I absolutely love how your ring came out! It looks beautiful on you!
  25. MissyBeaucoup

    What do you think of these probably Mahenge pink spinels?

    What a great find! Enjoy!!!
  26. MissyBeaucoup

    What gemstone is this?

    What a pretty color! Does it fit you? Let us know the story of when your grandmother got it, if you know. We’d like to see handshots too, if you don’t mind. What a sweet gift!
  27. MissyBeaucoup

    Fabulous CS rings under 1250 dollar!!

    What a stunning setting!! Well done!!
  28. MissyBeaucoup

    Cotton candy + Mermaid Bubblegum Ring is Finished!

    Wow! Your ring came out absolutely gorgeous! I love the carving on the band and how it sets up a Victorian vibe that perfectly suits the vertical emerald. Enjoy your lovely ring in good health!!
  29. MissyBeaucoup

    Fun with Fluorescence!

    Those Mahenges will knock your socks off!! Thanks for sharing! ;-)
  30. MissyBeaucoup

    Fun with Fluorescence!

    Slurp!!! That zoning is so cool!!